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Dysmenorrhea or painful menses is a punishment of sorts for all women.

It is quite debilitating for most women, irrespective of how long it lasts.

It is characterized by cramps in the abdomen, which is associated with nausea and vomiting.

Pain begins slightly before menses and lasts for 2-3 days.

Pain is spasmodic in nature and is usually relieved by lying on the abdomen or by taking a pain killer.

Since this is an event happening every month, it is not advisable to resort to pain killers. The best option in such cases is herbal formulations such as Dong quai and wild yam. They provide ease naturally which is free from side effects. Along with this you should do mild exercises which help in relieving the spasm and congestion.

That day will not be far when no women will ever have to go through the pain of menses ever again if we all resort to herbal products.

Dr. Khyati Dave

Dr Khyati Dave is a licensed Homeopathy Physician and Nutritional Consultant. With Biogetica, she has witnessed many patients, who had otherwise given up hope, heal faster supplemented by our natural methods. She considers consulting Biogetica patients her primary responsibility and honour. She often writes about nutrition, natural treatment methods and diet. Her mission is to apply her medical talents to help each patient heal faster and do her best to give the immunity of patients with so called ‘incurable’ diseases a fighting chance.

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