Optimal Kit with X16 Vermex Formula

Optimal Kit with X 16 Vermex Formula is shipped from the US and has specially selected herbs and resonance homeopathic remedies that are believed to literally drive out the parasites from the intestinal tracts and also believed to provide relief from...Read More


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Optimal Kit with X 16 Worms Formula consists of the following products:

LHV Pro Herb Vermifuge:

This is believed to alters the bowel environment, making it non-conducive to the intestinal pathogens.

C66 Purge Formula:

This is believed to prevent multiplication of the pathogens within the bowels by irritating the parasites and forcing them to change their habitat.

N5 Bowel Pathogen:

This is believed to enhance the immune response to typical bowel pathogens by providing organismic memory to tv he leucocytes of the body, so as to enable them to identify the pathogens and combat them whenever the body is exposed to them.

X16 Vermex:

This is believed to heal the symptoms of worms, such as grinding of teeth, anal or vaginal itch, abdominal colic, or twitching in the muscles due to nerve irritation.

C45 Microflora:

This is believed to re-establish a favorable environment in the intestines and produces conditions that are detrimental to the growth and development of the bowel pathogens.

SAB Acidophilus/Bifidus:

This is believed to contain healthy bacteria, which do not allow the proliferation and colonization of the hostile micro-organisms.

A detailed description of all the ingredients is as follows:

LHV Pro Herb Vermifuge


Black Walnut Leaves 75mg; Oregano Extract 75mg; Wormwood Powder 75mg; Quassia 75mg; Clove Powder 50mg; Garlic Powder 50mg; Plantain 50mg; Pumpkin Seed Powder 50mg; Culver’s Root Powder 50mg; Slippery Elm Bark 50mg; Cascara Sagrada Bark Powder 50mg; Violet Powder 50mg; Golden Seal Powder 25mg; Grapefruit Seed Extract 25mg; Male Fern 25mg; Barberry Root Bark 25 mg.

C66 Purge Formula


Chuan-Lian-Zi (Melia Toosendan Fructus) 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X; Shi-Jun-Zi (Quisqualis Indicus Fructus) 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X; Nan-Gua-Zi (Cucurbita Pepo Semen) 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X; Fei-Zi (Torreya Grandis Semen) 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X; Lei-Wan (Omphalia Lapidescens) 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X.

N5 Bowel Pathogen


Escherichia Coli 12X; Enterococcinum 12X; Giardia Lamblia 12X; Diphtherinum 12X; Botulinum 12X; Clostridium Perfringens 12X; Ascaris Lumbricoides 20X; Platyhelminthes Worms (Echinococcus Granulosus, Schistosoma Mausoni, Taenia Saginata, Taenia Solium) 20X; Annelida Worms (Lumbricus terrestris, Hirudo Sanguisuga) 12X; Helicobacter Pylori 12X; Campylobacter 15X; Nemathelminthes Worms (Ancyclostoma Duodenale, Necator Americanus, Trichinella Spiralis, Dirofilaria Immitis) 20X; Ameba 20X.

X16 Vermex


Cina 2X; Abrotanum 2X; Filix Mas 2X; Juglans Nigra 2X; Teucrium Marum 3X; Sabadilla 3X; Spigelia Marilandica 3X; Berberis Vulgaris 3X; Cuprum Metallicum 6X.

C45 Microflora


Colostrum 4X; Ventrux 5X; Lactobacillus 12X; Bacteriodum 30X.

SAB Acidophilus/Bifidus:


One Gram Supplies: Bifidobacterium infantis 9.0 billion CFU; Lactobacillus acidophilus 9.0 billion

CFU Total: 18 billion. In a milk-free base of maltodextrin and fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS).

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