Kidney Disease

Kidneys are considered vital organs of the body along with heart, lungs and brain.

They perform the important function of excretion. Any affection of the kidney should be attended to immediately as it can lead to innumerable complications.

The purpose of this blog is to enable people with kidney disease to share their personal views and stories.

Kidney diseases which are a cause of concern are usually chronic in nature.

They cause kidney damage which gradually leads to loss of renal function.

If diagnosed in the early stages, they can be treated and the damage done can be reversed.

Once diagnosed as end stage renal disease, one has to undergo life saving treatment like dialysis or organ transplant.

You should be careful with the slightest urinary infection. Any sign of pain, burning or blood in urine should be investigated thoroughly.

If there is a family history, one should be very cautious since kidney disorders are known to run in families.

NSAID’s should be avoided completely as they can cause permanent kidney damage.

As a rule plenty of fluid should be consumed on a daily basis.

All this can be combined with herbal products which help in improving renal function. Such a holistic approach to address kidney disease may certainly help to prevent further damage..

Let’s not allow this silent killer disease catch us sleeping. Share your experiences here and let all benefit from it.

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