African Mango – The latest Trend – Burning Fat or Twisted Facts?

  • May 18, 2013
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With summer round the bend, the desire to get fit and get lean is higher, as everyone is getting ready to fit into that beach body with flatter abs and lean legs. Exercise and a balanced diet go a long way, but for some, it still stops short. That’s where Dietary Supplements, Fat Burners, etc. step into the game to give you that extra edge, to help you meet your fitness goals.

The summer winds also bring us our Tropical Fruits, such as Lychees, Jackfruit, Mangoseteen and of course, Mangoes!! However, did you know that Mangoes, besides being deliciously juicy also contain plenty of anti-oxidants and vitamins, which not only help boost metabolism, but also help reverse the ageing process.

Weight Loss

African Mangoes (Irvinga gabogensis) are exceptionally high in anti-oxidants and have recently gained popularity in weight loss diets and supplements. This rare fruit originates from Cameroon in Africa and has been used as an appetite suppressant for nearly hundreds of years. They fruit is locally known as “Dikka Nuts”. Aside from its weight loss properties, this fruit also has many other medicinal benefits.

African mango seed extract helps by increasing the body’s metabolism. Toxins present in our body decreases the body’s capacity to metabolize fat causing an accumulation of fat which results in increased body weight.

This extract also helps lower cholesterol and has been touted as quite a potent multi vitamin. Studies have shown significant reduction in body weight, body fat and LDL cholesterol which is responsible for blockages in blood vessels. It also helps regulate blood glucose.

Nature truly is man’s best friend in our road to good health. This fruit has only now been ‘discovered’ for its weight loss properties, but have been cultivated and used for both its taste and its beneficial properties for centuries.

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