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Many a times we wake up from sleep due to severe pain in the legs. This is due to a muscle cramp. We do not realize the cause and go back to sleep once the pain subsides. But, the soreness stays for the next few days.

What is a muscle cramp? What causes the muscle to cramp?

A muscle cramp is a painful spasm of any muscle in the body. It is caused due to temporary shortening of the muscle due to over stretching it or dehydration.

It can also happen when you lie in an awkward position especially during sleep.

Heavy exercise causes sodium depletion in the body causing cramps.

Night cramps can be very painful and wake you up from sleep.

They usually last for 10-15 minutes but the muscle remains sore for 24 hours.

Treatment is usually symptomatic and aimed at relieving pain. What needs to be addressed is the cause, so that it does not recur.

Pain can be relieved by gently stretching and massaging the muscle. Application of ice to the affected muscle also helps in relieving the cramp.

Mild exercises of the affected part help in preventing cramps.

You should have plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

There are natural products which help in strengthening the muscles and substituting the deficiencies. These should be taken regularly to avoid cramps from recurring.

A holistic approach in addressing muscle cramps is always the most effective and recommended one.

Dr. Khyati Dave

Dr Khyati Dave is a licensed Homeopathy Physician and Nutritional Consultant. With Biogetica, she has witnessed many patients, who had otherwise given up hope, heal faster supplemented by our natural methods. She considers consulting Biogetica patients her primary responsibility and honour. She often writes about nutrition, natural treatment methods and diet. Her mission is to apply her medical talents to help each patient heal faster and do her best to give the immunity of patients with so called ‘incurable’ diseases a fighting chance.

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