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Herpes Ayurvedic Diet

According to traditional Ayurvedic principles, a herpes attack is manifested in the body due to vitiated PITTA (body fire) VATA(Wind), in addition to impurity of blood.

Hence, the first step is to balance the doshas, with dietary modifications and herbs. Diet and herbs help detoxify the blood and lymph, expel toxins and balance vitiated Vata and Pitta, and hence rejuvenate the underlying tissues. This reduces the burning, inflammation and tingling sensation.

The second step involves rejuvenation of body, as Ayurveda believes that a disease affects not only a particular organ, but the entire system. Hence, after balancing the doshas, the body needs to be rejuvenated using Rasayanas, so that it may develop immunity to fight recurrent attacks of the disease.

Finally, certain diet and lifestyle modifications are very beneficial. An anti-Pitta diet is recommended.



Beans, beetroot, bitter gourd, parval (pointed gourd), bottle gourd, tanduliyakam (amaranth), cucumber, cabbage, carrot, gourd luffa (luffa cylindrica), kushmanda (white gourd melon), drumsticks (moringa oleifera), radish, turnip, asparagus, yellow melon (ivy gourd).


Pomegranate, sweet lime (mosambi), banana, grapes/raisins, watermelon (tarbuj), black-berry (jamun), coconut, melon (kharbuja), lime, custardapple (sitafal), mulberry (shahatut), sugarcane, aconite / monk’s hood (Amrud), amalaki (Emblic myrobalan),apple, avocado, oranges, pears, figs, walnut, dates (Kharjura).


Fish, chicken, turkey and eggs are considered beneficial for people with herpes.


Turmeric, cumin seeds (Jeeraka), coriander / coriander seeds (dhanyaka), saindhava salt, fennel (Saunf), cardamom, mangosteen oil tree (Garcinia indica/ Vrkshamla).


Honey, hot water, curd, tamarind, groundnut oil, horse gram (kulattha), mustard oil.


Pungent vegetables such as garlic, onion, potato, peppers(red and black), tomatoes

Fruits restricted for pitta: Sour fruits such as pineapple, ripe mango, papaya, plums(sour), Falsa (Grewia asiatica), ripe bilwa (Aegle marmelos), peaches

Spices restricted for pitta: Ajwain (King’s cumin), ginger, green chilli, spear-mint/garden mint, hing (Asafetida), black pepper, garlic, tamarind, tejpatra (Himalayan silver fir), tulsi (Sacred Basil/Holy Basil).


• Drink enough water
• Take (rasayanas) immune-enhancing supplements
• Decrease your stress and anxiety by doing meditation, pranayam (breathing exercises) and yoga
• 20-30 minutes of regular exercise is advised
• Sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night
• Sleeping during the day should be avoided
• Maintain a diet high in whole, unprocessed foods
• Avoid preserved, frozen and canned food
• Avoid smoking, tobacco, alcohol and caffeinated beverages
• Avoid over-eating, do not eat when you are not hungry
• Avoid exposure to excess sunlight, wind and fire
• Avoid cheese, curd and milk
• Avoid combining food as it is considered Incompatible: Meat, fish, chicken, pork, prawns, mushrooms, sour fruits, curd, buttermilk, sprouts fruits should not be combined or mixed with milk & honey


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