HPV In Men: Treatment & Prevention Strategies

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Did you know Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause serious health problems, including warts and cancer? Read on to know more about HPV and natural remedies to potentially cure HPV.

What Is HPV?

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a small, double-stranded DNA virus that is the most common sexually transmitted infection across the globe. In the USA about 20 million people between the ages of 15 and 49 years are currently infected with HPV, and roughly 6.2 million new people are getting infected with it each year. According to this ratio, it is estimated that almost 50% of sexually active males will acquire genital HPV infection in their lifetime and about 80% of women will have acquired the HPV infection by the age of 50 years.

There are almost 120 types of HPV strains, and it has been determined that approximately 40 types infect the anogenital region. HPV viruses are also present in the esophagus, mouth, nipples, nail beds and larynx.

Classification Of HPV

HPV has been classified as either high risk or low risk. The high-risk types of HPV strains are 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 50, 51, 52, 53, 56, 58, 59, 68, 73, and 82. These high-risk types are likely to develop into a continuing infection. They may also cause high-grade dysplasia and invasive carcinoma of the vulva, cervix, vagina, penis, anus, and some oropharyngeal cancers. The cervix is more biologically prone to malignant carcinoma, as compared to the penis and anus in men. Thus, HPV is more prevalent in women. The low-risk types of HPV infection strains include 6, 11, 40, 42, 43, 44, 54, 61, 70, 72, and 81 which are responsible for genital warts and low-grade dysplasia.

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Causes & Risk Factors Of HPV

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted disease and estimates of infecting about 75% – 80% of the total population. HPV in men has not been studied as much as HPV in women. However, the prevalence of HPV in women is more than that in men. While a large amount of the population is infected with HPV, only about 1% of them develop genital warts.

It is observed that people are at a higher risk of getting infected with HPV within the first five years after becoming sexually active. Circumcision in men appears to reduce the risk of HPV infection. Since HPV in men may be found in areas that are not covered by a condom, there is a risk of spreading the virus even by using condoms. Thus, the use of condoms does not completely prevent HPV infection. Also, people who are immunocompromised, especially those with HIV positive, are at a higher risk of developing HPV infection.

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Symptoms Of HPV In Men

Signs and symptoms of HPV infection may vary depending upon the type of virus strain an individual is affected with. There are three categories of HPV infection, namely, latent, subclinical, and visible clinical infection. The visible clinical infection includes carcinoma. Most of the HPV infections are asymptomatic and do not show any manifestations, even though they are present in the body. Such latent infections can get activated when there is a drop in immunity. An infection can be transmitted to another person even in a latent state.

Signs & Symptoms Of HPV Include:

  • Genital warts

HPV infection in men is most commonly characterized by genital warts or condylomata (benign epithelial tumors). The peak incidence of developing genital warts in men is 20-24 years of age. There are about 1 million new cases of genital warts every year. The low-risk type of strains 6 and 11 are generally found in most genital wart cases. Condylomata are multifocal (multiple sites of infection). Warts may be cauliflower-like and pedunculated, usually soft, fleshy and moist. They may also ooze, get a pustular, itch or bleed in some cases. In men, warts usually appear on the penis, especially around the corona glandis encircling the head of the penis, testicles, anus, groin, thighs, tongue or top of the mouth.

  • Pre-Cancerous lesions

Pre-cancerous affections are the ones that can progress to invasive cancer and are commonly seen in the genital areas.

  • Upper Respiratory tract lesions

Certain HPV strains can affect the upper respiratory tract and mouth. These could lead to the development of HPV symptoms such as warts on the tongue, buccal cavity, tonsils, nose, and larynx. These warts affect the breathing and may need to be addressed with surgery.

  • Plantar warts

These warts are cauliflower-like in appearance and they appear on the sole of the foot. Warts may be oozing blood through capillaries when their surface is cut open. These warts get transmitted in contact with the virus, through cuts and abrasions on the skin.

  • Penile cancer

Penile cancer can lead to changes in the tissue on the penis, such as color, tissue buildup or skin thickening. There also can be painful or painless sores or growths on the penis that may bleed.

  • Cancer in throat 

Cancer on the back of the throat may lead to constant sore throat or ear pain, with continuous coughing, breathing difficulty, swallowing difficulty, change in voice, hoarseness, lumps or growth in the neck, or weight loss.

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Diagnosis Of HPV In Men

In men, HPV can be diagnosed on the basis of the medical history given by the patient and clinical examination of the affected part by the doctor. Application of acetic acid to invisible warts may cause most of them to fade and appear prominent to facilitate diagnosis and determine the exact location and extent of the lesions. A biopsy followed by a histopathological examination can be done for a better diagnosis of the suspicious lesions.

Complications Of HPV Infection In Men

Penile cancer in men may cause HPV, even if it is rarely found. Therefore, HPV in men should be addressed as soon as it is diagnosed and should not be ignored.

Treatments For HPV In Men

Conventional Treatment For HPV

The treatments that are prescribed for HPV depend upon its signs and symptoms. The conventional medicines do not cure HPV, they merely suppress the symptoms for a temporary period. These medicines have serious side-effects and thus they need to be administered with caution. Moreover, HPV infection involves various strains. Therefore, resistant strains are critical medical issues. Only a strong immune system is the best option for dealing with HPV or any other conditions.

Natural Alternatives For HPV

Complementary systems of medicine that consist of Ayurveda, homeopathy, and dietary supplements aim to address the root cause of HPV. Cellulitis is caused due to viral infection into the skin. Natural sciences are believed to support the normal functioning of the skin and help to boost your immune system.

Natural ingredients Curcuma longa, belladonna, and Emblica Officinalis have shown tremendous effects in clinical studies on HPV. Some of the clinical studies are mentioned below:

  • Hypericum Mysorense – Study suggested that hyperisum mysorense may directly interfere with the replication of the viral cells, block their release leading to their inhibition and boost their immune system. [1]
  • Curcuma Longa – Study suggests that curcuma longa may help to increase your immune power. [2]
  • Green Tea Extract – Research indicates that green tea extract helps to support the normal structure and function of the immune system. [3]
  • Monolaurin – A study shows that monolaurin may help to enhance your immunity. [4] 

Biogetica combines all the above natural ingredients to target cellulitis as a whole and from its root cause so that effects can be long-lasting. All of the Biogetica products have traditional use of clinical tests from the natural system of medicine such as Homeopathy, supplements, and Ayurveda and are supported by modern research and trials. If you want to know the natural, safe and effective natural way to address HPV or consult a doctor for free, please click on the link https://www.biogetica.com/is-hpv-gential-warts-treatment-a-cure#overview

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