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Ayurvedic Solution for HPV Infection

Human Papiloma virus (HPV) is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections present in the USA. HPV infection can get transmitted from one person to another via skin-to-skin contact during the sexual intercourse. HPV is characterised by the appearance of warts on the genitals or the skin close to the genitals. There are nearly 200 types of HPV out of which 40 types are typically transmitted through sexual contact. Most HPV infections are asymptomatic and stay dormant in the body of the infected person for years. These dormant infections can get activated anytime in future when the immune system is weakened. If HPV infection is left untreated, it may increase the risk of developing cervical or penile cancer. Thus, it is extremely important to address HPV infection as soon as possible.

Symptoms of HPV

You can remain asymptomatic and not have any symptoms for years. However, few others can show the below symptoms:

  • Some strains affect the skin that leads to warts on the hands and feet and other strains affect the genitals producing genital warts. 
  • Genital warts can be seen on the labia majora, minora, cervix, vagina, and anus, in women.
  • Genital warts usually appear on the penis or scrotum, especially around the corona glandis like a cluster of warts encircling the head of the penis, in men.
  • There are some other strains that cause changes in the cells of the cervix leading to cervical cancer, these lesions can be easily detected on a PAP smear.
  • Some high-risk types of HPV can also cause cancer of the mouth, anus, and upper respiratory tract.

Diagnosis of HPV

Your doctor might be able to diagnose it by clinically examining your warts. However, if warts are not visible, the doctor may suggest you to undergone tests like PAP smear test or DNA test for proper diagnosis.

What are the treatments for HPV?

Conventional Treatment for HPV

Conventional treatment for HPV consists of antiviral drugs. However, the attempt of antiviral drugs fails, and the virus lies inactive behind the blood-brain barrier where the immunity and antiviral medicines can’t reach. The virus also mutates itself into strains that are resistant to antiviral, thus antivirals do not affect them. Moreover, these antivirals have a lot of side effects when taken regularly, so they are advised only when you have an outbreak or lesions. So, when you have the lesions or warts, you take antivirals and the virus gets subdued for a temporary phase. The virus again flares up after an interval and again you need to take antivirals, and this is a continuous cycle. Still, antivirals are not a permanent cure for HPV as they may recur even if a single virus escapes the treatment.

Alternatives for HPV

Complementary natural care includes health sciences such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and Nutritional supplements that can give you an optimistic hope to lead a better life in future without any side- effects. Natural ingredients like hypericum mysorense, hpv imprints, green tea extract and monolaurin have shown significant effects in clinical studies on boosting the immune system. To learn more about our groundbreaking products consult one of our Doctors at

 Let us go through revolutionary studies on natural formulations:

  • Hypericum Mysorense: The International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy has recently published a research article on an ayurvedic herbal combination called Hyperisince. Hyperisince combines Hypericum mysorense along with other herbs. According to this clinical research data, more than 76% of patients reported improvement and more than 80% of patients who took Biogetica Hyperisince for 4 months or more noticed long-term boosting of their immune system and it also helped to support the body’s natural nerve-calming processes.
    [Study link: 
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Food Recommendations for HPV:

Consume the following:

  • Have cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, kale, mustard greens, horseradish, watercress, turnips, and broccoli.
  • Vitamin C is the ultimate immune booster, thus it should be consumed. Include yellow and red bell peppers, berries, kale, orange, kiwi, broccoli, peas, and papaya.
  • Include vegetables like pumpkin, carrots, squash, tomatoes, lettuce and sweet potatoes because they are rich in beta- carotene content. This red-orange pigment is converted to Vitamin A in the body, which boosts the immune system and help to fight HPV infection.
  • Include antioxidants like peaches, green tea, berries, and spinach.
  • Consume folic acid-rich foods such as legumes, fortified cereals, eggs, asparagus, oranges, and strawberries.
  • Have more of Vitamins and natural Antiviral Herbs such as the olive leaf, astragalus, goldenseal Root and Mushroom.

 Avoid the following:

  • If your diet consists mostly high-processed foods like fast-foods, donuts, and diet soda, your immune system is obviously meant to suffer. As junk foods are nutritionally-void. They may fill your stomach but will not give your immune system the adequate nutrients it needs to function appropriately and protect you from illnesses.
  • Reduce or avoid from alcohol consumption.
  • If you want to maintain a strong and healthy immune system, you must eat a wholesome diet. This means gradually reducing processed food and consuming more of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, organic vegetables, beans, seeds, nuts, fish, meat, poultry, and healthy fats included in coconut oil and olive oil.
  • Limit or avoid the consumption of coffee or caffeinated beverages.

 Natural supplements along with an improved lifestyle and diet can help all aspects of herpes. Biogetica combines Homeopathy, Ayurvedic herbs, and Dietary supplements to address the condition as a whole and from its root cause. Nearly all the Biogetica products have traditional use of clinical research from Ayurveda and Homeopathy and are supported by modern studies and trials. If you are looking for a safe, natural, and effective management for Herpes without any known side-effects, please contact one of the doctors at

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Diet for HPV

Learn which Natural Ingredients have the most promising research supporting them. Click here for Groundbreaking HPV Research.

Imagine getting back the life you once had. Do you remember how free and confident you felt? If reclaiming that freedom is your aim, then please realize that it is essential for you to read this page and apply it to your life without delay.

How Serious is a HPV Infection and What Needs to be Done?

HPV is a global pandemic today with health authorities estimating that more than 79 million people in the U.S. have HPV and this number is steadily rising. Most of the medical fraternity downplay this infection stating that the body almost always clears the virus on its own; however, that is only true if your immune system is firing on all cylinders because otherwise this infection is solely responsible for over 70% of all cervical cancers in women and 63% of penile, 91% of anal, and 72% of oropharyngeal cancers in men. Therefore with these startling facts, you must treat HPV without delay to avoid hurting yourself or your loved one.

There are no FDA approved antivirals for HPV. Research shows and doctors agree that a boosted immune system is the best way to rid your body of a HPV infection. However, surprisingly, you find no immunity boosters in the conventional medicine repertoire and vaccines are repeatedly promoted for prevention. But, what does one do if they are already infected, or above the age-limit, or can’t tolerate the hideous vaccine side-effects?Luckily, there are other tested ways to boost your immunity and potentially make your body expel the virus. For this to happen, food and environmental lifestyle changes are integral for the transformation. Let’s look at the popular and seemingly genuine ways to achieve that:

  • Food: Your diet is important because nutritionists around the world have agreed that food can augment healing and eating certain foods may boost your immunity and improve general wellbeing. We’ll discuss different food choices further down. However, if you would like a custom diet plan made based on your constitution, likes and dislikes please email our resident nutritionist [email protected].
  • Time tested herbs: There a multitude of herbs that have been clinically tested for their anti-inflammatory, immune boosting and antiviral properties and could give your body that added advantage when dietary modifications fall short. Herbs like Hypericum mysorense, Withania somnifera, etc, nutraceuticals such as Echinacea, and AHCC, and homeopathies such as HPV nosodes have shown specific immune boosting properties that potentially play a vital role in bolstering your body against foreign infiltration. To learn more about these particular ingredients please click here.



Learn which Natural Ingredients have the most promising research supporting them. Click here for Groundbreaking HPV Research.



Diet for HPV:

Of course your diet does make you stronger and helps empower your body in clearing the infection.

Cruciferous vegetables, beta-carotenes, folic acid, Vitamin C, antioxidants, and vitamins have shown to potentially boost immunity and make you more resilient to viral proliferation.


Food Recommendations:

To make you strong and tenacious include the following:

  • Eat Cruciferous vegetables like kale, mustard greens, horseradish, watercress, turnips, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. The folic acid derived from them is way beyond any synthesized folic acid sold in pills.
  • Vegetables like carrots, squash, tomatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and lettuce are beneficial to HPV diagnosed patients because of their high beta- carotene content. This red-orange pigment is converted to Vitamin A in the body, which bolsters the immune system to fight HPV.
  • Folic acid rich foods are cruciferous vegetables, legumes, fortified cereal, asparagus, eggs, oranges, and strawberries.
  • Vitamin C- the ultimate immune booster; yellow and red bell peppers, kale, kiwi, broccoli, berries, oranges, peas, and papaya. Again each vitamin C has its own alkaline vs acidic properties and is way beyond the ascorbic acid sold as Vitamin C. Life isn’t just molecules as you already know.
  • Antioxidants like green tea, berries, peaches, and spinach are vital because they fight free radicals and abnormal cell development.
  • Vitamins and Antiviral Herbs- Astragalus, Goldenseal Root, Coriolus Versicolor (Mushroom), Olive Leaf, Hypericum mysorense, AHCC, Green Tea Extract, Curcuma longa, Thuja occidentalis, Echinacea and Monolaurin are some of the most compelling and popular ingredients that have been clinically tested for their proficiency in boosting immunity, fighting infections and potentially preventing progression of the virus. To know more about these wonderful versatile herbs, please click here.

Learn which Natural Ingredients have the most promising research supporting them. Click here for Groundbreaking HPV Research.

Avoid the following:

  • If your diet consists mainly of highly-processed foods like donuts, fast-food meals, and diet soda, your immune system is bound to suffer. This is because junk foods are nutritionally-void. They may fill your stomach, but will not give your immune system the nutrients it needs to function properly and protect you from disease.
  • Reduce or keep away from alcohol consumption
  • Limit or avoid the consumption of coffee

Home Remedies:

  • Dandelion is traditionally believed to be useful in warts. The milk from the cut end of dandelion should be applied on warts two to three times daily.
  • Tea tree and thuja oil are said to possess antimicrobial properties and may provide relief when blended with a carrier oil. In fact thuja is a recommended ayurvedic remedy and is traditionally used to address warts.

We can’t stress enough on the fact that an optimal functioning Immune system is your best bet against the HPV virus and to help you empower it, Biogetica has formulated numerous immune boost protocols amalgamating evidence based natural ingredients and homeopathic remedies, so that you can be healthy and free again.

Some of the evidence based herbs used in our protocols include:

  1. Hypericum mysorense

This herb has clinically shown antiviral, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact this is an important herb in our patented formula Hyperisince formulated to potentially empower the immune mechanisms of your body.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric has won so many accolades in traditional forms of treatment that you will find it being used in addressing conditions affecting the blood, brain, heart, stomach, nerves, skin, lungs, and the list can go on. The active bio-constituent identified in this rhizome has been clinically tested to potentially slacken abnormal cell growth, boost immunity and reduce viral load.

  1. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms are also being promoted as a potential treatment protocol for eliminating HPV proliferation. AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) derived from this mushroom on being subjected to a clinical study by The University of Texas Health Science Center Medical School potentially strengthened the body’s natural immune response by increasing the number and activity of the natural killer cells and curbed abnormal cells from spreading.

  1. Astragalus

This herb is considered a potent adaptogen and is traditionally used as an immune system booster in ancient healing practices. According to ongoing research astragalus is said to possess antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing, antioxidant, and anti-proliferative properties.

  1. Echinacea

Echinacea was always the go to herb for common colds in traditional practices until progressive research on this herb unearthed its potential benefits in fighting various infections including fungal, bacterial, and viral. The herb has also displayed anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, laxative, and analgesic properties.

  1. Homeopathic Nosodes

Homeopathy has come a long way and numerous studies have enumerated potential benefits of using nosodes in mitigating infections and inflammations. Nosodes are prepared from viral or bacterial cultures and carry molecular imprints of the pathogenic agent. These attenuations work as oral vaccines according to homeopathic research and are traditionally believed to bolster the immune system by presenting the body information on the pathogen.

These are just some of the herbs and homeopathic ingredients that we’ve included in our Full Spectrum Wartex Kits and DSPL Cellular Health Kits. Our protocols are synergistic blends of nutritional supplements, herbal extracts, and bioenergetic homeopathic remedies made available to you in easy to consume pills. To know more about our health protocols or to get expert advice on how to get rid of your HPV, please consult our doctors available 24/7 at now.

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Recommended foods in HPV

organically grown fruits and vegetables are always the best choice, yet we must sometimes supplement. We recommend supplements that contain lycopene, B12, beta carotene, vitamin D, canthaxanthin, vitamin E, folic acid and others. Levels of these nutrients must be maintained to clear the HPV.

eating papayas can not only lower the frequency of HPV infection, key compound beta-cryptoxanthin has been identified as a potential chemopreventive agent.

Increase your vegetable and fruit intake and minimize sugars, caffine and refined foods.

Drink quality green tea (several times per day)

Supplement with folic acid, mixed carotenoids, vitamin C, selenium, curcumin, and  broccoli sprout extract.

Restricted foods in HPV

Fried and processed foods containing hydrogenated oils high sugar foods and smoking.

All our products are made in FDA compliant GMP certified Laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, USA, India, and Spain. They are appropriately registered with the FDA as Dietary supplements, Homeopathic attenuations or Ayurvedic herbs. Utmost care is taken to ensure optimum quality and purity. Biogetica is a website visited from across the globe. Some countries consider Ayurveda, TCM, Supplements, Bioenergetics and Homeopathy to be medicine, while others do not. In order to comply with various FDA norms of numerous nations we say:

Ayurveda & Homeopathy may or may not qualify as medicine in your home jurisdiction. The complementary advice of our practitioners who are considered Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Doctors in some jurisdictions does not replace the medical advice given by your primary care physician. Biogetica’s Homeopathic products may be used for treatment of self limiting over the counter ailments in USA, India & Europe that support Homeopathy for OTC use. Biogetica’s Herbal remedies from the Ayurvedic, Chinese and other traditions may only be used to balance the 5 elements and rejuvenate organ systems in countries where Herbs, Ayurveda and TCM are not considered medicine. Biogetica’s ground breaking supplements may only be used to support the ideal structure and function of the various systems in the Human Body.

Information provided on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Information provided on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

* This peer reviewed and published research has most probably not been studied or approved by the FDA in your country as a treatment or cure. Hence no disease claims can be made and you are welcome to take the natural ingredients for (immunity, lung health, cardiovascular health, etc). Homeopathy is medicine in USA but only for OTC issues. Ayurveda is medicine only in India and TCM is medicine only in China. Switzerland supports insurance payments for Homeopathy.

As per the FTC Enforcement Policy Statement on Marketing Claims for OTC Homeopathic drugs anyone selling homeopathy must state.

There is insufficient scientific evidence that homeopathy works, and

The product’s claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.

** Our remedies have been traditionally used in Ayurveda and Homeopathy for centuries. Each remedy has a varying amount of modern research behind it. We, in abiding by the law make no claims of a miracle cure or permanent results. Individual results may vary from individual to individual.

*** Try our Products Now! Our Unconditional 100 % Money Back Guarantee is Valid for 90 days.

† All Homeopathic products are made in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, a document which has been published for over 100 years and which is recognized as an “official compendium” by Sections 501(b) and 502(e)(3) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. 351(b) and 352(e)(3) (“FD&C Act”).” These indications are based solely on traditional homeopathic use. They have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.

†† These testimonials are unsolicited and unedited except for the name of the sender. They contain the senders’ initials or first name only for purposes of privacy. These are actual emails from many we were able to help over the years. Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of outcomes that appear to be typical with these products. Your results may vary. We do however stand by our products and will refund you completely if our products don’t meet your expectations.

What we do is simply point you and your Doctors to independent research from all sources that we know of, on the ingredients or entire formulation of our natural products, which are Herbal, Ayurvedic, Bioenergetic, Homeopathic and Complementary in nature. We invite you to read these studies on our clinical trials page or on Results may vary from person to person as is depicted in the wide range of results seen in the clinical trials.

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