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What is Scabies?

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infection caused by a mite called sarcoptes scabiei. If you’ve ever had scabies, you’d know just how annoying and disgusting the feeling of persistent itching, skin rashes, redness and blisters can be. Believe me; they are not at all pleasing. As it is a contagious disease, it spreads easily through personal contact by family members, relatives, school children, sexual partners and crowded communities. There has been an estimate of about 300 million cases of scabies occurring every single year throughout the world!

Norwegian scabies

Norwegian scabies or crusted scabies is another form of scabies, which is extremely contagious and most severe. As the name “crusted scabies” suggests, this condition involves development of thick crusts on the skin infiltrated with thousands of mites and eggs.

This form of scabies develops in patients with a weakened immune system including people with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, HIV, etc

It is extremely important to spread awareness about the infection, treatment and prevention of scabies. Conventional treatments for scabies include killing the mites with toxic chemicals such as Permethrin and Benzene; however, in most cases they only provide temporary relief. Moreover, they are associated with numerous side effects and are not recommended for a longer duration of time. Nevertheless, it is important to address the mites without harming the body and this is where natural remedies can help you. Biogetica’s Natural Skin Health protocol contains HRS 200 scabease formula, Cutis cream and Neem karanjel lotion. The ingredients used in our protocol are versatile, clinically tested and widely used in traditional forms of medicine to alleviate skin concerns, enhance immunity and make the body inhospitable to the mite responsible for scabies.

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How does Scabies Spread?

It can spread in the following ways:

  • Prolonged skin-to-skin contact, such as shaking hands, infected mother hugging her baby, etc
  • Sexual physical contact
  • Sharing clothing, towels or bed sheets with the infected person

As it easily spreads through physical contact, it is more likely to spread in schools, hospitals, public transport or at any crowded place.

Scabies Symptoms

It takes about 6 weeks for symptoms to appear after the infection. The classic symptoms of scabies include skin rashes, intense itching that gets worse at night, redness, and blisters.

Common sites for adults include elbow, wrist, armpit, areas between the fingers, waist, nipple, penis, buttocks, etc

Common sites for children include face, head, neck, hands and foot.

Diagnosis of Scabies

A Clinical examination by a doctor is sufficient to diagnosis scabies. The doctor may collect the skin sample and do a microscopic examination to confirm the presence of mites or eggs.

Prevention of Scabies

  • The best way to prevent scabies is avoiding direct skin contact with a person known to have a scabies infection.
  • Avoid sharing clothes, blankets, bed sheets, towels, pillows with the infected person.
  • If you cannot avoid sharing things, it is better to wash clothes, towels, bed sheets, etc before using.
  • Anything that can’t be washed should be thoroughly vacuumed before using it again.

Treatment for Scabies

Permethrin and Benzene are routinely prescribed for a scabies infection. These treatments kill most of the mites without eliminating their eggs in the body. So, you need to repeat the treatment for several cycles till all the eggs are hatched. Of course, this is not a permanent cure since you inadvertently will face a relapse even if a single nit escapes the treatment. Moreover, both permethrin and benzene are associated with a host of side effects since the toxic chemicals are carcinogenic and cannot be given for a longer time.

It is obvious that if you want to permanently get rid of the scabies infection, you need to have a robust immune system that will make sure the infection does not spread and effectively tackles the mite killing it in its tracks. Our protocols comprise ingredients from three separate and unique disciplines: traditional ayurvedic herbs, advanced resonance homeopathy and ground breaking nutraceuticals. All of our ingredients have varying amounts of clinical evidence to support their efficacy in boosting immunity and fighting foreign predators.

The ingredients in our kit include:

  • Homeopathic Attenuations: Resonance homeopathic preparations in the kit are blended to relieve itching, enhance immune functions to make the body inhospitable to the scabies mite and promote skin repair.
  • Ayurvedic herbs: A combination of herbal extracts traditionally believed to exert immune boosting, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analgesic and detoxifying properties. The herbs also work to potentially support the structure and functions of the skin, rejuvenate it and improve skin health.

Clinical Research Highlights:

  1. Sulphur

Sulphur is a well known homeopathic remedy. It is commonly used for itchy skin infections owing to its traditionally believed antiseptic and cleansing properties. Clinical evidence suggests that this homeopathic remedy may help in improving the immune system against parasitic infections. 1

Biogetica’s HRS 200 Scabease formula is a homeopathic formulation amalgamating Sulphur in a synergistic combination with other effective natural ingredients.


  1. Azadirachta indica (Neem)

The neem tree (Azadirachta indica) is one of the most versatile herbs found in nature. It is traditionally believed to possess analgesic, antiparasitic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.  Neem’s active constituents are also said to numb pain and relieve itching. In a pilot study, 97% of the 814 scabies cases obtained complete relief within 3 to 15 days of using a herbal protocol of neem and curcuma. 2

Biogetica doctors have incorporated neem with other natural ingredients in our Cutis cream and Neem karanjal lotion.

  1. Karanja oil

This is another popular ayurvedic oil prepared from the seeds of the Karanja Tree (Pongamia glabra) .The oil is traditionally used for its antiseptic, insecticidal, anti-parasitic, and cleansing properties. The oil has also been tested for its role in skin infections and it has been reported that karanja possesses potent anti-scabies and anti-leprotic activity. 3

Karanja oil is a constituent of our Biogetica Freedom kit with HRS 200 Scabease Formula.


  1. Mahamarichyadi Taila

This is a classical ayurvedic formulation made out of a mixture of 34 ingredients  such as Piper nigrum , Curcuma longa , Nardostachys jatamansi , Celsastrus paniculata, Santalum album, etc that have been clinically tested for their efficacy in  maintaining healthy skin. This oil balances the Vata and kapha doshas and is traditionally used in all types of acute and chronic manifestations of the skin, including the scalp.

You can order our skin health protocol containing Mahamarichyadi taila here.

Although, scabies is a difficult condition to treat; we at Biogetica strive to harness the immense potent powers of nature and present it to humanity to provide health and freedom to our patient community and get Nature the respect it deserves. To know more about our health protocols or to get expert advice on any health related concern, please consult our doctors available 24/7 at now.



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