Biogetica Optimal Kit with X20 MYCO Formula

SMCC Mycostat Complex Capsule

This natural supplement contains nutritional components that are known boost up the immune system. It is traditionally believed to work by: **

  • Helping the body maintain a healthy microbial environment

X20 Mycotoxin Inhibitor

This natural supplement product contains Advanced Homeopathic and Bio-energetic formulations that are traditionally believed to negate the effects of noxious chemicals produced by Candida, yeast and fungi. It is traditionally believed to work by: **

  • Building immunity specific to Candida
  • Stimulating the production of white blood cells in the body
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Assisting the elimination of mycotoxins from the body

FNG Pro Fungus Capsule

This naturopathic herbal preparation is traditionally believed to possess immunomodulatory properties. Oregano extracts are traditionally believed to work by: **

  • Boosting the immune system

SMCC Mycostat Complex Capsule

Ingredients: Mycostat Complex Caps 90 capsules D- alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) 5 IU; Calcium 30.0; Potassium 30.0; Magnesium 25.0; Biotin .05 (50mcg). IN A SPECIAL COCONUT BASE WITH: Caprylic acid 350.0; Propionic acid 100.0, Sorbic acid 100.0

X20 Mycotoxin Inhibitor

Ingredients: Colchicum Autumnale 6X; Tecoma Radicans 6X; Pau D'Arco 6X; Arsenicum Album 6X; Borax 12X; Zincum Metallicum 12X; Aspergillus Niger 12X, 30X; Aspergillus Flavus 12X, 30X; L + Lactic Acid 12X, 30X; Echinacea Angustifolia 12X, 30X.

Potentized Bioenergetic Impressions with no actual molecules of: Adrenal 6X; Thyroid 6X; Thymus 6X; Spleen 6X; Lymph 6X; Penicillinum 12X, 30X; Candida Albicans 12X, 30X; Chlamydia Trachomatis 12X, 30X; Mycosis Fungoides 12X, 30X; Torula Cerevisiae 12X, 30X.

FNG Pro Fungus Capsule

Ingredients: Oregano (standardized extract) 50.0


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