Diet for Trigeminal neuralgia (TN)

diet management for trigeminal neuralgia

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Imagine getting back the life you once had. Do you remember how free and confident you felt? If reclaiming that freedom is your aim, then please realize that it is essential for you to read this page and apply it to your life without delay.

We have divided this page into 4 sections to help you reclaim your health and freedom the natural way with a combination of diet, lifestyle and supplements.

  1. All you need to know about Trigeminal Neuralgia
  2. Herbs, Supplements, and Homeopathies that have been studied for their effect on the structure and functions of the trigeminal nerve and therefore should be part of your diet
  3. Foods to Eat in a Diet for TN
  4. Foods to Avoid in a Diet for TN

Does Diet Help in Alleviating TN pain?Food is medicine and no one can really argue that line for indeed you are what you eat and your food choices can play a major role in alleviating or aggravating your health condition. Although there are no clinically substantiated dietary guidelines to tackle Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) pain, the best way to deal with a hypersensitive nerve is by avoiding foods that are natural stimulants. Essentially, when dealing with trigeminal pain, you need to ensure to include foods that help in regeneration and proper functioning of your nerves.

1. All you need to Know about TN

TN is undoubtedly one of the most painful conditions known to mankind and one of the leading root causes of this excruciating condition is the eroded myelin sheath of the trigeminal nerve.

Patients typically seem to suffer from typical or atypical TN depending on the kind of pain they experience.

  • Typical: Most patients report experiencing random but extremely troubling episodes of pain at around the same spot, set off by simple activities such as chewing, brushing, etc or touching a trigger point on the face.
  • Atypical: These patients complain of a continuous dull ache or inflamed sensation in any part of the face. However, they could also experience episodes of sharp, shooting pain making matters worse. Most atypical TN sufferers will not have a specific trigger point for the pain and the discomfort only worsens with time.

Eroded nerve sheaths need high levels of Vitamin B and Omega 3 to grow back and this is where food can play an important role in the prognosis of the affliction.

However, you should know that food alone is not going to help restoring the affected nerve’s function and you need to supplement your diet with remedies that will have a positive influence on your condition. Many natural herbs and advanced homeopathies such as sarcodes have potentially shown to help in this regard.

In fact, in an independent study “A group of physicians reported that Trigeminal Neuralgia patients obtained an overall reduction of more than 60% in pain intensity and attack frequency using Natural Remedies.” 1

In contrast, a review conducted on MVD and Gamma knife procedures reported that “only 44% of the TN patients that opted for the complicated and costly Gamma Knife lived a pain free life!” 2

Although, typical TN pain is so pounding that you can easily ascertain the cause, there are several other conditions mimicking trigeminal neuralgia and should be ruled out to make a correct diagnosis.

Other conditions that elicit facial pain include:

  • Dental infection or oral surgery
  • Migraine or cluster headaches
  • Post-herpetic neuralgia
  • Joint pain in the lower jaw
  • Temporal arteritis
  • Facial injury or trauma to a nerve in the face
  • Sinus cavity complications

Trigeminal neuralgia is rarely seen in people under 40, and it is therefore essential to eliminate any other underlying condition because treatments for different types of pain may differ.

To confirm a Trigeminal Neuralgia diagnosis, speak to our highly experienced panel of doctors available 24/7 for your assistance here.

trigeminal neuralgia diet 2. Herbs, Supplements, and Homeopathies that have been studied for their effect on the structure and functions of the trigeminal nerve and therefore should be part of your diet

Learn which Natural Ingredients have the most promising research supporting them. Click here for Groundbreaking Trigeminal Neuralgia Research.

Biogetica has a long history of helping TN patients and our Doctors tend to understand the many facets of this terrible disease better than anyone else we know in the field.

The following herbs, supplements and homeopathies have been researched for TN globally. However, the law of each land is different and only some countries consider these as treatments for TN. In lands that do not regard these as medicine, these natural supplements and herbs can only be offered for rejuvenating the structure and functions of the nerves and no medical claims can be made on them unless the FDA of that particular country determines them to be valid.

We have listed natural remedies that have shown remarkable efficacy in peer reviewed research. Then again, the only agency that can determine effectiveness is the FDA and that too only for their particular country.

Hypericum (St John’s wort): Research has indicated that hypericum may influence a prolonged antihyperalgesic effect by decreasing the activity of inflammatory mechanisms that transmit inflammatory and neuropathic pain. 3

Aconite: Clinical observations have suggested that aconite possesses anti-inflammatory, analgesic and sedative properties and is potentially valuable in the treatment of neuropathic pains. 4

Bacopa monnieri: This herb possesses strong anti-inflammatory and rejuvenative properties. It has been clinically tested for the management of chronic pains with positive results. 5

Valerian Officinalis: An In vivo test reported that a combination of hypericum, valerian, and kava reduced orofacial pain with better results than carbamazepine, at both the neural conductor and inflammatory levels. 6

These are just some of the herbs that have clinical evidence supporting their therapeutic properties. Our Doctors have reached deep into every medical discipline to formulate our precedent setting all natural kits that are designed to address the root causes and lead you back to a life of health and freedom. As a matter of fact, our unique, multidisciplinary kits are a combination of three separate and unique disciplines: traditional ayurvedic herbs, advanced resonance homeopathy and ground breaking nutraceuticals designed from the molecule up to provide health and freedom to our patient community.

Our doctors highly recommend our Deliverance Kit with OM13 Formula for optimum nerve health. This kit has been meticulously formulated with evidence based herbs, nerve nutrients and homeopathic sarcodes. Each ingredient has been included to play a specified role in the protocol.

  • Evidence based herbs are included to potentially boost immunity, strengthen nerves and improve their functions;
  • Nutritional supplements help to nourish the nerves, and
  • Sarcodes that are considered imprints of an archetypical function are traditionally used to remind the body to start utilizing nutrition to create the myelin sheath and stop the trigeminal nerve from firing at any impulse.

Please feel free to discuss the benefits of this protocol with our Doctors for free at any time by clicking here. They can also help customize a Diet plan for you based on your exact case, constitution, eating habits and present condition.

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3. Foods to Eat in a Diet for TN

A healthy diet should comprise foods that:

  • Boost Immunity
  • Fight Inflammation
  • Rejuvenate Nerves
  • Inhibit Free Radical Formation

So, the best foods in this condition are the ones that possess natural antioxidants and have immune boosting properties. Therefore foods rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, vitamins B, C, and E are preferred since they not only enhance your immunity but also help rejuvenate worn-out and damaged nerves.

Recommended Foods Include:

  • Brown rice, cooked or dried fruits such as cherries, cranberries, pears and prunes, and cooked vegetables such as artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, chard, collards, lettuce, spinach, beans, squash and sweet potatoes since they are rich sources of antioxidants that fight inflammation, ease nerve pain and strengthen immunity
  • Low saturated fat diets, intake of excessive saturated fats blocks the body from repairing the damage caused to nerves in the face
  • Seafood, beans, vegetables, fruits and very small amount of lean poultry such as chicken and turkey because these items are rich in vitamins that nourish the nerves and boost immunity

Other helpful tips to follow…

  • Eat predominantly raw or perhaps, 75% raw foods and 25% cooked but vegan foods
  • Drink alkaline water preferably and if you are unable to find alkaline water, drink spring water
  • Drink vegetable juice daily or as often as you can. Real and living foods (raw foods, fruits and vegetable juice) will help the nerve(s) to repair


Learn which Natural Ingredients have the most promising research supporting them. Click here for Groundbreaking Trigeminal Neuralgia Research.

4. Foods to Avoid in a Diet for TN

  • Foods that cause sensations of heat (salsa, chili, and hot sauce), cold (mint), sweetness and sourness should be moderated, since they can potentially excite the trigeminal nerve and trigger pain.
  • Some have reported trouble with spices such as cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and black pepper.  People who are sensitive to smell may get pain when eating foods with strong odors or from steamy foods.
  • Stimulants found in caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate and many soft drinks) and other sugar alternatives like aspartame have also been reported to trigger painful attacks in susceptible individuals.
  • Other foods that should be eaten as minimally as possible are red meat, whole milk, cheese, butter, cream, pies, cakes, cookies, chocolate, candy, snacks, nuts and ice cream.
  • High acidic foods (Citrus juices, tomatoes, gooseberries, etc.) lead to excess mucus production, and this excess mucus may exert pressure against sensitive nerves, triggering pain.
  • Foods that contain a high proportion of saturated fats like butter, ghee, coconut oil, cottonseed oil, and palm kernel oil are best avoided.

Home remedies for Trigeminal neuralgia

  • Heat packs and ice packs are known to relax muscles. For some people, placing ice packs over the cheeks and jaws is said to bring instant relief, whereas others find solace in using hot packs
  • Sipping on herbal teas is also said to have a calming effect on frayed nerves. Chamomile, comfrey, St. John’s wort, and lemon balm teas can bring relief from painful episodes.
  • Including carrot avocado juice will provide you with all the essential nutrients for healthy nerves. While avocado is rich in Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5 and folic acid. The addition of carrot supplements it with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 and folic acid.
  • Ayurvedic wisdom recommends applying ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) oil for relief from nervous pain due to its potential anti inflammatory properties. The antioxidant properties boost the immune system and sedative properties potentially calm the nervous system.
  • Rosemary oil is traditionally believed to possess analgesic properties that helps relieve pain. Its potential nervine properties help strengthen the cranial nerves, including the terminal nerve and its antioxidant properties boost the immune system.
  • You may also massage the area lightly with apple cider vinegar.

To augment the effects of a healthy diet, you can supplement your dietary regimen with several natural ingredients that have been traditionally used to alleviate pain and maintain healthy nerves. Growing research has also started gathering evidence on the possible therapeutic value that natural ingredients possess.

An independent study highlighted that:  “A group of physicians reported that Trigeminal Neuralgia patients obtained an overall reduction of more than 60% in pain intensity and attack frequency using Natural Remedies.”

To know which herbs have fared the best when tested against neuropathic conditions such as TN, click here

Biogetica doctors have considered and amalgamated the best ingredients in formulating nerve health protocols that potentially work by:

  • Providing your body with energetic information on optimal functioning of nerves
  • Relieving the tingling and numbness along the path of your trigeminal nerve
  • Restoring the protective myelin sheath around your nerve
  • Relaxing the muscles and increasing their mobility
  • Getting your nervous system to stop being sensitive to triggering factors
  • Strengthening and calming your nerves
  • Resolving blockages in meridians and facilitating balanced energy flow

To know more about our Nerve Health protocols click here.

We at Biogetica constantly strive to provide comprehensive, holistic and natural solutions to help you in your journey to health and freedom. Our dedicated panel of experienced health practitioners are available 24/7 to answer any health related concern or provide customized recommendations based on your constitution. To get a free consult, visit now.

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