Alchemy of the 5 elements in you

  • February 20, 2017
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Balance of the 5 elements is a concept that is central to most ancient forms of medicine and meditation. All functions of the body are governed by these 5 elements and Ayurvedic and Chinese Doctors have advanced ways of reading your pulse so that they can figure out the distribution of energy amongst these 5 elements. All herbs and foods are also understood in terms of these five elements and all medicine and food thus deals with balancing them. Earth is related to excretion, water to emotions and sexuality, fire to digestion, air to circulation and ether to speech.

To me the most beautiful part of this is that we can directly access these elements with our conscious minds and bring them into balance. Our meditations help you achieve this as each Chakra or energy vortex in the body is related to one element as per the diagram below. The root relates to earth where we purify ourselves via excretion, the pelvis that hosts sexual procreative energy relates to water, the belly to fire which digests our food, the heart to air that circulates our blood, and the throat to ether which is what we modulate when we create sound. Whilst bringing attention to these energy vortex chakras in our body we can also align them to the archetype of the element they are related too. For example is one is feeling slightly cold they can tap into the fire of their belly’s and invoke this fire to warm them up. Most of us can make a few degree difference and advanced practitioners have shown that they can hang out in sub zero weather for hours in just a t-shirt.

Furthermore, each finger and each toe are also related to one single element and the meridians leading from them carry the energy of the element to the organs. The understanding of this can be seen in all ancient cultures. For example we wear wedding rings on the water finger, as when we are married to someone we tie our water based sexual and emotional energy to them. Also in ancient sciences it was a huge no-no to wear thumb rings as these would make us more susceptible in the ether.

To enhance the energy in one element one can create mudras or energy locks between our fingers. Touching a finger to the thumb will enhance that circuit. After a meal for example one can touch their middle finger to their thumb to enhance digestion. During meditation people often touch their index finger to the thumb as this sends energy to our higher centres. One recent scientific study has suggested that such Mudras can help those with heart disease. We will send you a complete list of Mudras soon along with links to the study.

Meanwhile please do go to and do some of our meditations today.

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