Herbs balance the body's terrain to make it conducive to a particular function or state. They do this as our bodily functions and organs are governed by the interplay of the five elements, and each herb has a unique balancing effect on these five elements. Biogetica goes through great length to ensure maximum potency in our standardised herbal extracts. Whenever possible, we choose organic or wild crafted herbs and often employ principles of bio-dynamic and Siddha agriculture to maximize potency and yield. All processing facilities are managed for energetic sanctity with the use of sacred sound frequencies and the elimination of electromagnetic radiation. Most of our customers quickly recognize the difference in the quality of the herb that comes from Biogetica's GMP certified labs and the same type that comes from another herbal manufacturer. Our herbs are most often sold as herbal combinations as our Ayurvedic Doctors are very familiar with combinations that will maximize assimilation and results. We also always refer to ancient Ayurvedic texts that describe the ideal processing of the herb. Such texts teach us how many times one herb in a combination needs to be ground versus another so that the first herb can penetrate the cell wall, while the second shouldn't. Today, we often see single herb products; however, Ayurveda does not consider these single herbs to be a balanced product without the other ingredients supporting it.

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