Free Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Doctor Consultations

Free Ayurvedic and Homeopathic Doctor Consultations to Anyone and Everyone Who Needs them!

Even today, we are all faced with the issues of 5 different Doctors giving us 5 different opinions. These opinions are shaped by the Doctors education, belief system and financial motivation. Every Doctor seems convinced that there way is the best way, and then we the patients are left in a situation where we do not know what is best for us and our families. Every medicine system has its strengths; it is the closed minds of practitioners that turn these strengths into weaknesses. It is also obvious that each system of medicine has a separate primary focus. Allopathy or conventional medicine understands the molecules of life, Ayurveda and TCM understand how to balance its energies and Homeopathy and other subtle forms balance its informational field. Life however is a complex web of matter, energy and information and combining these medicine systems gives us the opportunity to bring balance across the entire spectrum of life!

Biogetica was created with the premise of uniting all medicine systems under the gold standard of evidence. It doesn’t matter to us what system of medicine the remedy comes from. What matters is the evidence it has shown in benefitting your life. It doesn’t matter where the remedy is grown, we will blend it synergistically and bring it to your doorstep. It doesn’t even matter what we recommended yesterday, if something better comes up today you can rest assured that it will show up in your kit tomorrow.

Every Doctor in our collective is dedicated to this cause of bringing the best to their patients globally. Many of them left the comforts of their practice to join us as they realized that is the place where they can help people the most.

Hence to help you we offer:

  • Free Consults Round the Clock to anyone and everyone regardless of financial status, nationality or anything else. Click here to start yours now.
  • Precedent setting kits, which are formulated based on evidence from all traditions. These kits are designed to work across the physical, energetic and informational spectrum of life!
  • Groundbreaking Hair Indexing Tests that help our Doctors decide on a tailor made protocol for you. No two bodies are the same, why should supplements given be?

State of the art Daily health supplements, which are all derived from natural sources and free of chemicals and preservatives. These include:

  • Our balanced Green Drink Pranavita,
  • Our proprietory blend of high Phycocyanin Spirulina with Natural Astaxanthin.

Biogetica over the years has grown on passion and personal recommendations. Our marketing strategy is simple. “Help one person the best you can and they will then send ten more to you.” This has now led to a place where we have over 50k active and delighted customers. We invite you to join the Biogetica family today. You may also sign up for our agent of change program and earn rewards for referring others.

Last but not least the one thing we are most proud of is the fact that we have never had to turn one customer away if they could not pay. Their own country may let them suffer in silence but it is not in our heart to deny someone the healing the earth provides.