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Natural. Holistic, Complementary, Conscious and “Alternative” medicine are terms that are generally misunderstood and this article aims to clear up some of the confusion regarding them. This article also points to how one can combine all these medicine systems to come to comprehensive model of holographic healing that fits into our present understandings of consciousness.

Prevalent Systems of medicine today:


Allopathy Is the system which is generally practiced as modern scientific medicine today. Allopathy has made great advancements in critical care and allopathy is most recommended in critical situations. Allopathy generally focuses on the physical molecules related to the issue and attempts to regulate symptoms via controlling molecular interactions. Some physicists and spiritualists believe that Allopathy needs to catch up with physics and recognize the simultaneously molecular and vibrational nature of life. Allopathic drugs are generally chemical in nature and guarded by patents. This is the reason why allopathic drugs are mostly the only ones that make it through expensive FDA trials and gain drug approvals. It has often been proven via clinical trials that natural medicines can outperform Allopathic drugs in the long-term management of chronic conditions, however the lack of FDA approvals results in us never hearing about these natural products or having them enter the realm of medicine.

Allopathy almost always targets the symptoms or pathogens directly whereas holistic medicine systems like the ones listed below aim at changing the terrain of the body and mind so that the root causes of the symptoms are addressed.

Ayurveda :

Ayurveda the ancient science of life is possibly the oldest and most in-depth medicine/ life style system on the planet today.  Some historians agree that Ayurveda started somewhere around 4000 BC.

Ayurveda understands all functions in the body and on earth to be governed by an interplay of five elements. Digestion for example is governed by fire and too much fire leads to symptoms like heart burn and too little fire leads to a sluggish digestion.  These five elements are divided into 3 doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) for the purposes of diagnosing patients.

Ayurveda uses mostly herbs and some purified mineral and metal extracts to create medicines that balance these five elements and their functions.  The preparation of these Ayurvedic science is highly complex. For example classical texts go into details of how many times each ingredient should be ground so that it may penetrate a certain membrane and not another. Furthermore certain herbs are prescribed as cellular transport mechanisms and further classified according to whether they are cooling or hot in nature. Bhasmas (alchemical nano technology based metal extracts) are used often in Ayurveda. These metals are believed to bring in energies specific to our solar system into the body. For example silver is related to the moon, gold to the sun and lead to Saturn.   These alchemical Bhasmas are seldom prepared correctly on a large scale. This has lead to certain firms running into issues with their products containing traces of heavy metals, which can be harmful to the body. Ayurvedic texts serve as a master science that tell us things like when a particular herb should be picked for optimal efficacy.  The ideal time to harvest a herb depends on both climate and astrological condition.  Yes, any Ayurvedic science is way beyond the garlic capsules you may find at your local vitamin shop! Also given the complexity and expensive raw materials used in Ayurveda, Ayurvedic science tend to be the most expensive to prepare.  Some Ayurvedic formulas are made from pearls and Gold and cost 1000 more to produce than a chemical pill would.

Ayurveda’s understanding of life is second to none and some believe that Ayurveda already knows what medical science is beginning to discover.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Many of the tenets of Chinese medicine seem to be derived from Ayurveda.  Ayurveda’s acupuncture charts pre-date those found in Chinese medicine. Some historians believe it was Bodhisattva (Da’mo) who took Ayurveda and Paranayam to China and this evolved into modern day TCM, Acupuncture and Chi-Gung.  In the last 20 years scientists have proved the existence of a meridian system in the body via electrical conductivity tests and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  This research has been largely ignored by the medical fraternity and western medicine (allopathy) is still to acknowledge the existence of the meridian system which natural medicine systems consider to be the most important of all systems in the early detection and management of disease.

Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Dietary supplementation with nutraceuticals has essentially evolved from our understandings of western (allopathic) medicine.  Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements include a wide range of vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and other raw materials needed by the body to function optimally.  Allopathy has given us great insight into the raw materials needed for each and every function. However the methods used to prescribe dietary supplements seem to ignore that each person’s constitution is different as is their capacity to absorb a particular nutrient.  For example Vitamin C is a useful antioxidant in a person that has a vata or Kapha constitution, but would further imbalance a Pitta (fire/water) constitution person. The Vitamin C available in different live food also has its own 5 element related properties. For example the Vitamin C derived from rose hips is generally hot and acidic and therefore great for the flu and the Vitamin C derived from Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is generally alkaline and cooling and therefore more often prescribed by a Ayurvedic Dr for herpes. It is therefore best to incorporate the understandings of different constitutions / miasms from Ayurveda or homeopathy when prescribing dietary supplements.  Another issue with nutraceuticals is the marketing done for them.  Every few months a new nutraceutical is identified and pushed onto consumers as an end all, be all solution for problems.  This causes obvious harm.  I really doubt the Lycopene in your ketchup bottle is a “health miracle!”

Nutraceutical formulas should be prepared from live food and not synthetic molecules insuring the end product is bio-available and constitutionally balanced.


Homeopathy is possibly the least understood system of science and art on the planet today.  Homeopathy is essentially informational and vibrational medicine.  Critics of homeopathy say that it is placebo which is not supported by scientific evidence. Their main complaint is that homeopathic medicines do not contain any matter or molecules of the original substance. Homeopathic medicines are not meant to contain any molecules! What they do is pass the information of those very molecules to the body so that the body may react to the information and heal itself. In some cases homeopathic medicines have proven to be twice as effective as placebos. For example the homeopathic dilution of coffee molecules in water will coax an insomniac user to sleep, as her body will activate sleep inducing mechanisms as a reaction to the information of Coffee.   Newer Full Spectrum resonance homeopathic remedies are made from actual secretions of the body or from pathogens effecting it. For example one can make homeopathic remedies from insulin, progesterone, pancreatic beta cells, herpes and hpv secretions. These are then used to remind the body to adapt to optimal function or coax an immune reaction from it.  Nosodes of herpes when clinically tested in France benefited 82% of patients. This study was ground breaking but largely ignored, as there was no funding for FDA approvals on an open science like homeopathy.

Classical homeopathy treats the individual and not the symptoms. 5 patients with similar symptoms may be given different remedies as per their constitutions.  This makes clinical trials of homeopathic remedies almost impossible.  We believe that the efficacy of the herpes nosode study mentioned above would have been even higher if the nosodes were administered along with classical homeopathic remedies as per each patient’s constitution.

Nano-technologists and Material scientists have now proven a scientific basis for homeopathy based on the memory of water. Dr Rustum Roy from Arizona State and Penn State universities proved this in his paper “The Structure of Liquid Water; Novel Insights from Materials Research; Potential Relevance to Homeopathy“ The scholars at IIT did so with their paper on nano technology and Homeopathy.

SAFETY & Efficacy

The notion that something is safe just because it is natural is incorrect. Yes natural substances are generally safer than chemicals. However some of the most dangerous of poisons are natural.  Never believe something to be safe simply because it is natural. One must look into how long it has been used for human consumption and what the long term results of that consumption has been. One must also account for half-baked notions on what the mechanism of action of a product in the body is.  Each action in the body creates reactions from the body and ancient medicine systems like Ayurveda has spent centuries understanding these. This is something least understood in the realm of allopathy which almost always targets the symptoms in a short sighted manner.

Furthermore there are numerous variables in producing natural medicine that need to be accounted for. For example two batches of the same plant from the same field make have varying amounts of active ingredients and therefore varying efficacy.

These variables by can be managed by:

  • Insuring that ingredients are organic in most cases
  • Employing the tenets of Bio-dynamic and Siddha agriculture to insure plants are harvested at times of optimal potency
  • Standardizing extracts to insure that the amount of active ingredient stays constant.
  • Preparing and bottling products in a manner that maintains their molecular and vibrational sanctity


Today all natural products in western countries have a disclaimer somewhat like “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent or mitigate any disease.”

This disclaimer does not mean the natural product has no efficacy for a certain condition.  It essentially means that FDA drug approvals have not been sought for that particular natural product. This generally happens as no one firm is willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on drug approvals for a product that cannot be patented. This leads us to the obvious and pressing question “does the FDA need to say it’s science before it is considered science?”

The American Medical Association and FDA have generally regarded homeopathy as medicine.  Homeopathy can be prescribed by Doctors for self-limiting conditions.  Homeopathic remedies must list an indication on the bottles and yet most of them have the disclaimer discussed above!

This entire legislature on homeopathy seems to be in flux. No one is conducting large scale studies to prove the science of homeopathy and hence no one is defending it from being called a pseudo science.  Yet Millions seem to have benefited from Homeopathy and no amount of criticism will change their opinion of it. What we must understand as consumers globally is that “NO government or regulatory body has the right to force you to take one type of medicine over another.” We have the right to choose our own medicine just like we have the right to choose our own religion.  Do not expect a homeopathic remedy or natural cure to ever make it to mainstream media.  You will have to find the products and distill the research.  Hopefully your Doctor is open to all medical systems and will help you choose the right remedies regardless of his or her training.

Ayurveda is regarded as medicine in India and many Allopathic Drs prescribe Ayurvedic formulations for addressing the of chronic conditions.  Ayurvedic herbs are sold as dietary supplements in Europe and USA. Europe recently reduced the number of allowed herbs to 60 and most Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines are no longer available in Europe.  Many have suffered from being denied access to their favorite science because of this.

Reiki, Pranic Healing and Other Ancient “Bio-energetics”

Reiki, Pranic healing and other such energy healing modalities have been studied extensively by scientists including Rustum Roy and Joie Jones from UC Irvine.  They realised that numerous healers could change the state of cells in a Petri dish. What they also realised was that the same effect would happen when a Faraday Cage covered the cells.  This led us to realise that the “energy” of a reiki session has nothing to do with the definitions of electro-magnetic energy common to physics today.  The scientists were led to conclude that a Reiki energy exchange was more like what they consider to be informational exchange. Yes chi or prana we transfer and conduct as souls is way beyond the denser electro-magnetic spectrum.

Modern Bio-energetics

Bio-energetics has evolved greatly over the last few decades.  Some of the most significant advancements I know of in the field of Bio-energetic medicine are as follows:

Bland Lasers : You are a rainbow and within you are the seven notes. Each Chakra has a primary color and note and each chakra is further divided into 7 sub-regions, which represent the interaction of another Chakra with that Chakra.  For example the Muladhar (Sacral, first Chakra) is red, the note of Do and related to survival. However within red are the shades of red that come from it mixing with orange, yellow and the colors of each of the other chakras. These regions also correspond to the various octaves of Do and are ultimately responsible for the function of another chakra within this chakra. For example Red mixing with orange from the second Swadhistan chakra represents Do in its second octave and represents the interactive functions of sexuality and survival.

Over the past 30 years scientists have mapped out laser frequencies and created lasers that emit the light and sound frequencies of the 49 zones explained above. Such lasers can be used in both a diagnostic and corrective fashion.  A healer can use them along with the pulse to determine which frequencies are not in resonance and then use the laser to bring those frequencies back into resonance.  A session of this nature usually picks up the specific point of evolution that the patient is stuck in and then helps them transcend that.

Resonance Archetype Morphing

Resonance Archetype Morphing is possibly the most advanced healing technology on the planet today.  Its basic principle is this: Our never decaying soul knows a billion functions. Over time some of these functions stray away from their archetypical state in the decaying body.  Just like we look in the mirror and fix our hair, our cells can be made to exchange information and energy with Resonance Archetype Morphing (RAM) devices and this exchange will bring those cells into balance.  Yes quantum physics technology exists today that can show your body how to make insulin and progesterone perfectly, once again. The specifics of RAM functioning go into worm holes, Casimir effect and nano technology the nitty gritty details of which are beyond the scope of this article.



First and foremost nothing is more important than our health. Yet the medical community is divided based on their education and offering. Your allopathic Doctor may not think twice about calling a 4000 year old medical system like Ayurveda a scam. In doing so he has done a great disservice to you and the rest of his patients! If you do decide to take matters in your own hands and visit Doctors from various traditions separately, you may find yourself in a position where you have been given numerous pieces of information and have no way of synthesizing them into a protocol that is right for you.

Consciousness as we understand it presently is an interchange of matter energy and information. “All matter exists by virtue of vibration” are words spoken by Max Planck who is considered the father of Quantum physics.  Light and sound coalesce via an alchemy of 5 elements to create this glorious universe and every single thing in it.  It is necessary to bring balance across this entire human experience, which has physical, energetic, emotional, mental and informational components.  When we combine the medicine systems mentioned above we essentially start working across the conscious spectrum of information, energy and matter and bring balance to all three of these spheres simultaneously.

One simple example is as follows: A woman who eats the same food as her family is the only one amongst them that is Vitamin B deficient. Since the diet is the same as the rest of the family the issue obviously does not lie in nutrition. Yet her Dr’s may prescribe supplements and shots.  This would be the approach when we look at the issue from solely a molecular perspective.  However a more evolved approach would also involve: giving this woman herbs that balance the 5 elements in the body and prepare the terrain for absorption; and presenting the body with information on the functions involved in this particular assimilation.

The time for conscious medicine is now and I sincerely hope that this article helps you manifest a healthier future for you and your family.

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