ANT TART - difficult raising of phlegm; chest sounds like a steam engine; short breath; cough with gasping.

IPECAC - wheezing chest; vomiting when coughing and bringing up phlegm; asthma; bubbling rales in chest; constant constriction. 

KALI BIC - profuse yellow, stringy, sticky phlegm; metalic, hacking cough; fat, chubby children.

NAT SULPH - works on the lower left lung; the chest is worse from 4 to 5 a.m.; asthma in children - worse in damp weather or change to wet weather; has to sit up and hold chest in order to cough; thick yellow-green phlegm. This is a great chest and asthma remedy. is the product of the Islets. 

BREAKDOWN secretes insulin 

PANCREATIN balances the Pancreas.

1.For a constitutionally bad chest - active all the time - 3 x per day: see results in two weeks.
2.ACUTE chest with fever - CHEST PILLS and GFM every half hour. As condition eases, reduce the pills.
3.For fever and a VERY BAD chest condition.

You are WORRIED CHEST PILLS and GFM every half hour with BRYONIA CM - three times a day - 6 DOSES ONLY, with instructions to stop BRYONIA as the condition eases, and reduce CHEST and GFM to every four hours. 

Inflammation of the Pancreas.


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