What are the Signs of Achilles Tendinitis?

Know the facts about your Achilles Tendons
The Achilles is the largest band of fibrous tissue in your body that connects the calf muscles to your heel bone. The tendon is used when you walk, run, jump or stand on the balls of your feet.
Straining the tendon excessively by continuous or sudden increase in your physical activity can lead to inflammation known as Achilles tendinitis (or tendonitis).
Achilles tendinitis is the inflammation of Achilles tendon when it is put under excessive strain.
The Achilles tendon joins the calf muscles with heel bone. It is found at the back of lower leg. It is the largest tendon in our body.
The inflammatory response is not only limited to the Achilles tendon but also includes inflammation of the surrounding sheath and/or degeneration within the tendon.

Sometimes, simply resting the strained tendon and avoiding any overt physical activity involving it is enough to gain relief. People doing strenuous exercises should make gradual changes in their routines to allow time for the tendon to recuperate.
Causes of Achilles tendinitis
There are a number of factors that can lead to Achilles tendinitis; the most common ones include:
• Wearing uncomfortable or worn-out shoes while running or walking
• Doing intense workouts that put a lot of strain on your Achilles tendon
• Excessive running or walking on hard and uneven surfaces
• Standing continuously for long hours
• Anatomical irregularities in your feet such as flatfoot or high arched foot, differences in the length of your limbs etc.
• Wearing ill-fitting or high heeled shoes daily and for a long time
• High impact, jerky or abrupt movements can put additional strain on your tendons
• Clinical conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis and infections have also been linked to Achilles tendinitis

Signs or Symptoms of Achilles tendinitis

• The most important symptom of Achilles tendinitis is pain and swelling behind your heel.
• Stiffness of the lower leg
• Minor pain in the back of the leg that may aggravate after running or exercise
• Swelling in the Achilles tendon
• Formation of scar tissue or lumps on the tendon
• Warm feeling on the skin of your heel
It is important to consult your doctor because the above symptoms could be related to some other condition as well.

Treatment options for Achilles tendinitis
The main aim is to relieve pain and swelling. There are different treatment options available based on the severity of the condition.
• Resting the strained tendon is the first step towards alleviating the discomfort
• A doctor may advise a few stretching exercises that help in healing and preventing further damage.
• Application of icepacks provide pain and inflammation relief

• Pain relievers are also prescribed to relieve pain and swelling. However, regular consumption of pain killers can affect your kidneys, liver and digestive system.
• Surgery is mostly the last option and is performed to repair the damaged tendon. It is recommended in severe cases when recurrent Achilles tendinitis has caused rupture of the tendon.
However controlling the symptoms at the earliest and nourishing and supporting the functions of the tendon are the best ways to avoid any progression of the injury. Moreover, rather than simply popping NSAIDS that do more harm than good, incorporating natural pain killers and other natural ingredients for tendon health can help address the problems without undue side-effects.
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