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Information on Alzheimer's disease and its Complications

Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative disease that gradually affects the memory and progressively destroys the ability to learn, reason, judge communicate and carry out simple day-to-day activities. It is the most common form of dementia in older people and is characterized by neuropsychiatric symptoms, personality and behavioral changes, such as: anxiety, suspiciousness, agitation and even delusions and hallucinations. The cause of Alzheimer's is unknown but the affected brain cells are recognized by the appearance of unusual helical protein filaments.

Allopathic treatment for Alzheimer's includes Cholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept, Cognex, Exelon, Razadyne). The use of drugs like Aricept and Cognex may cause side-effects like nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and muscle cramps amongst others.

Alzheimer's cannot be addressed over the counter in the country you are visiting from. We are therefore offering free consultations for a limited time with our Holistic Doctors. Please click here to initiate your free consultation, so you can truly understand your options for health and freedom!

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Only Biogetica Doctors have access to our unique line of groundbreaking, precedent setting, all natural products consisting of evidence based ayurvedic herbs, advanced resonance homeopathic ingredients and nutraceuticals.

To read recent government articles and peer reviewed independent scientific research on natural ingredients please click on the links below. If you or your Doctor truly cares about your health, you will spend the time to study the public domain research below. Additional latest research can be found on Biogetica Doctors support you in your right to know and choose similar to the health freedom acts enacted by most governments around the world.

Research on Herbs **
  • Mucuna Pruriens Studies suggest that this herb may improve circulation in the brain and the body.

  • Gingko Biloba Studies suggest that this herb may support normal concentration and cognitive functions.

  • Withania somnifera Studies suggest that this herb may benefit the normal structure and functions of the brain and the central nervous system.
Research on Resonance Homeopathic Ingredients **
  • Gelsemium Sempervirens Studies suggest that this Resonance homeopathic remedy may support and benefit the normal functioning of nerve cells.
Nutraceutical research **
  • Folic Acid studies suggest that folic acid may support the nervous system
Allopathic Medicines

A class of drugs called cholinesterase inhibitors (a drug which reduces the rate at which neurotransmitters are broken down and hence increases their concentration and levels in the brain) are used to treat this condition. Although helpful, they carry with them a host of side-effects. If you have read the research above, you are now in a position to make an intelligent decision. We suggest you discuss this research with your doctor or one of our doctors available online.

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Our products are sold in unique multi-disciplinary kits that are 100% natural and not available anywhere else. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Results may vary from person to person and we will promptly refund you the entire purchase price if you are not completely satisfied. Our 90 day money back guarantee insures that you can try our products 100% Risk Free!

These products are not drugs and the advise of our homeopaths is complementary advice that does not replace medical advice you receive from your practitioner.

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Treatment options for Alzheimer's disease

Conventional Treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Allopathic treatment for Alzheimer's includes Cholinesterase inhibitors (Aricept, Cognex, Exelon, Razadyne). These drugs work by regulating neurotransmitters (the chemicals that transmit messages between neurons) and may help maintain thinking, memory, and speaking skills, but they do little to change the underlying disease process and may help temporarily. Besides, the use of drugs like Aricept and Cognex may cause side-effects like nausea, vomiting, insomnia, muscle cramps amongst others. Their more serious side-effects could also include black, bloody, tarry stools; seizures; painful and difficult urination.

Another drug called Memantine is also used in the Allopathic system of medicine. It protects the brain cells from damage caused by a chemical messenger. Memantine is sometimes used in combination with a Cholinesterase inhibitor.

Complementary Natural Care

Natural therapies such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Natural Dietary supplements help to support the normal functioning of nerves. Natural Alzheimer's therapies boost the immune system and encourage normal functioning of the brain and the Endocrine glands.

Tips for Alzheimer's Disease Management

Create a calm environment, develop soothing rituals, and use gentle reminders.

Be sensitive to the patient's fears and frustration with expressing what is wanted.

Redirect the person's attention, rather than arguing, disagreeing, or being confrontational.

Therapeutic activities like playing music of the person's choice, one-on-one interaction, playing videotapes of family members have been known to reduce certain problematic behavior in people with Alzheimer's.

Incorporating light exercise and walking into daily routine, reduces wandering, aggression and agitation, and can also be beneficial in alleviating problematic behavior.

Regular breathing techniques and therapies like yoga or tai chi can be beneficial to maintain concentration and mental balance.

Regular visits to a Neurologist and Psychologist are a must.

Nutrients like Antioxidants, vitamin B complex, Manganese, amino acids have been used in clinical studies in order to partially treat Alzheimer's Disease or slow down its progression.


Testimonial results cannot legally be considered typical. These are actual letters from many we were able to help over the years, but we cannot use these as a means of claiming or implying a treatment or cure. We do however stand by our products and will refund you completely if you are not 100% satisfied.

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As for the memory she still has a problem with it, she has a problem with short term memory she can't remember well unless someone reminded her, for example between prayers she forgets, she includes yesterdays events in today's events, But the improvements show when we tell her that today we've had cereal for breakfast she replies yes we did, Before she used to deny and say no we haven't and i can't recall any of this, Not to forget the stubbornness is also an element for memory loss and Alzheimer, the stubbornness is reduced now and she would agree on things with us like sports and etc.

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About Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative disease characterized by progressive cognitive deterioration and neuropsychiatric symptoms. It is the most common type of dementia. This brain disorder gradually destroys a person's memory, ability to learn, reason, make judgments, communicate and carry out daily activities. The overall loss of intellectual and social abilities is probably attributed to abnormal clumps (plaques) and tangled bundles of nerve fibers composed of misplaced proteins.

Causes of Alzheimer's Disease

While scientists know Alzheimer's Disease involves progressive brain cell failure, they have not yet identified any single reason why cells fail.

Our healthy brain has millions of nerve cells called neurons. These neurons generate electrical and chemical signals called neurotransmitters that are relayed from one neuron to another, to help us think, remember and feel.

Initially, in people with Alzheimer's Disease, neurons in certain locations of the brain begin to die or fail to function. When these die, lower levels of neurotransmitters are produced, creating signaling problems in the brain.

Although Alzheimer's Disease has no single known cause, in the last 15 years, scientists have learned a great deal about certain risk factors that may play a role.

The greatest known risk factors for late-onset Alzheimer's are increasing age and a family history of the disease. The likelihood of developing Alzheimer's doubles about every five years after the age of 65. After the age of 85, the risk reaches nearly 50 percent.

Research has shown that those who have a family member with Alzheimer's are more likely to develop it.

Three genes have been identified to cause early onset (familial) AD. Late-onset Alzheimer's, which chiefly affects individuals over 65, is the more common form of the illness.

However a study suggests there is a strong link between serious head injury and future risk of Alzheimer's Disease

Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease

Forgetfulness or Memory loss - The most common symptom first noticed is short-term memory loss. This progresses from seemingly simple forgetfulness, to more severe short-term memory loss, and finally, to loss of memory of familiar and well-known skills, objects or persons. A person begins to forget more often and is unable to recall information later. Alzheimer's Disease may start with slight memory loss and confusion, but it eventually leads to irreversible mental impairment that destroys a person's ability to remember, reason, learn and imagine. These early symptoms of AD are often missed because they resemble natural signs of aging.

Difficulties with abstract thinking - Abstract thinking requires a lot of imagination. Alzheimer's patients have an impaired ability to mentally manipulate visual information. They experience difficulty in performing complex mental tasks like recognizing and dealing with numbers, learning new things and making new memories.

Difficulties finding the right word - People with Alzheimer's Disease often find it difficult to follow conversations, forget the right words to express thoughts, or substitute unusual words, making their reading and writing hard to understand. They may substitute or make up words that sound like or mean something like the forgotten word. E.g. They may be unable to find their toothbrush, and instead ask for that thing for my mouth.

Disorientation in time, place and person - People with Alzheimer's Disease often lose their sense of time and dates. They may feel lost in their own neighborhood or very familiar surroundings, and forget where they are. They may mix up identities of people, such as thinking a son is a brother or that a wife is a stranger. They may nap frequently or awaken at night believing it is time to go to work.

Poor or decreased judgment - Solving daily problems like dressing appropriately becomes increasingly difficult and eventually impossible. Alzheimer's Disease is characterized by increasing difficulty in doing things that require planning, decision making and judgement. Patients may show poor judgement, like giving away large sums of money to shop owners. They often won't make decisions. For example, when asked what they would like to drink, they may say I'll drink whatever she is drinking.

Difficulties performing familiar tasks - Patients find it hard to plan, perform or complete once-routine tasks that require sequential steps, such as cooking, placing a telephone call or playing a game. Eventually, they may forget how to do even the most basic things.

Personality changes - People with Alzheimer's Disease may exhibit dramatic changes in mood. They may become extremely confused or fearful. They may express distrust in others or dependence on a family member. Depression often coexists with Alzheimer's Disease.

Other symptoms include misplacing things like a wristwatch in the sugar bowl, loss of initiative to do usual activities, language deterioration and mood swings.

Restlessness also is a common sign.

In severe AD, the patient doesn't recognize oneself or close family, is very difficult to understand, may refuse to eat, may choke, or forget to swallow, or can lose control over the bowel and bladder. In such cases, he / she needs total assistance for all activities of daily living.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease

The diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease is often delayed due to the slow progression of symptoms. Also, most diagnostic uncertainty arises from the difficulty of distinguishing Alzheimer's Disease from other related disorders. No medical tests are available to diagnose Alzheimer's Disease conclusively. The diagnosis is made primarily on the basis of a thorough study of the medical history, clinical observation and physical examination, neuropsychological tests and intellectual functioning over a series of weeks or months. Various physical tests (blood tests and brain scans like PET Scans and MRI) are performed to rule out alternative diagnoses.

Our Approach

Alzheimer's Disease is a progressive condition, hence therapies should not merely focus on easing symptoms, but also on delaying progression as far as possible. Biogetica employs a distinctive approach of integrating Homeopathy and Ayurveda along with Natural Dietary supplements. These ingredients are believed by traditional sciences to support the brain in its normal functions.
  • Sarcodes - bioenergetic impressions of healthy tissues, secretions and glands (brain, pituitary, and hypothalamus), when used in accordance to the Homeopathic principle of 'Like Cures Like' are believed to provide the body with information to function optimally.
  • Herbs and dietary supplements of natural origin have been traditionally believed to be used in Ayurveda to encourage the normal structure and function of the brain and endocrine glands.

Biogetica's integrative approach towards reclaiming your health and freedom represents the convergence of Allopathic medicine, Yogic Sciences, Quantum Physics, modern Bio-energetic and ancient natural healing systems such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Shamanism and Homeopathy.

Biogetica has a unique and comprehensive Holographic model of healing which synthesizes all the medicine systems to simultaneously ease physical, mental, emotional layers of Your Being. Biogetica harmonizes your entire being naturally by appealing to the balancing forces of nature. From medication to meditation is the Biogetica way! We are here to help you Bloom!

Each cross disciplinary Biogetica kit is designed to work in the following ways:
  • Our Nutraceutical and dietary supplement formulas provide specific and necessary nutrition to the cells.
  • Our custom-formulated Ayurvedic remedies and herbs work to balance the manifestations of 5 elements that govern all functions of the body.
  • Our unique Resonance Homeopathics remind the body of optimal or pathogenic functions, thereby coaxing it to adapt and reach homeostasis.
  • Oligo-elements balance the blocked enzymes and hormonal functions.
  • Vibrations subtly change the mental and emotional patterns contributing to the disease pattern
So, wouldn't you heal your ailment at its root: the Biogetica way?

Biogetica's approach to healing is based on the following:





1. HEAL THE ENTIRE BEING:"All matter originates and exists only by virtue of vibration." - Max Planck (Nobel Prize winner and the father of Quantum Physics).

You, as a living, thinking, feeling, vibrating being, are much more than a collection of inter-related chemical processes. You are life itself. Life can never be reduced to a series of chemical reactions as chemical reactions cannot create life. Every thought, emotion, vibration or action leads to a series of chemical changes in the body. All ailments are a result of disharmony in the life force. Biogetica recognizes this and balances the ENTIRE BEING, bringing mind, body and soul into harmony, for lasting results. Treating an ailment on a molecular level alone, seldom has a lasting effect as the untreated social, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic patterns cause the ailment to manifest once again on a physical plane. Holistic healing is necessary for lasting relief. Biogetica, therefore, uses Resonance Homeopathics to harmonize the entire being; flower essences to attune the mind; Ayurvedic, Tibetan and Chinese herbs to balance the energetic and the physiological manifestation of the five elements; and nutraceuticals to coordinate cellular nutrition.

It is now a known fact that every thought and emotion has a corresponding peptide secretion from the hypothalamus. Each cell has numerous receptors for these peptides, and the peptides greatly change the state of the cell. Hence, each thought or emotion is a signal that changes the state of our cells and alters our being. When our mind is panicky, every cell in our body is in panic. Biogetica, therefore, works on emotional and mental levels, along with cellular levels, in order to ensure that the entire being is brought into harmony - from the subtle emotions and thoughts, down to gross cells and vice versa. This is our understanding and implementation of holographic healing.

2. LOOK FOR NATURAL SOLUTIONS: God has blessed the Earth with natural medicines and healing mechanisms. It would be wise not to ignore them. The intelligence of nature is much greater than that of man. Unfortunately, man still focuses on chemical medicines, as they can be patented and sold for huge profits. Allopathic attempts to treat chronic ailments by interfering directly with the chemical processes using man-made substances, has essentially been a failure. We claim to be cracking the gene code, but we still can't cure a cold with man-made substances!!! Homeopaths and naturopaths the world over will claim to cure a cold most times. However, their methods are never studied and verified by governing bodies, as there is no one who will spend millions obtaining an approval on herbs, knowing that they cannot be patented and sold exclusively by them.

3. APPEAL TO THE BALANCING FORCES INHERENT IN ALL NATURE: "Like Cures Like" - Samuel Hahnemann (The father of Homeopathy)

The most sophisticated of pharmacies are within the body. Biogetica's methods simply remind this pharmacy within the body to produce what it is meant to.

There is an intelligence that maintains equilibrium in all nature. Some would call it 'Spirit'. Every being functions with a precision way beyond our comprehension. Over the years, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and numerous other healing systems have documented the fact that appealing to this intelligence or function of homeostasis is the most appropriate way to bring a being into lasting equilibrium. Over time, we have learnt that interfering with a body's chemical processes only causes further complications, as this essentially goes against the balancing homeostatic forces of nature. When we inject something artificially, the body stops making the effort to produce it on its own.

Below are some examples that illustrate our point:

A. Homeopathic coffee is coffee diluted past 10^6 and potentized. There are no molecules of coffee left in the mixture, but the water remembers the informational vibration of the coffee molecule. When ingested, this mixture alters the vibration in the water, which composes 70% of the human body. The body is instantly given information on a new vibration which will keep it awake and compensates by putting you to sleep. Sounds far-fetched? Try it!

B. A Diabetic person's pancreas produce inadequate insulin, causing an imbalance in his/her blood glucose levels. Western Medicine combats this by injecting the patient with insulin, which could cause the Beta cells to slacken further and eventually reduce and even hamper normal insulin production.

Natural sciences prescribe to stimulating the pancreas to regulate the insulin production, instead of dosing the body with the hormone artificially. This is accomplished by providing the body with Ayurvedic herbs that heal gross abnormalities in the pancreas, and further supplementing the treatment by supplying vibrational information of insulin and healthy pancreatic tissue, to remind and stimulate the pancreas to function regularly.

C. A Herpes patient gets recurrent outbreaks because the virus remains dormant in the nerve bodies and attacks whenever one's immunity is compromised. Biogetica administers a nosode containing energetic information on the virus. Each dose serves as a reminder for the person's immune system to fight the virus at its basic level, while it lies dormant. Herpes nosodes are not a herpes cure, herpes treatment or herpes vaccine. They are used in accordance with Homeopathy’s "like cures like" principle. The use of nosodes, such as '2LHerp' for healing Herpes, was studied by independent researchers in the UK. They found that nosodes benefited 82% of the patients! We augment nosode therapy with herbs from numerous traditions. Together, they may support normal structure and functioning of the immune system.

4. 'FROM MEDICATION TO MEDITATION' - Biogetica measures its success not in terms of dollars earned, but in the lives that it improved. We do not believe in constant life-long medication, and wish to see you learning and leading happier & healthier lives. With this goal in mind, we offer lifestyle changes and meditations designed to transform your being and ease any emotional, mental and karmic constrictions, which are often the root cause of many problems. We encourage all customers to make conscious learning and meditation a part of the healing process. We must remember that the quality of our lives is not determined by external situations, but by internal conditions. We provide you the tools to manage your internal self better and hope you use them for growth and happiness.

We work, day and night, in order to ensure that you wake up in a world where you never hear the words 'there is no cure!'

Please visit ( for a TV interview that discusses our approach.

Our Assurance

Not sure if you believe in our natural products? We do, and are willing to back this up with a satisfaction or 100% money-back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose by giving our products a try. If you are not satisfied you may return the products for a full refund!**

We have a 100% money-back guarantee, to support our firm belief in our products, and to build trust in customers who have been facing battles they thought would be lifelong! If you are not 100% better, you may return the products within 90 days of your order date for a full refund of the purchase price. or alternatively request a free consultation and additional remedies. Our mission is fulfilled only when you are better. Hence, we stand by our customers and do what it takes to make you feel great! We can afford to do this, because the customers who re-order or refer us to friends and family, are 20 times more than those who ask for a return. So, go ahead and give us a try. You'll be glad you did.

Freedom kit with Homeopathic Brain Sarcodes and Herbs

This kit consists of 3 complementary natural products:

Brain Tissue FACTOR (Brain Tissue Salts - Brain Sarcodes)

This Resonance homeopathic remedy consists of various brain tissue salts and is traditionally believed to support normal brain functions.**

AV Memvita

AV Memvita is a combination of potent and powerful herbs, traditionally known for their nootropic, neuronutritive, neuroprotective and brain tissue rejuvenative properties. Memvita is traditionally believed to act as an adaptogenic and possesses anti stress, anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties. Memvita is traditionally believed to help delay brain aging, helps in neuron regeneration and provides the brain with adequate blood circulation to enhance brain function.**

AV Memvita is traditionally believed to: **
  • Enhance cognitive functions, memory, concentration and recall
  • Allay anxiety and stress by its adaptogenic and anti-stress effect
  • Promote regeneration of neural tissues and delay brain aging due to its neuronutrient properties
  • Prevent neurode generation from free-radicals by providing high systemic levels of anti-oxidants
  • Improve blood circulation to the brain assuring adequate oxygen supply to the brain
  • Improve the availability of key neurotransmitters- serotonin and acetylcholine which are depleted by stress, sleep loss, poor diet and aging.
HoloRam Cerevitan

It is a bio-regulator that improves the nutritional and energy state of the body. It is traditionally believed to promote better cognitive and memory conditions, and is useful against oxidative ageing processes.**

The mechanism of action is believed to: **
  • Provide energizing bio information to activate the natural processes that may help maintain a healthy natural system for internal neurochemical programs.
  • Provide information needed for the activation of the physiological energy that may be useful to activate the natural processes that maintain the individual functions of adaptive intelligences, especially including memory and learning.
  • Restore the physiological processes in the cell membranes of the neurons by enhancing LPL (Lipoprotein Lipase) which is an essential component for the neuron-transmission of the central nervous system.

Sale Price - $99.00  

Optimal Kit with Homeopathic Pituitary and Brain Sarcodes

This Kit contains the following 5 products:

C13 Circulation Formula:

This remedy contains certain trace elements and vitamins in the form of homeopathic reductions. These Resonance homeopathics are traditionally believed to improve circulation in the brain and the body.**

C43 Memory Formula:

This Sarcode formula with Brain sarcodes may support the brain when concerned with weak memory. Sarcodes are traditionally believed to remind and stimulate the corresponding organs to function optimally.**

T6 Brain Liquescence (Brain Sarcodes):

This formula contains homeopathic therapies and Sarcodes of healthy brain tissue, which are traditionally believed to benefit the normal structure and functions of the brain and the Central Nervous system. This liquescence is believed to posses a nutritional and an energetic effect.**

T12 Herbal Liquid Bee Pollen Liquescence:

This is a homeopathic reduction consisting of DNA and RNA Sarcodes integrated with natural dietary supplements. These ingredients are traditionally believed to support the normal structure and functions of neural tissues.**

T18 Pituitary Liquescence:

This Homeopathic remedy contains Sarcodes that may support the normal bio-rhythm of the brain. This Liquescence is traditionally believed to manifest an energetic and nutritional effect.**

Sale Price - $169.00  

Essentials Kit with Homeopathic Pituitary and Brain Sarcodes

This kit consists of 2 products:

C43 Memory Formula:

It is a comprehensive Sarcode formula with Brain sarcodes that may support the brain when concerned with weak memory. Sarcodes are traditionally believed to remind and stimulate the corresponding organs to function optimally.**

T6 Brain Liquescence (Brain Sarcodes):

It contains homeopathic therapies and Sarcodes of healthy brain tissue, which are traditionally believed to benefit the normal structure and functions of the brain and the Central nervous system. This liquescence is believed to manifest a nutritional and an energetic effect.**

Sale Price: $69.00

ALZ Soundscape

ALZ soundscape employs the latest psychoacoustic technology believed to influence the sub-conscious mind. It uses brain hemisphere balancing technologies and sends subliminal messages to the brain.

Downloading tips:
  • Once the product is purchased, a download button will appear on the right-hand corner of the shopping cart.
  • You can then Download the zip file which will be unzipped by windows while it's getting downloaded.
  • Double click on the file. There will be 2 ALZ therapy files in the download. One is ultrasonic and the other contains wave sounds. Both files can be played, separately, during the day or night, and will work holistically, naturally and gently on your sub-conscious mind to help improve your immune status.
Sale Price: $9.99


Biogetica offers Soundscape solutions tailor-made for you. Our ultrasonic subliminal messages are believed to work above the threshold of conscious perception. You can use them at work, at home while watching TV, without distracting your conscious awareness, or disturbing anyone else.

Risk Factors
  • Please be sure NOT to use them while driving a car, operating machinery or doing any activity that requires working-state reflexes, because the embedded brainwave technology is believed to naturally relax your overall state of being.
Usage Tips
  • For maximum exposure, you can play the tracks at night, on continuous play.
  • One track is completely silent to your conscious perception, and the other contains sound waves. As long as you can hear the ocean sounds, be assured that you are being exposed to the positive subliminal messages as well. It may take 30 days or more to create a new habit through subliminal programming, but progress may occur more quickly with repeated use and reinforcement.
Listen to the files/tracks as often as you possibly can. It is recommended that you listen to them for at least 20 minutes a day for the first 30 days and semi-regularly thereafter.
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