10 Reasons why Asphaltum(Shilajit) is such a Boon for Human Health!

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Asphaltum, well-known as Shilajit, is a renowned ayurvedic supplement used for a wide range of health issues. Shilajit is a mineral exudate and vegetative derivative expressed from the layers of rock in the mountains. In Ayurveda, Shilajit is a famous Rasayan Dravya (which means rejuvenative remedy) and aphrodisiac agent. Shilajit is also known as the “Conqueror of mountains and Destroyer of weakness” in the Sanskrit language. Traditionally this herb has been used to promote:

  • Energy
  • Vitality and Virility
  • Memory
  • Mood
  • Absorption of vital nutrients
  • Cognitive Improvement
  • Normal blood sugar levels
  • Systemic detoxification
  • Optimized Renal functions
  • Healthy Bones

Chemical Constituents of Shilajit

The reason shilajit is so prized in traditional medicine is because of its phytonutrient abundance. It contains Humic substances (HS) like fulvic acid, humic acid, humins, selenium,etc and other metabolites derived from plants, animal wastes, mycobionts or fungi. Fulvic acid is mainly responsible for the therapeutic value of Shilajit.

Here are Top 10 Reasons why you Should use Shijalit

  1. Shilajit a Panacea for Male Issues

Shilajit’s active constituents are said to have an incredible effect on a man’s health. Studies have indicated that shilajit boosts testosterone levels, enhances energy at the cellular levels, increases libido and stamina, facilitates spermatogenesis, and improves reproductive organ health and fertility. 1, 2

Biogetica’s unique precedent setting kits are an amalgamation of time tested herbs, homeopathic attenuations and nutritional supplements. Our blends are formulated after detailed research on each natural ingredient so that the best available natural resources are chosen to work synergistically in bringing the body back to balance.  Shilajit is an important component of our Male health Protocols such as Biogetica Freedom kit with OM 22 Formula and Biogetica Freedom Kit with SS 200 Formula.

Freedom kit with SS 200 Formula

Biogetica Freedom kit with OM 22 Formula

  1. Shilajit Promotes Female Health

Shilajit appears effective in regulating female hormones, enhancing fertility, and improving irregular menstrual cycles. It is fairly promoted as a revitalizer to enhance physical performance and enhance energy at cellular levels.

Biogetica has incorporated Shilajit along with other beneficial ingredients in its Female Health Protocols such as Biogetica Freedom kit with Inflammation 30 Formula, Freedom kit with AV VITA F, Reguline & OM 24 EN formula and Freedom kit with Endokrium, AV DIASOL & FBPC Formula.

Freedom kit with AV VITA F, Reguline & OM 24 En Formula

Freedom kit with Endokrium, AV DIASOL & FBPC Formula

Biogetica Freedom kit with Inflammation 30 Formula

  1. Shilajit Strengthens Immune Defenses of Your Body

The fulvic acid present in the resin is said to increase immune powers and help your body become more resistant to infections, and inflammation. Plus, it improves general wellness of your body.

You can benefit from our Shilajit infused Freedom Kit with OM 15 Formula formulated to maintain immune levels of target organs such as the urinary tract.

Freedom kit with OM 15 Formula

  1. Shilajit is a Powerful Antioxidant and Free Radical Scaveneger

Shilajit is known for its ability to rejuvenate a cell by pumping oxygen and nutrients into it and supporting the body’s natural antioxidant activity, so that the body can prevent and fight free radical formation. It has been classified as an adaptogen because it helps the body adapt to both internal and external stressors as well as fight physical stress and fatigue. Thus, consuming shilajit may help in cell regeneration, rejuvenation of body tissues and increased cellular energy production contributing to longevity, a slower aging process, and overall better health.

Our anti-aging protocols meticulously formulated for both men and women are potentiated with shilajt and other versatile ingredients.

  1. Shilajit Helps Improve Haemoglobin Levels in the Blood

Since shilajit has shown to improve cellular oxygen levels, energize the body and inhibit free radicals; Clinical research investigating its role in improving blood parameters has reported that shilajit potentially improves hemoglobin levels, hematocrit, and red blood cells. 3

  1. Shilajit Improves Cognitive Abilities

Shilajit seems very resourceful in maintaining a healthy functioning brain. As part of the aging process, proteins like beta-amyloid and tau build up in the brain and cause nerve degeneration related to cognitive decline. Acetylcholine- a neurotransmitter critical for brain function, memory and attention also starts decreasing with aging and chronic stress.  Shilajit in numerous clinical studies has shown to potentially facilitate oxygen, minerals, and nutrients into the brain tissue and support the brain by preventing plaque-protein build-up. It has also been found to inhibit the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine thus offering valuable support in preserving brain health.

  1. Shilajit Benefits Your Heart

Shilajit has shown to exhibit cardioprotective properties primarily owing to its antioxidant effects. Research has also indicated its ability in reducing serum triglycerides, serum cholesterol with simultaneous improvement in HDL. 4

  1. Shilajit Regulates Your Kidney Functions

Shilajit is considered valuable in protecting your kidneys and enhancing their functions by improving blood circulation, removing toxins, strengthening their defenses, and regulating their hormone production.

Biogetica makes sure it capitalizes on this nature boon and has fused it in its kidney kits for optimum renal health.

  1. Shilajit Helps Control Allergies

Shilajit is teeming with anti-inflammatory bio-constituents that potentially accelerate healing and it has also been tested against histamines and results have indicated that it helps deflect dermatological and respiratory allergic responses. 5

  1. Shilajit Promotes Bone Health

Shilajit’s antioxidant properties make it appear effective in protecting and preserving musculoskeletal health. Several clinical studies undertaken to evaluate shilajit’s antioxidant and anti-arthritic activities have shown that shilajit has a considerable effect on potentially inhibiting the inflammatory mechanisms that lead to arthritic conditions and it is therefore highly recommended for elderly people to maintain healthy joints. 6

Ongoing research is still in the process of unearthing many medicinal properties of this brilliant, mineral pitch resin composed of metabolites that makes it a potent source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Biogetica’s is proud to formulate its unique precedent kits that are multidisciplinary and contain choicest natural ingredients picked after detailed research of their properties. To make the most of this amazingly beneficial mineral with numerous clinically verified therapeutic properties, we’ve combined this natural extract in several of our exclusive protocols.

To view our entire range of Health protocols, get more information, ask any health related concern or get personalized recommendations please consult with our Doctors at www.biogetica.com now.



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