Impressive Uses & Benefits of Hawkweed

  • June 10, 2019
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Hawkweeds have been used for centuries in various herbal formulations for improving joint health as well as circulation. It is also mixed with juices and used as a decoction to address digestive problems and respiratory complaints. However, there are various other health benefits of hawkweed; so read on to know more.

Hawkweed belongs to the Asteraceae family. There have been more than ten thousand species and subspecies of hawkweeds recorded. However, botanists have accepted about 800 species. It is a perennial herb that grows about 4-6 inches tall. Flowers are yellow, small, with round-topped clusters. Leaves at the base are green-grey in color and wedge-shaped.

Hawkweeds are also known as Hieracium Pilosella, Greenland hawkweed, Yellow hawkweed, Royal hawkweed, Veiny-leaved hawkweed, Rattlesnake weed, Striped woodwort, Devil’s paintbrush, Golden lungwort, and Mouse-ear.

Health Benefits of Hawkweed:

  • Joint Functioning:

Hawkweed is used to improve the mobility and health of joints by addressing the inflammation naturally.

  • Cardiovascular Health:

It is known to improve blood circulation and cardiovascular health.

  • Respiration:

Hawkweed is known to promote a healthy mucolytic system and support the respiratory function.

  • Digestive System:

Hawkweed helps to address inflammation of the digestive tract and flatulence.

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