TGC GI Complex

TGC GI Complex

This natural formulation uses advanced bio-energetic ingredients and is traditionally believed to support the activities of the digestive system; thus maintaining its normal rhythm and function.

It is believed to work by:**

  • Stimulating mucosal secretions and lubricating fecal matter
  • Increasing the stool bulk by helping the intestines retain water within the dietary roughage
  • Using bio-energetic impressions of healthy organ functions to stimulate proper functioning.

TGC GI Complex

Ingredients: Stomach tissue 330mg; Duodenum tissue 300 mg; Ascorbic Acid 50mg; Cabbage Powder 50 mg; Clove Powder 50 mg; Anise Powder 50 mg; Peppermint 50 mg; Fennel 50 mg; Artichoke 25 mg; (Broccoli Sprouts) 25 mg; Ginger (ZingiberOfficinale) 25 mg.


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