My experience with Biogetica has been very positive and I always recommend you to anyone I can. Many blessings to you all and please accept my sincerest appreciation for your hard work, commitment to holistic health and healing. With a most grateful heart.++

Nov 27, 2015 by L.C.
City: Groton, Connecticut | Country: U.S.

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Research Fact 1*: "Phenolic compounds from medicinal plants as Natural anti-elastase products for the therapy of pulmonary Emphysema" 1 **

Information on Emphysema and its Complications

Emphysema refers to a condition where the lungs lose their elasticity and become dilated and the alveolar walls are destroyed. This reduces the expansion capacity of the lungs, resulting in inadequate supply of oxygen to the body and an inadequate exchange of Carbon Dioxide. Emphysema is almost always part of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). However COPD is a broader blanket term that also includes Chronic Bronchitis.

Conventional treatments for Emphysema include bronchodilators, such as Albuterol and deep acting drugs like Theophylline. These Allopathic treatments do not cure Emphysema. Also, the dosage of these drugs has to be monitored regularly, since it has lots of minor side effects such as stomach pain/cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, headache, trouble sleeping, irritability and restlessness, nervousness, shaking, flushing, and increased urination. It may also result in bronchospasm and chest pain.

Emphysema cannot be addressed by over the counter drugs in the country from which you are visiting us. You should consult a Doctor licensed in your country and state for the diagnosis and treatment of Emphysema. If you wish to consult a Biogetica Homeopath or Ayurvedic Specialist in order to strengthen your body, mind and to improve your overall health, please click here to initiate your consultation

Biogetica consultants do not prescribe controlled substances OR claim to treat any specific disease.

To read recent government articles and peer reviewed independent scientific research on ingredients Biogetica has access to, please click on the links below. If you or your Doctor truly cares about your health, you will spend the time to study the public domain research below. Additional latest research can be found on Biogetica Doctors support you in your right to know and choose. Freedom of information and choice is a basic right of every human on the planet. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Results may vary from person to person and we will promptly refund you the entire purchase price if you are not completely satisfied. Our 90 day money back guarantee insures that you can try our services 100% Risk Free!

We put people before profits and will deliver these services to you against any donation if you truly cannot afford them. You may email us on if you wish to avail of this donation based program.
We measure our success in lives improved, so do keep the comments and testimonials coming. Below are some recent posts on our Facebook page related to this ailment. We thank those who share their stories in order to help others in the same predicament. Your results may wary and we will walk with you every step of the way, on the journey from dis-ease to ease.
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Treatment Options for Emphysema

Treatment for Emphysema

Conventional treatment has no cure for emphysema. However, there are many medications to relieve symptoms and assuage the damage.
  • Inhalers (bronchodilators) to open the airways, such as ipratropium (Atrovent), tiotropium (Spiriva), salmeterol (Serevent), formoterol (Foradil), or albuterol
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as montelukast (Singulair) and roflimulast are sometimes used
At times, steroids may be prescribed by doctors to reduce lung inflammation. Also, antibiotics are also used when there is respiratory infection involved.

Oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation are other procedures which are used in this condition.

In some cases, surgery is advised to remove damaged tissue.

Quitting smoking, avoiding exposure to pollutants and irritants as well as exercise under supervision are the major lifestyle interventions vital to the management to the disease.

Complementary Natural Care

The damage to the air sacs and the obstruction of the bronchioles are the root causes of this condition. Natural Alternative including Ayurveda and Homeopathy are believed to address this root cause and support the lungs in functioning optimally, improve lung elasticity and heal inflammation.


Testimonial results cannot legally be considered typical. These are actual letters from many we were able to help over the years, but we cannot use these as a means of claiming or implying a treatment or cure. We do however stand by our products and will refund you completely if you are not 100% satisfied.

Thank you Dr Kamat, My mother is 102 Years old, she has emphysema and your product has helped her enormously.

April 22, 2016 by H.S.
City: New South Wales | Country: Australia

Feeling better, I feel better after exertion and have faster recovery times.

Sept 25, 2015 by P.R.
City: Boise, Idaho | Country: U.S.

Hi, I have multiple issues. I have ordered products from you for Emphysema (very very mild), and asthma, as well as glaucoma.

Regarding eye issues, i have had two corneal grafts, retina surgery in both eyes following tearing and detachment in both eyes. Glaucoma is now an issue, and since the eyes have undergone multiple surgery, the options are limited going forward.

I am 65 years old, and had a very mild infarctus in 2003, followed by cardiac arrest. I underwent bypass surgery, and i am deemed to be pre-diabetic.

Apart from that, everything is fine!!

I live an active life, sit on the boards of numerous companies, run my (modest) transport company, and am still going strong! I have a daily routine of 30 minutes of cardio, 30 minutes of stretching, because of a narrow lumbar canal, plus 15 minutes of Kapalbathi, in addition to the healing meditation from your website.

Since my bypass, i have been living on borrowed time, but it has been quality borrowed time! I thank the Almighty, and my lucky stars!

After taking your medication for emphysema and asthma, i have noticed a vast improvement. I am now off Ventolin, for the first time in 30 years!! I am still on a reduced corticoid inhaler therapy, and feel very good.

I thank you for your interest and advice. As i said, your healing meditation routine is a great source of comfort!

Jan 12, 2015 by S.B.
City: Pereybere | Country: Mauritius

I found your service a very rewarding experience, the ease of delivery, the excellent quality of your products I feel the emphysema is just about gone, but the fibrosis is hanging on, but with the Aerovent i believe it will clear that up as well given time, will get better and give me quality of life thank you for your excellent services.

Nov 18, 2014 by M.R.
City: Mandurah | Country: Australia

I cannot but first give kudos for the extensive research that culminated in the production of "freedom kit" for Emphysema. I do not know where else I would have been by now, God forbid, maybe dead. I have found a great great relief. I begin to think that now my six months recommended dose is getting exhausted and I am not COMPLETELY HEALED. Which other product of yours do I need to buy to complete the healing process. In the alternative,I am thinking of mailing(through scanning) the result of the various laboratory tests carried out on me at Charring Cross Hospital in London to assist in your prescription/ diagnosis. But in one fell swoops, I hereby express my hearth gratitude. My heart says big THANK YOU and I hope you mail me soon.

Nov 14, 2014 by P.A.
City: London | Country: U.K.

I have emphysema, and fibrosis of both lungs, the emphysema is well under control, but I don't know about the fibrosis, but with out the help of Biogetica and the freedom from emphysema kit, I think i would be dead by now. They have added years to my life not months. Perhaps with time the fibrosis will disappear as well. I would if i was you trust Biogetica, and their products.

Oct 25, 2014 by M.R.
City: Mandurah | Country: Australia

Wonderful results with Freedom Kit. After suffering severe shortness of breath from COPD for quite awhile, I ordered the Freedom Kit from Biogetica. After a couple of months I experienced great improvement in my shortness of breathe, and continues to get better! I can now do activities much easier than before.... In fact, I am off of my inhalers and can actually jog and exercise far easier! and I continue to improve..... The Freedom Kit is a great blessing in my life! I mean this sincerely. Don't let Doctors convince you there is no remedy that will actually improve your lung function.... My last lung tests showed a big improvement in my pulse oxygen level and lung function.

Oct 16, 2014 by R.T.
City: Chicago | Country: United States

I have mild emphysema and started talking your freedom kit about 4 months ago. The doctor has taken me off my inhaler and says I doing great does that mean my emphysema is going away? should I continue to take the freedom kit. I am truly grateful for your product.

Sept 23, 2013 by R.S.
City: Los Angeles, California| Country: United States

I am on your freedom from emphysema pack, I have also on olive leaf oral spray, Both these products are helping me, When I first started taking Your medication, I had trouble walking 50 yards, I would get very short of breath Now on your plan and the spray, I have just this morning walked 5 kilometers, Part of the last 500 yards, I started breathing naturally, will my mouth shut, I believe I will get better, it will still take some time, my oxygen level was 89 to 91, I am now up to 95 solid, I will get it checked next week. It will be interesting to find out, I have some bad days and some good days This morning stared out as a bad day, as I started my walk my breath was a bit labored, I took no notice of this, and decided to walk through this, It proved to be a wise thing to do, as, come good very quickly, and did my walk. I will not let this condition defeat me. Thank you Max riley.

Sept 14, 2013 by M.
City: Mandurah | Country: Australia

As I have more than half the pills left, there is no real need to reorder just now, I am doing well I can walk up to 3 to4 kilometers a day now, but I get out of breath getting into bed, going to the toilet and back, My doctors tells me he hears no more crackles in my lungs my oxygen level has gone from 90 up to 94 to 95, when I see a real need for more pills I will reorder them. Thank You

Sept 04, 2013 by M.
City: Mandurah | Country: Australia

I am now into my second kit for treating emphysema, which I give to my wife faithfully and we are both amazed at the progress your products have produced. She can go without oxygen for longer periods, her breathing in general has greatly improved. You suggested a 90 day program and it is our belief that a full recovery is possible.

I am also treating her for edema with one of your kits. we can see progress and wonder how long we should use the edema kit? It was also suggested to use PRANA MANA for immune and energy. Are there any other recommendations for building stamina?

We will be glad to give you a glowing review anytime, and wish more people knew about your wonderful Homeopathics. May God bless all involved with your company.

March 09, 2013 by D.G.
City: Dallas, Texas | Country: U.S.

My mother has had idio pathic pulmoary Fibrosis for 7 years and now has Emphysema to boot. I thank you so VERY much for your herbs which have been wonderful in their affects. Acupuncture on top of thaT HAS HELPED DRAMATICALLY AFTER THE DRS SAID THERE WAS NOTHING MORE THAT COULD BE DONE!!!! God Bless!!!!!!

July 21, 2007 by M.P.
City: St. Louis | Country: U.S..

About Emphysema

The word Emphysema means 'inflation'. In Emphysema, the lungs lose their elasticity and become dilated with air.

Our lungs are normally very spongy and elastic. There are about 3 million tiny structures called alveoli in each lung. Alveoli are very small air sacs that are arranged like a bunch of grapes. It is here that the transfer of oxygen and carbon dioxide takes place.

In Emphysema, the alveolar walls are destroyed. This makes the lungs stiffer and less elastic. As a result, air is unable to move out of the lungs properly and gets trapped inside the lungs. The reduced expansion of the lungs during the next breath reduces the amount of air that is inhaled. As a result, there is inadequate supply of oxygen to the body.

Emphysema falls in the broad category of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). It is an irreversible state, but the progression of the disease can often be slowed down with correct lifestyle changes and appropriate medication.

Allopathic treatments for Emphysema include bronchodilators, like Albuterol and deep acting drugs like Theophylline. However these Allopathic treatments do not cure Emphysema. They are merely a way of suppressing symptoms.

Causes of Emphysema

Emphysema occurs due to destruction of the alveolar tissue. There are many reasons for this and risk factors that are associated with it. These include:

Smoking: Cigarette smoke causes inflammation and irritation of airways and destroys alveoli. It disrupts the sweeping action of the tiny hair called cilia that help to keep the airways clean.

This results in mucus build-up, which attracts bacteria and leads to infection. The immune cells of the lungs are constantly triggered to release destructive enzymes to combat the bacterial infection. Over a period of time, these enzymes lead to loss of the proteins that help maintain the elasticity of lungs.

In healthy individuals, there is a substance in the lungs called Alpha-1-antitrypsin. This protects the lung tissues from the destructive action of Trypsin. But in certain people, there is deficiency of Alpha-1-Antitrypsin. As a result, the lung tissue is slowly destroyed. This decreases the ability of the lungs to perform properly.

Air pollution irritates the airways in a manner similar to cigarette smoke. Over a period of time, it leads to inflammation and tissue destruction.

People who have a family history of Emphysema are at a higher risk of developing it.

Men are more likely to develop Emphysema than women. The exact reason for this is unknown, but differences between male and female hormones are suspected.

Lung functioning declines with age, so older people are more prone to develop Emphysema.

People suffering from bronchial asthma or chronic bronchitis are at a higher risk of Emphysema.

Symptoms of Emphysema

The development of Emphysema is a very gradual process. A person may first observe any one of the following symptoms, as they develop slowly:

Persistent Cough - The cilia which are responsible for clearing up the airway passage are affected. As a result, there is lot of mucus in the passage, which does not get cleared up and leads to persistent cough.

Shortness of Breath - Gradual accumulation of mucus leads to blockage of the airways and further inflammation, causing breathlessness.

Purse-lip Breathing - This is a characteristic of emphysema that is assumed to be adopted as an attempt to aid exhalation against the resistance, to prevent air trapping.

Diagnosis of Emphysema

If the physician suspects Emphysema, he may first perform a complete physical examination, carefully examining the shape of the chest. People with Emphysema may develop a barrel chest (the distance from the chest to the back is reduced). After this, the physician may advise the following tests:

Chest X-Ray - This will indicate if there is any infection present in the passages.

Lung function tests - These tests measure the functional capacity of the lungs and help the doctor understand the condition of the lungs.

Blood tests - These may be done to check the white blood-cell count, which increases during an acute infection. In suspected cases, blood is also screened for genetic diseases like alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. Very often, blood is also tested for levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Our Approach

Biogetica protocols are believed to be designed to balance energetic, emotional, mental, physiological and immune responses of the individual to ensure long-lasting and permanent relief.** Biogetica completely understands the complexities of Emphysema and the severe discomfort associated with it. We have therefore formulated special kits, which are believed to stimulate proper circulation of blood at a primary level and improve oxygenation at the cellular level.** The potent herbs are believed to improve muco-ciliary clearance and lung endurance.** The homeopathic formulations are believed to eliminate blood stasis, increase ventilation, resist fibrosis and regulate immune function.** The products are believed to effectively balance the respiratory process by controlling proper inhalation and encouraging complete exhalation. Our kits try to correct structural abnormalities to a great extent by attempting to restore the elasticity of the bronchioles.**

Diet Recommendations

Recommended food
  • Emphysema sufferers should follow a diet appropriate for general good health and immunity, including consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, whole grain breads and cereals, and oils low in omega-6 fatty acids such as olive oil or canola oil.
  • Vitamin C and E plays a specific role in getting rid of Emphysema.
Foods for Moderate Consumption
  • Milk or Dairy products, oily food, should be moderated
Foods to Avoid
  • Avoid cold foods and drinks.
  • Frozen, canned and preserved food with artificial color and additives should be completely avoided as there are certain substances can worsen Emphysema.
Home Remedies
  • Freshly expressed garlic juice 10 to 15 drops with honey and warm water should be taken internally in emphysema.
  • Mix, onion juice ¼ cup, honey 1 tablespoon and black pepper 1/8 tablespoon.
  • Mix licorice and ginger together. Take ½ tablespoon in 1 cup of water for relief from emphysema.
  • Drink a glass of 2/3 carrot juice, 1/3 spinach juice, 3 times a day.
  • Add 30-40 leaves of Basil in a liter of water, strain the leaves and drink the water throughout the day effective for Emphysema.
  • A loose poultice of the linseed seeds may be applied with excellent results in chest troubles, emphysema, broncho-pneumonia and pleurisy, the counter-irritant effect of the poultice can be enhanced by dusting mustard powder over it.

Our Assurance

Not sure if you believe in our natural products? We do, and are willing to back this up with a satisfaction or 100% money-back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose by giving our products a try. If you are not satisfied you may return the products for a full refund!**

We have a 100% money-back guarantee, to support our firm belief in our products, and to build trust in customers who have been facing battles they thought would be lifelong! If you are not 100% better, you may return the products within 90 days of your order date for a full refund of the purchase price. or alternatively request a free consultation and additional remedies. Our mission is fulfilled only when you are better. Hence, we stand by our customers and do what it takes to make you feel great! We can afford to do this, because the customers who re-order or refer us to friends and family, are 20 times more than those who ask for a return. So, go ahead and give us a try. You'll be glad you did.

Freedom Kit with CB EMP Formula

CB 9-200 (CB EMP Formula)

CB 9-200 (CB EMP Formula) is a combination of resonance Homeopathic remedies and modern Bio-energetic products that are traditionally believed to work on your bronchi, which form the meshwork of your lungs. It is believed to work by strengthening your respiratory centers when taken over a longer period of time.**

HoloRam Aerovent

It is a bioregulator that improves the nutritional and energy state of the body. It is traditionally believed to help maintain a healthy respiratory system.**

The mechanism of action is believed to:**
  • Regulate energy that helps support a healthy system of protection and regeneration of respiratory epithelium: calendula, zinc, and beta carotene.
  • Regulate energy that helps maintain a healthy system of immunomodulation: echinacea, curcuma, propoleo, ganoderma  lucidum, thyme, and rosemary.
  • Regulate energy that helps support a healthy natural system of bronchodilation: thyme, mullein, elderberry, tyrosine, and phenylalanine.
  • Regulate energy that helps maintain a healthy mucolytic system: ginger, mullein, thyme, borage,  and cysteine.
  • Regulate energy that helps support a healthy natural respiratory system: thyme, curcuma, propoleo, cuprum, elderberry, rosemary, and zinc
  • Supply vitamins and natural antioxidants: wild rose, curcuma, rosemary, coenzyme Q10, beta-carotene, and selenium.

AV ASMO is a comprehensive Ayurvedic therapy which contains herbs, which in accordance with traditional Ayurveda are believed to encourage optimal immune responses to allergens, strengthen and clear the lungs without causing long term dependence.**

AV ASMO is believed to work by:**
  • Relieving cough with phlegm and ease breathing
  • Protecting and improving the elasticity of the lungs
  • Controlling histamine
  • Relieving allergic respiratory disorders
  • Diluting mucus/phlegm and easing excretion
  • Enabling the lungs to absorb adequate oxygen, thus preventing shortness of breath

Price - $99.00

Optimal Kit with T26 Lung Liquescence

This ground breaking kit contains six complementary natural products:

T26 Lung Liquescence

T26 Lung Liquescence is a combination of resonance Homeopathic remedies and is traditionally believed to improve micro vascular circulation of your lungs, thus helping tissue perfusion and oxygenation.**

HPD Pneumo

HPD Pneumo is a natural supplementary product which contains resonance Homeopathic remedies traditionally believed to support the normal functioning of lungs by administering Sarcodes (bioenergetic imprints) of certain specific healthy body tissues in an attempt to remind the body of optimal organ functions.**

TPC Pneumo Complex

TPC Pneumo Complex is traditionally believed to support your lung tissue and prevent further damage to your lungs.**

C84 Anti-scar Formula

C84 Anti-scar Formula contains resonance Homeopathic remedies that are traditionally believed to work towards removing and preventing fibrotic and calcific changes within your lungs. It is traditionally believed to improve the elasticity of your pulmonary tissue so that inhalation and exhalation happens without restriction.**

HHL Heart and Lung

HHL Heart and Lung is a natural supplementary product which contains resonance Homeopathic ingredients traditionally believed to support the normal functioning of lungs by administering Sarcodes (bioenergetic imprints) of certain specific healthy body tissues in an attempt to remind the body of optimal organ functions.**

Price - $169.00

Essentials Kit with T26 Lung Liquescence

HPD Pneumo

HPD Pneumo is a natural supplementary product which contains resonance Homeopathic remedies traditionally believed to support the normal functioning of lungs by administering Sarcodes (bioenergetic imprints) of certain specific healthy body tissues in an attempt to remind the body of optimal organ functions.**

TPC Pneumo Complex

TPC Pneumo Complex is traditionally believed to support your lung tissue and prevent further damage to your lungs.**

T26 Lung Liquescence

T26 Lung Liquescence is a combination of resonance Homeopathic remedies and is traditionally believed to improve micro vascular circulation of your lungs, thus helping tissue perfusion and oxygenation.**

Price - $99.00
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