Bone Liquescence

Provides potentized nutrients for support of bone regeneration and osteoporosis. 

Bone Meal 3X. Calcarea Carbonica 3X, 4X. Egg Shell 3X. Lactuca Sativa 3X. Calcarea Fluorica 4X. Calcarea Sulphurica 4X. Calcarea Phosphorica 4X. Calcarea Muriatica 4X. Manganum Metallicum 4X. Magnesium Metallicum 4X. Equisetum Arvense 4X. Juglans Nigra 4X. Vitamin D2 4X. Vitamin D3 4X. Vitamin A 4X. Vitamin F 4X. Bone 4X, 6X. Thyroid 4X, 6X. Parathyroid 4X, 6X. Liver 4X, 6X. Kidney 4X, 6X. Niccolum Metallicum 12X.


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