9 Compelling Reasons to Make Calendula a part of Your Health Regime

  • June 4, 2018
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You can’t miss this dazzlingly vibrant plant with its characteristic yellow flowers that bloom on the first of most months. However, pot marigold as it is popularly known packs in much more than just being a pretty looking plant. It is undoubtedly very useful because of its numerous nutritional and medicinal properties and herbalists have been advocating this plant for its immense benefits in potentially alleviating several anomalies of the human body ranging from the skin, to the muscular, oral, digestive, and reproductive systems. You normally must have seen this plant incorporated into lotions and marketed as calendula lotion for skin concerns, however it is edible and can be consumed as well.

So, let’s look into the details of how this plant can benefit us and why is it called as a Gift of Nature to Mankind?

9 Amazing Benefits of Calendula officinalis

  1. Tonifies the skin

Calendula has been majorly adapted in the wellness industry for the advantages it offers to your skin. It is said to possess antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and emollient properties making it potentially useful for:

  • Restoring and maintaining supple and hydrated skin
  • Fighting free radical formation that often lead to premature aging
  • Counteracting inflammation that irritate and exacerbate skin such as wounds, cuts ,rashes, sunburn, dermatitis, etc
  • Keeping skin healthy by expelling infectious agents such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses that may breach the skin’s protective barrier and cause skin eruptions
  • Boosting collagen production to repair damaged and bruised skin
  • Reviving lost pigmentation
  1. Soothes Stressed Muscles

This herb is said to have a relaxing effect on strained and tight muscles. Research studies have indicated that calendula possesses antispasmodic properties that may alleviate muscle spasms and cramps, making it a possible alternative for soothing abdominal cramps and muscle tensions found elsewhere in the body.

  1. Boosts Immunity

Since Calendula is rich in antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory constituents, it is said to up the immune quotient of the body making it resilient to infections, free radical damage and inflammatory markers.

  1. Detoxifies Organ Systems

Among its other benefits is the fact that it can effectively cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and is traditionally used to promote functioning and detoxification of the liver, gallbladder and GI tract.

  1. Improves Eye, Ear and Oral Health

Traditional medical practitioners recommend using this plant to potentially alleviate redness and swelling in the eye in cases of eye infections. Similarly, it comes handy as an astringent to maintain oral hygiene, improve gum health, and dispel breeding micro-organisms in the teeth. Some also instill calendula drops in the ears as it appears to pacify ear infections.

  1. Aids Menstruation

Clinical evaluation suggests that calendula possesses menstruation stimulating (emmenagogic) properties and the herb potentially helps regulate menstrual cycles as well as offers relief in subsiding painful PMS woes such as cramps.

  1. Checks Abnormal Cell Growth

The versatile properties of this herb make it a probable candidate for several clinical investigations that have tested it for its effects on abnormal cell growth. The plant has shown to possess anti-proliferative properties that supposedly keep abnormal cell growth in check and reduce their growth in the body.

  1. Promotes Healthy Hair

The nutritive and hydrating effects of this herb nourish and rejuvenate the scalp as well as address dandruff formation. The oil extracted from this plant potentially helps regenerate the hair follicles to grow abundantly, giving you a thicker mane.

  1. Optimizes Functions of Several Organ Systems

Calendula blends have also shown to benefit the heart, stomach, lungs, and joints and the herb is often promoted as a nutritional supplement to be added to one’s daily regime for optimal health.


Calendula is thus a power-packed potent natural reservoir that has a powerful healing effect both internally and externally. The herb can be easily adapted into ayurvedic, homeopathic, and nutraceutical preparations and is therefore an important ingredient in several of our natural protocols. Our unique precedent-setting kits are multidisciplinary and contain choicest natural ingredients picked after detailed research of their properties and are blended so that the ingredients work synergetically potentiating their individual therapeutic benefits.

We’ve amalgamated Calendula in our following Protocols:

  1. Skin Rejuvenative Protocol

Biogetica Freedom Kit with Vitiligease Formula

  1. Immune Boost Protocols

Freedom kit with Soluban formula and G factor Formula

Freedom kit with Soluban formula and S1 factor nosodes

  1. Eye Health Protocols

Corneal Support Freedom kit with Vision and CRT Formula

  1. Respiratory Health Protocols

Freedom Respiratory Support kit with Asthomap, Aerovent formula

Freedom respiratory support kit with EMP Aerovent formula

To view our entire range of health protocols, get more information, ask any health related concern or get personalized recommendations please consult with our Doctors at www.biogetica.com now.

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