Biogetica Essential kit with C11 NE Formula

C11 NE
C11 NE is a unique product which consists of Homeopathic ingredients that are traditionally believed to support the normal structure and functions of the bladder sphincter muscles. Bladder Sarcode is an important ingredient in this kit and may stimulate the normal functioning of the bladder. **

C98 Anx Formula

Anxiety in children may be responsible for Nocturnal Enuresis (Bed-Wetting). C98 ANX formula consists of natural Homeopathic ingredients that are traditionally believed to aid relaxation and provide a calming influence on the entire mental and physical system. **

HRD Renal Formula

A comprehensive Kidney formula, is believed to improve the functioning of the kidneys.

C11 NE
It consists of the following ingredients: Potentized Homeopathic Impressions with no actual molecules of Bladder 6X. Thyroidinum 6X, 12X. Ferrum Phosphoricum 12X. Pulsatilla 12X. Calcarea Phosphorica 12X, 30X

C98 Anx Formula

Ingredients: Oxytropis Lambertii 3x; Natrum Muriaticum 4x; Borax 4x; Causticum 6x; Elettaria Cardamomum 6x; Plumbum Metallicum 8x; Sepia 12x; Lilium Tigrinum 30x.

HRD Renal  Formula

Ingredients: Lycopodium Clavatum 2X. Rubia Tinctorum 1X. Urtica Urens 1X. Sarsaparilla 3X. Benzoicum Acidum 4X. Lithium Carbonicum 4X. Berberis Vulgaris 5X. Coccus Cacti 5X. Atropinum Sulphuricum 5X. Kidney 6X. Taraxacum Officinale 6X. Petroselinum Sativum 6X. Colocynthis 6X. Calcarea Carbonica 12X. Lapis Renalis 12X.


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