Biogetica Essentials Kit with T14 ED Formula

HPRD Male Endocrine Axis

HPRD Male Endocrine Axis is traditionally believed to balance the entire hormonal axis and provide Sarcode support to the reproductive organs. **

T14 Libido Liquescence

It is a traditionally used Homeopathic remedy that may benefit the structure and functions of the reproductive system. **

HPRD Male Endocrine Axis
Ingredients: Sabal Serrulata 1X; Populus Tremuloids 1X; Solidago Virgaurea 2X; Sarsparilla 3X; Zincum Metallicum 3X; Orchic 3X; Damiana 4X; Selenium Metallicum 6X; Ferrum Picricium 6X. 
Potentized Bioenergetic Impressions with no actual molecules of: Prostate 3X

T14 Libido Liquescence

Ingredients: Turnera Diffusia 1X; Pulsatilla 1X; Vannila 1X; Glycernium 1X; Lecithin 2X; Iodeum 3X; Berberis Vulgaris 3X; Zincium Valerianicum 3X; Yohinbinum 3X; Sabal Serrulata 3X; Ferrum Muriaticum 4X, 6X; Natrum Muriaticum 4X, 6X; Bufo Rana 6X; Selenium 6X; Orchic 16X; Ovarian 16X.


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