Hemorrhoids Diet

Diet for Hemorrhoids

Diet plays an important role in helping to prevent and soothe hemorrhoids. Right from including high fibers, Omega 3 fatty acids and micro nutrients like zinc and chromium; and avoiding refined carbohydrates, animal products and alcohol, natural food stuffs that can help with easier evacuation of bowel contents are wide and varied.

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Hemorrhoids (commonly known as piles) are swollen and inflamed blood vessels inside and outside the anus that can cause discomfort while sitting, standing or defecating. They are caused by straining during bowel movements, increased pressure on the veins during pregnancy or childbirth, or a lack of physical activity. In severe cases, hemorrhoids start to become itchy, cause pain, or bleed; a surgery can be performed to remove it. However, it has a high rate of recurrence. Regulating the diet and following certain exercise are considered to be the most effective methods that can help improving digestion and ease bowel movements.

We are providing the necessary food recommendations for Hemorrhoids that can help.


Recommended Foods:

  • Mild laxatives can be taken to prevent constipation.
  • Old Sali and shasthi (varieties of rice), barley, horse gram are good, Eat lots of green leafy vegetables which containing magnesium.
  • Include carrot, radish, beetroot, surana(Elephant Foot Yam) , ridge gourd, small cucumber, garlic pearls, ginger, buttermilk, butter, mustard oil and black salt.
  • Include foods high in fibers like legumes, such as split peas, lentils, black beans, lima beans, and baked beans, Whole grains, such as barley, bran flakes, oatmeal, and brown rice, Vegetables, such as artichoke, green peas, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, Fruits, such as raspberries, pears, apples, and bananas
  • Omega 3 fatty acids like flax and chia seeds.
  • Consume adequate quantity of water daily.


Foods for Moderate Consumption:

Pulses, beans, barley, wheat, red variety of Sali rice, sour fruits, black pepper, goat’s milk


Foods to Avoid:

  • Avoid meat, fish, chicken or flesh of animals.
  • Yogurt, sesame, fried food and other substances heavy to digest.
  • Avoid food that is incompatible to each other such as fruit salad, milk with fish etc.
  • Always try to avoid junk food, fast food and outside food (because it contains lots of spices, oil, and chemicals such as sodium bicarbonate etc.)
  • Avoid frozen and preserved food

Home Remedies:

  • Black cumin seeds are beneficial in the treatment of hemorrhoids (piles). About 60grams of cumin seeds, of which half should be roasted, should be ground together. 3-4 grams of this powder should be taken with water everyday once.
  • Consuming sufficient amount of water, liquid juice etc. will reduce dryness of intestine and will help to drain out wastes from your blood through urine. Fruit juice such as grapes, lemon etc., is recommended.
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