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What Are The Natural Remedies For Anti-Aging?

Aging is a fact of life, and it is never too early to start preparing. Although you can’t regulate your age, with smart choices along the way, you can slow the process of aging. Find out what are the natural ways to potentially help your skin age gracefully…

What is Anti-Aging?


Aging takes place in the cell, in the organ with the passage of the time. It is a process which goes on all the adult stages of the living thing. The study of the aging process is known as Gerontology. Aging is an inevitable part of life. Scientists believe that the human body can actually live for 120 years under perfect conditions. 

Aging is often accompanied by fear based on the belief that our mental capacities will fail us, and the vitality will decrease extensively. 

Anti-aging refers to slowing or to reverse the symptoms of aging. This can be done by adequate nutrition, hormonal balance, vitamins and regular exercise.

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Causes of Aging

The causes of aging are explained by various theories such as:

  • Wear & Tear: The human body cells are damaged due to its regular use and abuse over the years. This destruction occurs at the cellular and the organ level in the body.
  • Oxidation: When we metabolise oxygen in the body, a by-product named as free radicals is released in this chemical process. These free radicals if left unchecked can lead to cellular damage. Antioxidants must be sufficiently present in the body to prevent such damage happening. This process is one of the most important reasons to show the early signs of aging.
  • Inflammation: This is the first defence mechanism present to fight against the bacteria and viruses invading our body. Inflammation also starts the healing process and limits the damage to the cells due to everyday pollutants. Excessive inflammation can lead to early onset of aging. 
  • Glycation: Glycation is a process where excess body glucose molecules link to skin’s collagen and elastic fibres. These glycated fibres can become rigid and less elastic which can lead to damage such as cracking and thinning of the skin and laxity.
  • Endocrine Theory: The body’s maintenance functions like repair and tear are damaged as the hormonal level drops to the low levels. Therefore this results to accelerate the aging process. 

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Types of Aging 

Aging types are categorised based on the cause and the site of the aging. They are as follows: 

  • Cellular Aging: The age of the cell is stated by the calculation of how many times it is replicated. A healthy cell can replicate for 50 times. The more damage done to the cells by the free radicals and other factors, the more the cell needs to replicate. 
  • Hormonal Aging: Hormones play an important role in aging mainly during the childhood and the adolescent period. Hormonal levels fluctuate throughout life. Puberty brings many changes in the skin, due to old age the skin becomes dry and scaly. 
  • Metabolic Aging: The cells undergo metabolism constantly which leads to the production of the harmful by products. This can lead to some kind of damage to the body over time. This causes aging in the body.

Signs & Symptoms Of Aging 

Everyone experiences the signs and symptoms of aging, the intensity and age at which they appear differ from person to person. This results in many factors such as the nutritional and metabolic activities of the person. For example:  

  • Skin: Skin is usually the first visible change noticed. Skin loses its elasticity and starts wrinkling. It’s seen to get dry as the glands are insufficient to produce the secretions.
  • Hair: Hair starts greying after a certain age; this may differ in gender too. Hair fall increases after the age of 50 and is seen more common in females after the menopause. Men also start losing their hair and become bald after their 50’s. 
  • Teeth: Production of saliva is decreased in old people who lead to teeth decaying. Oral hygiene is of most importance throughout life. Teeth becomes weak and brittle after a certain age. 
  • Vision: The tear production is decreased in old age which leads to dryness of the eyes. Close objects are hard to focus and therefore the need for correct glasses is needed. Opacity of the lens is seen leading to the cataract formation.
  • Weight: Body’s metabolism slows down as the age increases. The activities are also reduced with age, therefore reducing weight is difficult in older age. 
  • Digestive System: The digestive system becomes sluggish with age as the chewing and swallowing of the food takes longer than before. The intestines also take a longer time to digest the food particles. The intestinal secretions are also reduced leading to dry a hard stool that is constipated.
  • Bones & Joint Health: Bone density decreases and becomes porous after the age of 35, leading to the tendency of fractures. Muscles also lose their elasticity making the movements painful and difficult. 
  • Nervous System: The blood supply to the brain reduces as the age increases, leading to deterioration of the cognitive functions. Natural reflexes also become slower.
  • Heart & Circulation: Heart muscles become weak as the age increases, so the heart needs to work a lot to pump the blood. Fats start to accumulate in the arteries and veins impeding the blood flow. 
  • Excretory System: Due to the weak muscles of the bladder there is urinary incontinence seen. 
  • Sleep: Sleep pattern changes with the age. It is difficult to sleep at a stretch for a long duration. The quality of the sleep is also affected. 

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What Are The Treatment Options For Anti-Aging?

Conventional Treatment

Conventional treatment of anti-aging includes the involvement of many costly processes and techniques which are lengthy. The most common techniques used are botox, facelift, neck lift, wrinkle erasers, fat injections, eye bag removal and anti-aging creams. The anti-aging creams are easily available but do have serious hazards to our body. Most anti-aging creams are inexpensive and contain toxic ingredients like Acrylamide, propylene glycol, Sodium lauryl sulphate, phenol carbolic acids, nitrosamines, triclosan etc. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is one of the most common ingredients found in the anti-aging creams. These ingredients are also seen to be carcinogenic in some cases.  

Phenol carbolic acid may lead to convulsions, collapse, coma and respiratory failure leading to death and paralysis. Many ingredients from such anti-aging creams can cause skin irritation or skin cancer.

Natural Remedies For Anti-Aging

Natural remedies for anti-aging include the combination of Resonance Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Dietary supplements. All these natural supplements are believed to slow down the aging process by supplying the body with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are depleted due to the aging process. 

Here are some of the natural ingredients which may help you in the anti aging process:

    • Arnica – Studies suggest that this natural remedy may provide natural protective mechanisms against premature ageing of cells. [1]
    • Bellis Perennis – Studies suggest that this natural remedy may help to avoid the process of tissue aging. [2] 
    • Ashoka  – Studies suggest that this remedy is believed to support the body tissues after any illness. [3] 
    • Shatavari – Studies suggest that this remedy is believed to suppress the oxidative process of the cells. [4] 
    • Asphaltum – Studies suggest that this remedy is believed to help the balance of female hormones. [5] 
    • Reishi – Studies suggest that this natural remedy is believed to protect the cells against the premature ageing of the cells. [6] 
    • Pippali –  It is also known as Piper longum. It has been used traditionally in the Ayurvedic system for lung health. Studies suggest that it may help to improve lung function. [7]
    •  Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi)Tulsi is also known as Ocimum sanctum has been used traditionally in India. It is considered a sacred herb in Ayurveda The following studies are done on it which suggest potential benefit. [8]
    • Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)Studies suggest that Ashwagandha may have anti-aging properties. [9]

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Preventive Measures For Anti-Aging

Aging is the process which cannot be avoided. There are many ways which can help us to turn back our biological clock and live a long life. Following are some prevention measures that may help: 

  • Eating healthy and fresh food may help our body live a longer life. Avoid eating processed food and sugary foods.
  • Quit smoking. This can accelerate the blood circulation and hence delay the aging process.
  • Exercise is also seen to be effective in preventing the aging process. Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes can be helpful in delaying aging. 
  • Socializing is the most important part to increase the longevity of a person. Maintain a good and a healthy relationship with the people around you, including your family and friends. Meeting your loved ones also helps to make you feel fresh and keep away the aging.
  • Stress is one most important part to lead you to aging. Hence managing your stress will help you to increase your longevity.
  • Adequate sleep may also prevent aging.

Diet Recommendations For Anti-Aging

Include Foods Like: 

  • Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants like strawberries, apples, oranges, tomatoes etc, may help to fight against the free radicals.
  • Fruits rich in Vitamin C like oranges, amla, lemon etc, may also seem to be helpful.
  • Green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and methi are believed to be effective for anti-aging. 

Eat In Moderation…

  • Wheat and heavy fat foods which are not easy to digest.

Avoid Foods Like…

  • Artificial sugary foods which can increase your weight, risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Avoid processed, oily and junk foods which are not easy to digest.
  • Heaty foods like meat and other non-vegetarian foods.

Home Remedies To Prevent Aging

  • Take 20 ml of fresh aloe vera juice on an empty stomach daily to make your skin glow. It may also help improve the liver metabolism and food digestion.
  • Applying banana paste to the skin can boost your skin health. Keep the paste on for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
  • Consumption of olive oil may help to improve your skin’s health. Also massaging with olive oil can decrease the wrinkles on your face.
  • Essential oils like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil, argan, etc are also effective for wrinkle free skin and gives a smooth texture to the skin.
  • Application of topical vitamin C may also help to improve the skin from any sun damage or wrinkles.

Natural remedies for anti-aging are a combination of homeopathic formulations, ayurvedic herbs and dietary supplements. These natural supplements along with an improved lifestyle and adequate diet can help to address all the aspects of anti-aging. Biogetica combines all these natural remedies to target anti-aging in an integrated manner from its root cause so that effects can last for a long time. 

All the Biogetica products are strongly supported with clinical data from Ayurveda and Homeopathy, and are supported by modern research and clinical trials. 

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