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Anxiety is something we all have experienced at some point in our lives. It is not a problem if it is transient and passes off. But once we get into a habit of getting anxious for every small reason is when we need to start worrying.



We are so stressed in our personal and professional lives that we cannot accept the slightest change in our routine. Any such event triggers the panic button. We get restless physically and mentally without realizing that it is not going to do any good.

We need to ask ourselves what is it that makes us feel so nervous. Is there a genuine reason or is it all in the mind? The answer is, it is all in the mind.

So then how does one get rid of it?

To start with you need to make a note of all those events that trigger it. Over a period of time you will notice a pattern of events that lead to this build up.

Once you know the exact cause you are more prepared for it in the future. You need to reprogram your brain to that situation. You have to replace all the negative thoughts with positive ones. This will help you in facing a similar situation in a much relaxed way.

So, you can say good bye to all those feelings of helplessness and all the panic that you been through. You can now look forward to a calm and composed future.

There are a lot of natural and herbal products available which help combat anxiety. They soothe your nerves and help you relax.

All those who have tried such natural remedies for anxiety, please share your experiences with us.


Our Range of Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Dr. Vijaykumar S. Kamat

Dr Vijay Kamat graduated from K.L.E. society’s Shri B. M. Kankanwadi Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum, India; one of the oldest Ayurvedic institutions in India. He is a prestigious member of the Ayurvedic Association of India. He possesses deep ancestral and research-based knowledge of plants, and is passionate about bringing age-old secrets of Ayurveda within the reach of a common man. In keeping with his passion, he is presently leading the medical team of Biogetica – a collective of Doctors dedicated to natural medicine. Together, they work to bring evidence-based natural healing solutions to the world.

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