DMSO & Excelsa

DMSO & Excelsa

Since the virus is known to find it difficult to thrive in oxygenated conditions, this natural local application contains ingredients traditionally believed to support the body's natural ability to oxygenate the skin.

DMSO is for natural local application that is prepared from wood pulp. Biogetica's DMSO is manufactured by the inventor and is the only legitimate producer of medical DMSO in the US - Dr. Jacob. Please beware, a lot of other DMSO sold in the US is solvent grade, diluted in creams.

We now also carry EXCELSA, which is a mixture of DMSO and MSM.

Dosage: We carry DMSO manufactured by the inventor, and would like to warn you against using industrial DMSO sold on the internet. DMSO is to be applied on the spine 2-3 times daily in month '1'; Twice daily for 15 days in month '2'; and Twice daily for 7 days in month '3'.

DMSO applied to the skin is administered in 50%/H2O concentration above the neck and 70%/H2O below the shoulders.

DMSO cannot be mailed to Canada.


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