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Find out which natural ingredients have the best research backing them. Herpes Research: Click Here for Groundbreaking Research.

Imagine regaining the life that you once enjoyed. Do you remember feeling free and confident? You must read and implement this page immediately if you want to reclaim your freedom.

This page is divided into four sections. We hope that you will find this information useful in reclaiming your health and freedom through a combination of diet, lifestyle, and supplements.

  1. Herpes virus: What you should know
  2. Supplements and homeopathy that have been studied to see if they can help with herpes and should therefore be included in your diet
  3. What to Eat for Herpes
  4. Avoiding foods in a herpes diet

Does Diet Help in a Herpes Infection?

It is important to eat a healthy, immune-boosting diet. Healthy immune systems are the difference between someone with monthly outbreaks, and someone without any! Foods that boost immunity and help herpes patients are well documented.

Herpes virus: What you should know

HSV 1 or 2 can cause both oral and herpes. Herpes Zoster can be caused by another HZV virus.

Herpes should not be taken lightly. It triples the chances of catching HIV. Therefore, treating Herpes will help you avoid harming or killing someone close to you or yourself.

It is important to note that food alone will not be able to cure your symptoms if you have already been infected. The virus has already invaded your immune system and is now residing in your nerve ganglia.


Herpes Tests to Confirm Infection

Two methods are available for testing herpes.

  1. Antibody tests are looking for IgG or IgM antibodies. These antibodies are defense mechanisms that your body has set up to fight anything against which it’s been vaccinated or infected. Once you have been infected with herpes or vaccinated, the antibodies will remain on your body for life. Doctors and patients believe there is no cure to herpes because of this. Most of us do have antibodies to chickenpox and measles, and we don’t say that these infections can’t be cured. A testing method is important in determining whether people believe a cure to exist or not. Herpes can also be found behind the nerve ganglia where antiviral medications cannot reach. When immunity is low, relapses and outbreaks occur when the virus becomes active. Immunity is the key.
  2. However, there are newer and more advanced PCR-DNA tests that can detect the virus in your cerebrospinal liquid and sores. These have often gone from being positive to negative. This new, more accurate testing method measures the viral load and this along with outbreaks are what is really important in determining a patient’s current condition. This new method of testing has therefore reopened debates on what constitutes a cure for herpes.

You should include in your diet herbs, supplements, and homeopathy that have been studied to see if they can help with the herpes virus.

Globally, the following supplements, herbs, and homeopathic have been studied for herpes. Nevertheless, each country has its own laws and only a few countries recognize these herbs as a treatment for herpes. These natural supplements and herbal remedies can only be used to boost immunity in countries that don’t consider them medicine. No medical claims are allowed unless the FDA determines that they are a valid treatment. These natural remedies are listed in order of decreasing efficacy based on peer-reviewed research. The FDA is the only body that can assess the effectiveness of a remedy, and this too in their country.

  1. Hypericum Mysorense: This herb was listed in ancient Ayurvedic books as a remedy against the snake virus, which sounds very similar to herpes. In 2004, an Indian scientist from the JSS School of Pharmacology made the claim that he had found a Herpes Cure. His study showed Hypericum mysorense to suppress herpes 100% in vitro. 1,. Biogetica has patented Hyperisince which is a combination that has been formulated so Hypericum mysorense can enter cell walls. Hyperisince has been approved in India as a treatment for herpes and many other approvals are in the process. A published study showed that Hyperisince stopped outbreaks in 3 days on average, compared to the 9 days it took Acyclovir. Over 80% of those who took Hyperisince over 4 months didn’t have an outbreak.
  2. Nosodes These homeopathic bioenergetic impressions are made by capturing the information of herpes virus. Homeopaths claim that the Nosodes empower the immune response to the virus. In a French trial, HSV Nosodes were found to be effective for 82% of patients with genital herpes. 2
  3. Prunella vernalis: According to research, this herb can help treat inflammatory conditions and boost immunity against some infections. It may also improve skin health.
  4. Sida Cordifolia : Research preliminary has shown that this herb is immune-boosting. 4
  5. Olive Leaf Extraction This herb contains Oleuropein which, according to research, has the potential to contain infected cells.
  6. Lysine : Despite its widespread use, there are few clinical studies that support Lysine’s effectiveness against herpes.

The clinical evidence for the versatility of these herbs is extensive. Biogetica’s doctors have combined the best ingredients to formulate protocols that can boost immunity and purify the skin, lymph, and blood.

Our Rescue Kit with Hypericum Mysorense Nosodes and Homeopathic H Factor Nosodes was meticulously formulated using evidence-based herbs, nutrients, and homeopathic nosodes. Each ingredient has a specific role to play in the protocol. Herbs are used traditionally to support healthy organ function. Homeopathic nosodes can be used to stimulate a specific immune reaction according to homeopathic principles. Nutritional supplements are then added to nourish and optimize your body systems. You can discuss this protocol and its benefits with our doctors at any time for free by clicking here.

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Find out which natural ingredients have the best research backing them. Herpes Research: Click Here for Groundbreaking Research.

What to Eat on a Herpes Diet


After you have managed your outbreaks using appropriate immune boosters, which you won’t find in traditional medicines, eating well will help your body strengthen its immune barriers so that the virus no longer poses a threat.

You can ensure a healthy constitution at all times by eating the right food. Ayurvedic principles dictate that a person with herpes should consume a cooling and alkalizing diet. Western traditions recommend that those with herpes eat a higher Lysine diet and a lower Arginine diet. When one considers the fact that foods with a high Pitta (heat) also have a high Arginine-to-Lysine ratio, ancient and modern science come together in a wonderful synchronicity. Ayurveda, the ancient science behind Ayurveda, and modern medicine have both endorsed diets for cold sores and herpes outbreaks.

Arginine regulates immune function, so it is not recommended to eliminate it completely. Arginine is now being prescribed by more doctors after the lysine-herpes connection has been disproven. Arginine is essential for immunity and is therefore recommended.

Is there a Cure for Herpes?

What are the best foods to manage herpes?

Dietary modifications and herbs can help you balance your doshas, which are your unique physical and mental constitutions. Herbs and diet help to detoxify the blood and lymphatic system, eliminate toxins, and balance vata-pitta imbalances, rejuvenating tissues. This will reduce the burning, swelling, and tingling.

Ayurveda teaches that diseases do not affect just one organ but also the whole system. After balancing doshas the body must be rejuvenated with Rasayanas, herbal tonics, so it can develop immunity against recurrent attacks by the virus.

Lastly, certain lifestyle and diet modifications can be very beneficial. A Pitta Shamak or anti-Pitta diet is recommended.

Anti-Pitta Diet

Bitter and astringent food is the best to include during an outbreak, as they reduce pitta. This will boost your immunity.

These foods can help you detoxify, alkalize and rejuvenate your entire body.

  • Fresh Vegetables: Beans, Beetroot, Bitter gourd, Parval (pointed gourd), Bottle gourd, Tanduliyakam (amaranth), Cabbage, Carrot, Gourd luffa (luffacylindrica), Kushmanda (white gourd melon), Drumsticks (moringa oleifera), Radish, Turnip, Asparagus, Yellow melon (ivy gourd). These vegetables are high in anti-oxidants, which help to heal the skin and improve immunity.
  • Fruits: Pomegranate, Sweet lime (mosambi), Banana, Grapes/Raisins, Black-berry (jamun), Lime, Custard apple (sitafal), Mulberry (shahatut), Sugarcane, Aconite / Monk’s hood (Amrud), Amalaki (Emblicmyrobalan),Apple, Avocado, Pears, Figs, Dates (Kharjura). They are rich in micronutrients and vitamins that help to protect the body from infections and maintain the proper functioning of the body’s mechanisms.
  • Non Vegetarian Food: Eggs, Fish, Turkey, and Chicken are beneficial to people with herpes, since protein is essential for healing and maintaining healthy organs, including a robust immunity system.
  • Spices Turmeric (Jeeraka), Cumin seeds, Coriander seeds, Saindhava (Saunf), Cardamom and Mangosteen Oil Tree (Garcinia Indica/Vrkshamla). All of these ingredients are versatile and have been tested in clinical trials for their ability to improve immunity, protect against viral proliferation, and expel them from your body.

Lysine Rich Foods

It was believed that foods rich in lysine would help your immune system fight and prevent viruses which can cause havoc to your health. Clinical studies show that lysine can potentially stop viral proliferation, and reduce the severity and duration herpes outbreaks. New research shows that lysine might not have any impact at all. There is a new debate, but here are some foods rich in lysine that may help you increase your levels of lysine:

  • Fruits : Add apples, figs, and pears to your diet. Mangoes, apricots and other summer treats are good for you.
  • VegetablesMost veggies are rich in lysine, and low in arginaine. According to research, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower are the three best foods for preventing a herpes breakout.
  • Dairy Products:Dairy products are rich in Lysine and may be helpful to those suffering from herpes. Dairy products can be controversial for some people, so we will leave it up to your personal preference. Yoghurt contains the most lysine among all foods. Fresh yogurt without gelatin or corn sugar is best.
  • Meats Lamb, Beef, Fish and Chicken all contain lysine, but we still leave it up to the individual whether they choose to consume them.

Add Stress Busters To Your Diet

  • You should include foods that can help you de-stress.
  • Brown rice, fish and bananas as well as barley, mushrooms, turkey, and brown rice are all foods rich in B Vitamins.
  • Stress can also be relieved by eating foods rich in antioxidants and cruciferous vegetables. Foods such as carrots, lemons, whole grains and goji berries may also be beneficial.

Foods to avoid in a diet for herpes

Foods that make you drowsy, bloated or heavy will weaken your immune system. Avoid or limit these foods during an outbreak.

According to ayurvedic principle, eating sweet, sour or acidic foods, as well as salty food, is strictly prohibited in Herpes. These foods cause imbalances between the pitta (pitta dosha) and vata (vata dosha) of your body, allowing for the virus to relapse. Avoid the following foods:

  • Honey, curd (sour), tamarind (kulattha), groundnut oil (King’s Cumin), horse gram oil (kulattha), ajwain, spear-mint/garden mint, hing, tejpatra, tulsi, Sacred Basil/Holy Basil, pineapple, papaya and plums (sour), falsa(Grewia asiatica), ripe bilwa
  • Foods that are hot and pungent should be limited as they can aggravate Pitta, which weakens your immunity. Garlic, onions, green chilies and red and black peppers are foods that should be limited. Garlic is known to boost immunity but it can also increase heat. It is therefore good for a viral infection such as a cold, but bad for viruses like Herpes which thrive on heat.
  • Alcohol, caffeine, junk food, red meat in excess, processed foods and additives such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners can increase your body’s acidic pH. These substances should be avoided during an outbreak.
  • Limit foods high in arginine, such as nuts and seeds, coconuts (coconut oils are an exception, since they contain no arginine), orange juice and chocolate, wheat, oats and lentils. Also, avoid gelatin and protein supplements.

Quick Tips for Herpes Management:

  • Take immune enhancing and rejuvenating supplements
  • Meditation, Pranayama and yoga can help you reduce your anxiety and stress.
  • Regular exercise of 20-30 minutes is recommended
  • Sleep at least 8 hours every night
  • Avoid sleeping during the day
  • Keep a diet rich in unprocessed, whole foods
  • Don’t eat canned, frozen or preserved food
  • Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco and caffeinated drinks
  • Do not overeat, and do not eat if you are not really hungry
  • Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, wind and heat
  • Limit cheeses and curds
  • Mixing milk and honey with certain foods is not recommended. This includes meat, fish, poultry, pork, prawns or mushrooms, curds, buttermilks, sprouts and sour fruit. For more information on incompatible foods, consult our specialists by clicking here.

Final Note

If you are in the middle of an outbreak, changing your diet will not help you to get immediate results. Your body has already been compromised and your immunity needs to be immediately boosted so it can protect your body. There are a number of herbs and natural ingredients which have been studied in clinical studies to help boost immunity and protect against foreign invasion.

Click here to find out which herbs are the most effective against viral conditions like Herpes.

Biogetica’s doctors have formulated protocols based on the best ingredients. These protocols not only work to boost immunity, but also purify the skin, lymph, and blood in order to rejuvenate the underlying tissue.

Our Rescue Kit with Hypericum Mysorense Nosodes and Homeopathic H Factor Nosodes was meticulously formulated using evidence-based herbs, nutrients, and homeopathic nosodes. Each ingredient has a specific role to play in the protocol. Herbs are used traditionally to support healthy organ function. Homeopathic nosodes may be used to stimulate a specific immune reaction according to homeopathic principles. Nutritional supplements can help to nourish and optimize your body systems. You can discuss the benefits with our doctors at any time for free by clicking on this.

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Biogetica is always striving to offer holistic, natural and comprehensive solutions to assist you on your journey to freedom and health. Our team of health professionals is available 24/7 to address any health-related concern or make customized recommendations based upon your constitution. Visit to get a free consultation!


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