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Keep Your Liver Healthy Naturally!


Did you know that liver is the main organ that plays a vital role in your body’s digestive process? Yes, everything you drink or eat passes through the stomach during the digestive process. Thus, you must be aware of maintaining the health of your liver along with other vital organs.

The liver is situated under the lower ribcage on the right side and is about the size of a football. The liver maintains some of the most important functions including cleansing the blood by eliminating the harmful chemicals, production of an enzyme called bile which helps in the breakdown of lipids from the food you eat, and storing glucose which can bring instant energy boost when your body needs it.

An important point to understand is to avoid things that are bad for the health of your liver, then it is about eating things that are good for the liver. So, let us all understand the natural ways to potentially keep our liver healthy.

Enjoy A Healthy & Balanced Diet

  • In order to maintain a well-balanced diet, you must eat fiber obtained from fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, rice and cereals.
  • Include nuts and seeds such as flaxseeds and walnuts that contain Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Consume Vitamin E-rich foods like almonds, olive oil, canola oil and walnuts.
  • You can also consume good fats that are monosaturated and polysaturated, including vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and fish.
  • Include Avocados in your diet. They provide good fats and fiber to the body.
  • Consume legumes, green tea, berries, grapefruit, coffee, beetroot, nuts, garlic, grapes, and cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and broccoli.
  • You eat lean meat but avoid red meat.
  • You may also consume low-fat milk and small amounts of cheese.
  • Drink about 8-12 glasses of water every day in order to keep yourself well-hydrated.
  • Avoid saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, high calorie-meals including white bread, pasta and white rice.
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks as they are completely oxidized by the liver, no other enzyme in the body can help in the digestion of alcohol.
  • Avoid oily and fried food as they have an excessive amount of fats and calories.
  • Avoid foods containing simple sugars such as pastries, candy, cookies, cakes and soda. These foods increase sugar levels that can ultimately increase fats in the body.
  • Avoid excessive salt as it may lead to water retention which can cause gaining weight.

Understanding the health of the liver regularly is important to prevent liver problems or avoid irreversible damage. You can consult one of our doctors for free to know more about liver health. Log on to  

Maintain A Proper Weight

If your weight is on the higher side, you are at risk of developing many health issues including cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid disorder or fatty liver that can ultimately lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). NAFLD is one of the most rapidly progressing liver conditions. Thus, maintaining an adequate weight may help to regulate many health issues.

Avoid Drinking Alcohol

You might have heard that alcoholic beverages may lead to many health problems including damaging the liver cells and scarring the liver. It is better to quit drinking alcohol completely or at least have it in moderation depending upon your body.

Workout Regularly

A basic exercise routine or walking or any sort of physical activity may act like magic for your health. You may opt for a workout routine either in the form of walking, running, strength training, cardio, weight exercises, aerobics, yoga, dance, or Zumba that may accommodate your health goal and schedule.

Yoga may help to detoxify your liver, stimulate digestion, strengthen abdominal muscles and elimination of waste materials from the body. Yoga exercises that help to stimulate liver functioning are Anulomvilom, Bhujanasana, Paschimottanasana, Ardha Chakrasana and Shashankasana.

Avoid The Use Of Toxins

Toxins from aerosol and cleaning products like chemicals, insecticides, additives may damage your liver cells. You must make sure the room is properly ventilated, avoid smoking, and wear a mask while using aerosol products.

To keep your liver healthy, follow a healthy lifestyle and keep a close eye on your medication. You can even consult one of our doctors for free at

Do Not Use Contaminated Needles

Although unsafe or contaminated injection practices are uncommon, there may be such instances in hospitals that may require immediate follow-up. You must consult your doctor and seek testing after any kind of skin penetration procedures involving needles or sharp instruments. Needles are also used in tattooing and body piercings, thus you must be careful during undergoing any such procedures as well.

Avoid Sharing Items Of Personal Hygiene

Maintaining proper personal hygiene is equally important. Hygiene equipment like toothbrushes, razors or nail clippers may carry the minute amount of blood or body fluids that may be contaminated. Thus, it is better to avoid sharing any such equipment.

Follow Hand Hygiene

Like personal hygiene, you must also wash your hands with warm water and soap after using the bathroom, before and after having your food to avoid any type of contamination.

Take Vaccination

Vaccines are available for liver conditions like Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. You must get vaccinated for these conditions to protect yourself against these liver issues.

Be Cautious While Taking Your Medicines 

Medicines must be taken with utmost caution and exactly as directed by your doctor. If you take them in excess, or less, or mix with other medicines, or take the wrong type of medicines, your liver has a risk of getting damaged.  You must thus be careful and never mix alcohol with other medications. You can also consult one of our doctors about any over-the-counter medicines, herbs or supplements that you are taking. Visit for a free consultation.

Avoid Using Illegal Or Prohibited Drugs

You must avoid taking restricted drugs like heroin, marijuana, inhalants, hallucinogens, tranquilizers, stimulants, and sedatives that are prohibited to use medically.

Natural ingredients Curcuma longa, milk thistle and Hydrastis Canadensis have shown tremendous effects in clinical studies on liver conditions. We have a few clinical studies are mentioned below:

  • Curcuma longa: A study indicates that Curcuma longa is safe and effective in improving the function of liver cells and eliminating of dysfunctional cells. [1] 
  • Milk Thistle: Research shows that milk thistle herb helps to support the liver. This herb contains naturally occurring silymarin compounds that may help to protect the liver against toxins, infections, and alcohol damage. [2] 
  • Hydrastis Canadensis: A study suggests that Hydrastis Canadensis may help to empower the immune system and exert a hepatoprotective effect preventing the liver cells from the damage caused by toxins. [3] 

Biogetica combines all the above natural ingredients to target liver conditions as a whole and from its root cause so that effects can be long-lasting. All of the Biogetica formulations have traditional use of clinical tests from the natural system of medicine such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, and natural supplements and are supported by modern research and clinical trials. If you want to know the natural, safe and effective natural way to address liver issues or consult a doctor for free, please click on the link or log on to

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Dr. Khyati Dave

Dr Khyati Dave is a licensed Homeopathy Physician and Nutritional Consultant. With Biogetica, she has witnessed many patients, who had otherwise given up hope, heal faster supplemented by our natural methods. She considers consulting Biogetica patients her primary responsibility and honour. She often writes about nutrition, natural treatment methods and diet. Her mission is to apply her medical talents to help each patient heal faster and do her best to give the immunity of patients with so called ‘incurable’ diseases a fighting chance.

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