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I have taken your lyme remedies both for treating Lyme after a short round of antibiotics, and also pro-actively whenever we go into the woods in a Lyme-infested area. I like that Lyme nosode very much.

I am organizing a group camping trip at the end of May in an area where there are a lot of ticks and I would like to recommend that people registered for my event take the Lyme nosode as a preventative. Would it be possible for you to offer them some kind of discount? I have 30 people registered for this event and will send them an email if you can tell me what kind of discount you could offer, and also provide some basic information about the product. Thank you

May 2, 2011 by N.A.
City: New York | Country: U.S.

Symptoms, Causes and Possible natural treatment options for Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can be very stubborn and has a history of reoccurrences. Lyme can be particularly troublesome if the bacteria mutate into anti-biotic resistant strains. Our Doctors feel it is best to opt for a natural therapy that builds long-termlyme specific immunity and therefore decreases chances of relapses.

Biogetica kits are a synergetic combination of natural nutraceuticals, advanced resonance homeopathic therapies and wild crafted herbs.

These combinations are traditionally believed to:
  • Boost general immunity
  • Teach your body optimal immune response against lyme disease causing bacteria. This is done with nosodes, which are energetic imprints of the bacteria.
  • Balance the terrain of the body to make it less prone bacterial growth.
Our 90 day money back guarantee ensures that you can try our products 100% Risk Free!

If you are not amazed by the results, just let us know and we'll send a prompt refund. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

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Our Dr's Recommend:
Biogetica Essentials Kit with T24 LD Formula
This US made breakthrough holistic kit consists of 3 complementary natural products:

C128- LD Nosodes Formula

This advanced resonance Homeopathic product contains Nosodes or weakened energetic imprints of the Borrelia burgdoferi bacteria that are traditionally believed to coax a specific optimal immune response as per homeopathic principle of 'Like Cures Like'.

T24 Connective Tissue Liquescence (T24 LD Formula)

An advanced homotoxologic product that is traditionally believed to provide sarcode and nutritional support to the connective tissues.


Monolaurin is a nutritional lipid derived from coconuts. This natural dietary supplement is traditionally believed to support the immune system in its ability to eliminate bacteria and viruses. Monolaurin tends to be so powerful that taking too much of it may cause 'Herxheimer Reaction' - where you may experience flu-like symptoms owing to the rapid killing of bacteria in the body. If this happens our Doctors recommend cutting back your dose to half of what it was.

Price - $99.00
No tall claims. Just independent research.

Every single ingredient in every Biogetica kit has huge amounts of traditional use data from Ayurveda and Homeopathy and is supported by modern studies and trials. However, people and governments today tend to have varying opinions and laws regarding natural medicine. We therefore prefer not to make any claims about offering a lyme cure or a lyme treatment but instead point all patients and doctors to independent research and clinical studies that supports their effects in a scientific manner. In some cases, we compare the results of these studies to those of pharmaceutical medicines in order to show that natural products can provide just as much or even more satisfaction than drugs, which tend to have side effects.

In order to present this information in an unbiased and up to date manner, we simply show you Google Scholar search results of all scientific articles available on a certain product or ingredient. If you do so much as read the synopsis of the research, the choice becomes clear. You can read and compare the results of drug studies and the results of studies on which Biogetica relies. We support you in your right to know about and choose drugs or natural medicine!

Herbal research
  • Withania somnifera Studies suggest that this herb is believed to have a potent action against various viruses and bacteria

  • Terminaliachebula Studies suggest that this herb is believed to facilitate better oxygenation of your cells, attempting to making the environment in your body non-conducive for the bacteria to thrive.

  • Glycyrrhiza glabra Studies suggest that this herb is believed to to have the potential to support the body's natural defense system against pathogens like bacteria and viruses
Resonance homeopathic
  • Cactus Grandiflorus Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy is believed to provide support to connective tissues

  • Bryonia Alba Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy is believed to give you quick relief from flu-like symptoms, headache, rash, etc

  • Sarcodes Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy is believed to support in elimination of parasites.

  • Vitamin A Studies suggest that this resonance homeopathic remedy is believed to support the body's natural defense system against pathogens like bacteria and viruses

Conventional treatments for Lyme disease include Ceftriaxone and other antibiotics If you have read the research above, you are now in a position to make an intelligent decision. We suggest you discuss this research with your doctor or one of our doctors available online.

CONSULT ONE OF BIOGETICA'S DOCTORS FOR FREE. You can also click directly on any one of the products to purchase it. Please don't delay, begin your healing journey today!
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Biogetica Freedom kit with OM 28 LD Formula
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Price - $139
Biogetica Optimal Kit with T24 LD Formula
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Price - $199
Biogetica Essentials Kit with T24 LD Formula
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Price - $99
C128 - LD Nosodes Formula
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Price - $39
LD Soundscape
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Price - $9.99
Biogetica Presentation on Quantum Healing
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All our products are made in FDA compliant GMP certified Laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, USA, India and New Zealand. They are appropriately registered with the FDA as either Dietary supplements, Homeopathic medicine or Ayurvedic herbs. Utmost care is taken to ensure optimum quality. Biogetica is a website visited from across the globe. Some countries consider Ayurveda, Bioenergetics and Homeopathy to be medicine, while others do not. In order to comply with various FDA norms of numerous nations we say:

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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What we do is simply point you and your Doctors to independent research from all sources that we know of, on the ingredients of our natural products, which are Herbal, Ayurvedic, Bioenergetic, Homeopathic and Complementary in nature. We invite you to read these studies on our clinical trials page or on

Biogetica supports you in your right and freedom to learn about and choose natural remedies.
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