Is Herpes Cure Finally Possible in 2019?

  • March 30, 2017
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Viral infections in general have left conventional medicine baffled, since none of the drugs completely eradicate the virus from the body and you can always remain vulnerable to a relapse. Billions have been spent on research and yet there is no cure for a cold in conventional medicine systems. This has led scientists to say there is no cure and yet anyone who has treated a cold naturally will tell you otherwise!

Another example is the Herpes simplex virus, which is one of the most niggling infections that nearly all sexually active individuals contract. Unfortunately! conventional medicine has no Herpes cure! Beating the Herpes infection is complex as the virus hides behind the blood brain barrier where conventional medicines cannot reach. However, growing research has now identified that certain natural molecules such as Astaxanthin may be able to cross the blood brain barrier and deliver nutrition to the nerve ganglia.1

Can this astaxanthin be used as a carrier to bring something like Hypericum mysorense, which “suppressed herpes 100%” in a lab setting2 to the virus residing in the nerve ganglia? A positive answer to this question may actually bring us closer to the possibility of a Herpes Cure.

It is now 2019 and the indications are clear that Doctors, scientists, and patients are all returning to nature for medicine. There is already a tremendous amount of evidence showing that natural medicines can outperform pharmaceuticals for the chronic management of ailments. For herpes, in particular, certain natural substances have shown great promise in reducing the duration of outbreaks and reducing the likelihood of future ones.

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The most promising of these include:

Hypericum mysorense:

This herb made international headlines across the world when the study on it and HSV was published in peer reviewed medical journals. Page 28 of this, which is even in the US library of medicine states “Our results showed that H. mysorense and H. hookerianum suppressed HSV-1 infection.” 3

Biogetica has various patents on its Hyperisince formula, which synergistically combines Hypericum mysorense with other herbs.

Herpes nosodes:

Herpes Nosodes are energetic imprints of the Herpes viral RNA that are believed to empower specific immune responses. They do not contain any actual virus in them like vaccines do. 82% of the genital herpes patients in a trial conducted in France had reduced or no outbreaks for 5 years after taking herpes nosodes for 6 months. 4

Homeopaths consider nosodes to be an essential tool as they specifically remind the immune system to take action even when the virus lies dormant. Most of Europe considers Nosodes, which represent the state of the art in Homeopathy to be valid treatment modalities. Switzerland recently passed a law to insure there is insurance coverage for homeopathy and nosodes.

However, the problem with both these was their inability to cross the blood brain barrier alone. This is where nano technology and natural molecules such as Astaxanthin come in. If someone can successfully deliver a herb like Hypericum mysorense that suppresses the herpes virus into the nerve ganglia, they may be able to eliminate herpes from the body and completely cure it.

However, this cure cannot be judged via anti-body tests. Anti-bodies are our bodies defence mechanism and we will always carry anti-bodies for any virus we have been infected with or vaccinated against. To understand that someone is actually cured of or free from a viral situation we will have to look into PCR DNA tests of the virus which look for the actual virus and not anti-bodies that our body made against it.

Biogetica’s latest patents in the field of herpes couple two potent transports with Hypericum mysorense to get the active herb into the cell wall and past the blood brain barrier. We hope to release this new formula to the world later this year by the end of 2019. Our existing Hyperisince product already has one of these two transports to take the herb past the cell wall. The addition of Astaxanthin will potentially take it past the blood brain barrier too.

Occidental allopathic medicine has done an amazing job of studying the molecules of life and controlling symptoms by altering these molecules. However life isn’t just about molecules and therefore these molecules often fall short in both addressing the root cause of disease and rejuvenating the organ systems affected by them. This is why more and more scientists are turning to nature once again.

Biogetica has customized Immune Boost Protocols that specialize in enhancing the body’s innate defense mechanism. A robust immune system can potentially deflect any foreign predator that breaches the body’s terrain.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for answers that may help you overcome Herpes; look no further, consult with our experienced panel of Doctors and get personalized recommendations based on your health status at now!


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