Weight Loss Tips & Ideas for 2021

  • December 15, 2020
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Are you facing difficulties in your journey with weight loss? Are you tired of trying everything right from fad diets to exercises but haven’t found any permanent solutions? There also might be times when you have regained the kilos almost as rapidly as you lost them. So, do you wish to know what exactly works when it comes to weight loss? Read on to find out possible ways to lose weight naturally. 

The way every person’s body, its needs and compositions vary, weight loss also works differently for different people. The fact that weight loss needs to be holistic and either exercise or diet alone is not the best method. The correct way to lose weight loss is a combination of various lifestyle factors. The key factor in losing weight permanently is to follow certain eating habits as well as exercise and lifestyle changes persistently. Weight gain doesn’t result from overeating merely for a few days or months, but it is a result of years of overeating. Thus, the most sensible way to lose weight is by losing weight gradually. Losing a kilo in a week is considered quick, safe and manageable. 

You need to understand that crash diets should be avoided as they fail more often. This is because a severe diet can slow down the body’s metabolism. The primary aim should be making permanent changes in your eating habits. You should also not renovate your complete diet at once but start with a few modifications at a time and gradually build them until a well-balanced nutrition choice becomes a part of your diet regimen. These gradual changes in diet are more likely to become great habits eventually. 

An important part of weight loss is knowing small tips and tricks that you can follow and also avoiding weight loss myths that may restrict your journey to weight loss. So, let us start with discussing the tips for weight loss.

Tips For Weight loss

  • Consume plenty of fruits, green leafy vegetables and whole grains.
  • Drink an adequate amount of water, for example 12-15 glasses of water, each day. This will help to keep off hunger. 
  • Eat more proteins. Proteins are very essential to lose fats and keep you satiated, so as to prevent you from unnecessary snacking or overeating. Protein helps to maintain your muscles during a calorie loss. Consume at least 1 gm of protein per pound of your body weight each day. You can get daily protein from foods like yoghurts, nuts, eggs, lean meat and protein powders.
  • Try opting for small frequent meals in place of 3 large meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Ideally, you must consider consuming a small portion of food every 2.5-3 hourly. 
  • It is important to divide your entire plate into 4 quarters. It means, you must fill half of your plate with fruits and vegetables and the remaining half can be balanced with cereals, beans and dairy products.
  • Try to have a colourful meal. Choose colourful fruits and vegetables, and make your plate more attractive.
  • Do not hold back on your guilt of having sweets, if you have a sweet tooth, instead satisfy it. However, the most important thing to remember here is that you want only the taste and not the calories. Thus, you must try opting for sweets like peppermint or candy that may last for some time in your mouth. You can also choose healthier sweets made with natural sweeteners like honey, jaggery or dates. Another note to remember here is to have just a small limited piece and not increase the quantity.
  • Try consuming a small piece of the healthier sweet options during breakfast, as your metabolism is more active during the daytime and you have an entire day to burn all the extra calories you have had.
  • It is best to eat mindfully and chew thoroughly. This tip will help in controlling the portion size. It will also help improve digestion and reduce the probability of excessive eating.
  • Having proper sleep is extremely important for weight moderation, as sleep deprivation can cause you to snack unnecessarily. 
  • Do not skip your workout even a single day. Try taking out at least 20-30 minutes each day for a proper workout.
  • Stress can be one of the causes of overeating and gaining weight. You can try reducing your stress through deep breathing and meditation. You must also understand that oxygen is a key factor in losing weight, as the fat burns in the flame of oxygen. Deep breathing also helps to eliminate the toxins from the body. 
  • If you are stuck in a weight loss plateau in spite of putting in all the efforts, then you must consider getting a medical check-up done. There are certain medical issues such as PCOS, hormonal imbalance, thyroid, certain deficiencies, etc. that may affect your weight.

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Tricks For Weight Loss

  • Set a target for yourself in terms of eating, workout and lifestyle changes. While setting a target do keep in mind that your target must be realistic. So, once you achieve the realistic target your confidence is automatically boosted.
  • It has been confirmed that your motivation is boosted to help you mentally and emotionally to shorten the cycle of long-term success when you have something to look up to. Thus, try to develop a reward system for yourself. 
  • Craving for chocolates is one of the most addictive of all. Take the aroma of strong perfume and it will reduce the craving for chocolate. Weird? But do give it a try!

  • Keep yourself motivated always. Imagine yourself to be fit and thin, and wearing the clothes you have always wanted to fit in. Enjoy this feeling of a healthier and slimmer body, as this will keep you motivated for a longer time.

Myths About Weight Loss

  • Drinking warm water helps to dissolve fats. Well, the answer is absolutely no. The truth is fat does not dissolve in water. Drinking warm water helps to improve metabolism and detoxify the body.
  • Eating bananas can lead to obesity. Banana is the most misinterpreted fruit as it has calories only as much as any other fruit. Bananas are rich in potassium; they are filling and help to reduce constipation. It is important to know when to eat them.
  • Standing while you have food may burn more calories. No, the fact is that you tend to eat more when you are standing. It is always best to sit and have food unless the situation is such that you have to stand while eating.
  • Potatoes lead to fattening. It is better to opt for sweet potatoes. If you want to have potatoes, try having boiled potatoes rather than fried ones. Try choosing potatoes over the bread, as bread is more fattening.
  • Skip breakfast for weight loss. Never skip your breakfast, as breakfast is the fuel your body needs to get going for the day after fasting the whole night. Moreover, people tend to overeat in their next meal if they skip their breakfast.
  • You lose weight in Saunas. No doubt, saunas may be rejuvenating and relaxing, but they do not help in reducing the weight. The reason you feel you have lost weight in saunas is you merely lose the weight of water in your body. Once the fluids have been replenished in your body, your weight comes back to normal.

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Treatments For Weight loss

Natural Remedies For Weight Loss

Complementary systems of medicine that consists of Ayurveda, homeopathy and dietary supplements aim to address the root cause of gaining weight. Natural sciences are believed to support the normal functioning of the digestive system, improving the metabolism, and also help to boost the immune system to address overweight in the right way. To consult our nutritionist for a customized diet plan for you, please click on the link https://www.biogetica.com/lose-fat-herbal-weight-loss#overview 

Natural ingredients like green tea extract, zingiber officinale, garcinia cambogia and curcuma longa have shown tremendous effects in clinical studies on weight loss. Some of the clinical studies are mentioned below:

  • Green Tea Extract: Research suggests that green tea extract may help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and benefit other physiological functions like reducing fats, boosting immune system, improving bone and nerve health. [1] 
  • Zingiber Officinale: Study shows that zingiber officinale may help to promote musculoskeletal system, cardiac function, detoxification, improve digestion and regulate fats in the body. [2]
  • Garcinia Cambogia: Research indicates that garcinia cambogia is an effective antilipogenic agent as it may help to inhibit hepatic fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis. It also helps to improve lipid metabolism. [3]
  • Curcuma Longa: Study suggests that curcuma longa extract possesses immune boosting, nerve protecting, antioxidant, cardiotonic and lipid metabolizing properties. [4] 

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Biogetica combines all the above natural ingredients to target weight loss as a whole and from its root cause so that effects can be long-lasting. All of the Biogetica products have traditional use of clinical analysis from the natural system of medicine such as Homeopathy, nutrition and Ayurveda and are supported by modern research and clinical trials. 

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