CB 8 200


ACONITE - Fear, anxiety and worry. Totally negative. Expects trouble. At a very highly emotional level. Fears death. Pains unbearable. Cries with music. Expects the worst.

ARGENT NIT - Fearful, nervous. Feel his mind will fail. Impulse to jump out of window. Impulsive - hurries. Diarrhoea.

ARNICA - Fears touch and approach. Nervous breakdown after overstrain. Agoraphobia. Indifference.

GELSEMIUM - wants to be quiet. Dullness. Lethargy. Emotional reactions - effects of fright and shock. Stage fright. 

Anticipation - loses nerve.

IGNATIA - Changeable - brooding - depressed - sad -tearful. Sighing and sobbing. Grief. Hysteria. Trembling. Turns against loved ones.

KALI PHOS - Very nervous. A great brain remedy, hysteria; night terrors; brain fag; anxious starts easily. Does not want people around.

NAT MUR - Depressed. Consolation aggravates. Weak and weary. Oversensitive to many things. Gets into a passion about trifles. Cries alone.

OPIUM - Wants nothing. Frightful fancies. Daring, gay, bright. Thinks he's not at home. Stupid.

USAGE This remedy is akin to CALMING and SHOCK PILLS mixed. In fact it is almost the two combined. It is wonderful for those who are in a nervous condition, in a state of shock and for apprehension over a coming event such as examinations, public appearances, etc.

DOSAGE 2 pills 6x a day.


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