Biogetica Freedom Kit with Teeth Decay

Gum Tone Powder

It is a comprehensive formula containing herbs. These herbs, according to classical ayurvedic principles are traditionally believed to boost immunity and support optimal dental hygiene. **

Teeth Decay

This advanced natural remedy comprises resonance homeopathic attenuations and bioenergetic ingredients that potentially boost immunity and support the structure and functions of the teeth. **

Gum Tone Powder

Ingredients: Embeliaribes, Cinnamomun cassia, piper cubeba&mesuaferrea each 0.5%, Melia azadirachta & caryophyllus aromaticus each 1.0%, Purified alum 1.5%, Camphora officinarum & Quercus infectoria each 2.0%, Myricanagi 3.0%, Saindhave & vitexnegundo each 5.0%, Emblicaofficinalis, Terminaliabelerica, Terminaliachabula, Acacia catechu & prunusamygdalus each 6.0%, Mimusopselengi & barleriaprionitis each 10.0%, Acacia arabica 20.0%, Flavoured base Q.S

Instructions: Half a teaspoonful of gum tone powder to be rubbed on the gums and teeth with the help of a soft brush or the finger and to be left for about 5 minutes. Regular use in the morning and evening.

Teeth Decay

Ingredients: CalcPhos 6x; Selenium 30; Kreosote 30; Gunpowder 30

Instructions:4 pills, 3 times a day


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