KALI MUR - grey-white mucous; enlarged, swollen tonsils, almost closing throat, rattling phlegm; asthma; loud coughing.

FERRUM PHOS - for susceptibility to chest troubles; bronchitis in children; hard, dry cough; expectoration of pure blood in pneumonia; first stage of inflammation.

NAT SULPH - great chest remedy, working especially on the left lower lung; expectoration is thick and yellow; feels every change from dry to wet; any dampness affects chest; asthma in children as a constitutional remedy; every cold brings on asthma.

SILICEA - tonsils; expectoration thick, like pus; suppuration of throat, tissues and chest.

CHEST TS 200CH 3 x per day for three to four months. Reduce to 1 x per day, as chest improves. In ACUTE ATTACK, a dose every half hour.


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