Must Know Benefis of Valeriana officinalis for a Healthier You.

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Valeriana officinalis also simply known as valerian has numerous properties that have made the herb a very popular remedy in traditional forms of medicine. You would have heard about this herb being a sleeping aid but there is so much more to this plant than just making you feel drowsy.

So, read on to know, how else valerian can be of use to you?

What Medicinal Properties Does Valerian Possess?

Valerian is already very popular as a sedative. It is said to enhance the signaling of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) – one of the main sedative neurotransmitters and relax the central nervous system. Therefore, people who find it difficult to sleep due to hyperexcitability, nervousness, etc. have reported to benefit from the calming effects of valerian.


Traditional medicines such as Ayurveda have a long history of using this herb as a tranquilizer. People suffering from stress, exhaustion, restlessness, and panic attacks have routinely been put on valerian because the herb appears to have innate anti-anxiety properties.

This herb also possesses components that not only appear to relax stressed nerves but also exhibit a calming effect on the smooth muscles. Its antispasmolytic properties potentially work to relax abdominal cramps and uterine contractions, which is why you’ll find it being recommended for menstrual discomfort, digestive issues and other spasms affecting the muscle groups.

Because it has muscle relaxing properties, it is also said to alleviate pain and you’ll often find valerian as an important ingredient in many traditional formulations for a headache, migraines, joint and nerve pain, etc.

Biogetica, an ardent disciple of natural remedies has over the past 15 years, studied, researched and formulated several natural protocols that aim to repair, rejuvenate and restore imbalances in the body, which gradually manifest as disorders.

We’ve added valerian in several of our protocols dealing with sleep loss, stress, immunity, etc after meticulous research by our panel of doctors. Our multidisciplinary kits are formulated to imbue the best of what the earth has to offer.

Scientifically Tested Health Benefits of Valeriana officinalis

Because it contains numerous healthifying properties, valerian has sparked the interest of many research scientists and an increasing number of studies are being conducted to further identify the therapeutic properties of Valeriana officinalis. Based on popular research findings, Biogetica has infused valerian in its multi-specialty kits to provide a holistic and natural alternative that will potentially help you regain your health and freedom. Some of the study results conclude the following:

  • Valerian appears to numb pain

Valerian possesses over 120 chemical constituents and because of its potential pain relieving properties, it is said to help in rejuvenating nerves, joints, and muscles. This is why we’ve amalgamated valerian in the following protocols, which include:

  1. Trigeminal nerve health
  2. Brain nerve health
  3. Muscle and ligament Support
  • Valerian potentially calms hyperactive and restless behavior

Studies have indicated that valerian appears to diffuse triggers that may produce hyperactivity and restlessness of the mind and is therefore thought to be useful in calming the mind and improving reckless behavior. Valerian is synergistically infused in our protocols for Enhanced Attention or Focus as well as Mental and Emotional Support.

  • Valerian appears to ease menstrual agitation

Numerous investigations have indicated that women suffering from menstrual distress and cramps have reported relief in their condition. The herb potentially alleviates painful periods as well.

  • Valerian may calm and soothe panic attacks

Stress has become a growing menace and has gripped people like never before. Chronic physical, mental and emotional stress has led to various physical and psychological disorders. Valerian with its tranquilizing, calming, and sedative properties potentially soothes people with tendencies to get anxious, hyperactive, and panicky. To make full use of these versatile properties, doctors at Biogetica have infused valerian in its stress relieving, anxiolytic,  and male performance anxiety protocols.

  • Valerian potentially helps induce sleep

Since valerian has shown to enhance the sedation inducing nerurotransmitter – GABA in several insomnia clinical trials, it has been widely used as a potential sleeping aid. Valerian is integral to our sleep support protocol and has been amalgamated with several other equally versatile natural ingredients.

  • Valerian promotes heart health

Growing research has demonstrated that this plant may positively influence the heart. It potentially regulates irregular heartbeats, and normalizes blood pressure.

Ongoing research is still unearthing other medicinal benefits of this wonderful natural herbal aid. Biogetica is proud to formulate its unique precedent kits that are multidisciplinary and contain choicest natural ingredients picked after detailed research on their properties. To make the most of this amazingly beneficial extract with numerous clinically verified therapeutic properties, we’ve combined this natural extract in several of our exclusive protocols.

To view our entire range of health protocols, get more information, ask any health-related concern or get personalized recommendations please consult with our Doctors at now.

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