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Haritaki : Overview, Uses and Research

A Miraculous Ayurvedic Fruit- Haritaki

Haritaki is also known as Terminalia chebula, or black- or chebulic myrobalan, is widely used in Ayurvedic medicinal science. It is mostly given with some other therapeutic combination and is known to boost the immune system, enhance throat function, improve digestion and respiration, and overall quality of life. 


Traditionally used of Haritaki:

  • Supports kidney function
  • Eliminates liver toxins and detoxifies the body
  • Enhance digestive health
  • Improve respiratory function
  • Regulars metabolism and body weight
  • Helps in digestion of sugar
  • Provides antioxidants
  • Aids memory retention
  • Boosts immune system


Haritaki Nutritional properties:

Haritaki is a source of Vitamin C, Potassium, Iron, Manganese, Selenian, and Copper. It also is known to contain plant chemicals like – tannic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, gallic acid, and behenic acid.


Modern Research:

Various clinical studies have been conducted to identify the therapeutic benefits of haritaki.


Some of the studies conducted include:

  • Haritaki has been used in TCM, Ayurveda, and other herbal traditions for boosting immunity. The herb is also possibly useful for easing the symptoms associated with respiratory illnesses.[1][2
  • Terminalia chebula. extract is a promising herb with immunostimulant properties.[3]
  • Study suggests that Haritaki may help in improving digestion of sugar.[4]
  • Research shows hepatoprotective effect of Terminalia chebula extract and it could be attributed to its prominent anti-oxidative and membrane stabilizing activities.[5]


Biogetica Products:

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Dr. Khyati Dave

Dr Khyati Dave is a licensed Homeopathy Physician and Nutritional Consultant. With Biogetica, she has witnessed many patients, who had otherwise given up hope, heal faster supplemented by our natural methods. She considers consulting Biogetica patients her primary responsibility and honour. She often writes about nutrition, natural treatment methods and diet. Her mission is to apply her medical talents to help each patient heal faster and do her best to give the immunity of patients with so called ‘incurable’ diseases a fighting chance.

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