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You must view/play the file/track minimum of three times a day for at least 10 minutes each time. It is recommended that you view/play them for about a week initially and thereafter as and when needed.

SSF Technology – Terms and Concepts

The SSF-technology means the technology of Special Form Signal (SSF) and is the quantum-resonant technology with the elements of nanotechnology, digital computer technology, laser and plasma technology, coherent chemistry, nonlinear oscillations theory, stochastic resonance, and the effects of ultra minor doses. It is focused on the controlled change of properties of objects of different nature and complication.

On a macro level, the result is achieved by the conversion of the required parameters of the effected object (that is components participating in chemical, physical or physiological processes) to the given coherent, selectively excited metastable condition. When the SSF is acting to reduce the entropy of natural and technological processes with simultaneous enhancement of given properties, “the distribution function” of the molecular state is changed as well as the object’s characteristics are changed on the whole. The effect of the SSF realizes the selective resonance regime and has a duration that is necessary and sufficient to provide the required cumulative effect with regard to the possible relaxation of the object (or a system).

The SSF produced under the original technology with the following record on the information carriers is the spectrum of a cold hydrogenous plasma mission modulated with regard to an individual task to be decided. The technology of SSF production is not transferable to anyone.

For a user, the prepared SSF is the author’s video file recorded on a CD or any other information carrier.

The constructive role belongs not to representation that occurs during translation of the video file, but to the emission of a computer monitor screen. When the SSF reproduction with the application of the original software, the specified parts of the own emission of a display transform in accordance with the spectrum of resonant absorption of the required parameter of the effected object (for example particular chemical compound).

The effected object means physical, chemical and biological objects such as seeds, plants, soil, fertilizing, preparations, water, different physicochemical compounds, constructive elements, technological phases of production etc. The technological and consumers’ properties of which the SSF is aimed to improve.

The acting complex means a computer with the original software that provides the technology of representation of the SSF and the object to effect. For the SSF technology a series-produced technique that does not demand additional specification is used.

It is supposed to have a standard quality production control that is archived by the application of the SSF-technology and is an additional factor to enhance the efficiency.

For realization of the distant effect the computer is equipped with the passive resonator-screen with the grounding contact that is disposed on the display. In this case, the object may be situated at any distance from the acting complex and to be practically of any scale. To reach the required SSF effect a preliminary video filming of the object on a series-produced video camera and according to a special is necessary, then the video file of the object is prepared. The received video file for the SSF-technology is an analog of a sim-card for a mobile telephone.

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Information provided on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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