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Biogetica is a collective of Doctors, Scientists and Healers from numerous traditions including Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homeopathy. Yogic Sciences, Quantum Physics, Tibetan and Chinese Medicine.

Our Mission is to help people across the globe regain their health and freedom, utilizing nature's healing medicines. In doing so we wish to restore global respect in evidence based natural medicine as our Doctors recognize that returning to natural food and medicine is the only way we can live in ease and harmony.**

We welcome you to our world of advanced healthcare which represents the modern approach to quantum healing. With offices in numerous countries and Drs from across the globe, you can be rest assured that you are in capable and caring hands.

We are completely committed to creating a world where you never have to hear the words "there is no cure". We therefore make every effort to stay abreast with the latest research and ensure that every life we touch is uplifted in some way. Our marketing philosophy all along has been that 10 people will approach us for every single one that we help.

You may chat live with a Dr by clicking here, or call us on +18005920304. You may e-mail us on admin@biogetica.com.

Here's to your healing and upliftment.

  • Apurve Mehra (Pronounced Apoorv)


    Apurve is the founder of Biogetica.com. His dream is to uplift people globally, and take them from medication to meditation. Apurve studied at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and then studied Medicina Sintergetica under the enlightened eye of Dr Jorge Carvajal. Biogetica was founded in an effort to offer all natural medicine systems under one roof. Biogetica's mission is to give nature's medicines the respect and importance they deserve on the planet today. Our vision is to present to the world a unified system of wellness that takes into account the physical, energetic, emotional and mental layers of one's being. Apurve firmly believes that modern medicine needs to awaken to the fact that "all matter exists by virtue of vibration" and that all medicine and healing must take into account the molecular, energetic and informational components of consciousness. This is the very reason why all biogetica kits contain nutraceutical, herbal and resonance homeopathic products.

  • J.Turner

    Legal Counsel to Biogetica.com

    Jim Turner, a long time Washington D.C. consumer crusader, began his public advocacy career as one of "[Ralph] Nader's Raiders."' Food safety and the regulatory process were subjects Jim Turner knew a lot about. In the late Sixties, he wrote the influential and best selling expose of the food industry called "The Chemical Feast".

    A principal in the firm Swankin & Turner, Jim represents Biogetica on matters concerning food, drug, health, environmental and product-safety. Jim oversees all communications made by Biogetica and is instrumental in our presenting to the world a scientifically verifiable model for whole person healing that does not overstep the legal norms in any nation. Mr.Turner has served as special counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Food, Nutrition, and Health and to the Senate Government Operations Subcommittee on Government Research. Mr.Turner was the lead attorney on numerous successful petitions to the FDA that have over time helped insure our right to natural medicine whilst removing various dangerous products from the marketplace.

  • Rustom Roy

    Scientific Advisor and Mentor

    He was Founder and Chairman of Friends of Health – an association of world-class scientists who believe strongly, on the basis of their own research, that the biological orthodoxies that dominate current medical and health thinking are significantly limited in their scope and promise. They see significant promise for improved individual and social well being in the breaking down of artificial barriers between body, mind and spirit and point to powerful scientific research that supports this view. This research highlights the significant promise that body, mind spirit, integration offers as an approach to public policy about health promotion, disease prevention, wellness and social improvement.

    Dr Roy was a mentor to our founder Apurve and his teachings in the fields of homeopathy, material science and whole person healing are integral to our work.
  • Swami Vishvaatmanand

    Swami Vishvaatmanand is a Himalayan Ascetic and Yogi who has devoted his life to the Spiritual Quest. He has a deep understanding of meditation and the Alchemical Siddha medicine system. He consults Biogetica on matters of Alchemy, Energy Healing and Siddha Medicine. His intuitive abilities are well recognized amongst the Sages of the Himalayas and we are often amazed with his ability to guide us on matters of importance. The Biogetica, "return to the roots" project was launched under Swami Vishvaatmanand's guidance and he helps facilitate this endeavor that offers free natural medicines to Himalayan Ascetics.

  • Dr.Kamat

    Director Ayurveda


    Dr.Vijay Kamat graduated from K.L.E. society's Shri B. M. Kankanwadi Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Belgaum, India; established in 1933, one of the oldest Ayurvedic institutions in India. He was also the ayurvedic consultant for the Kerudi Hospital and Research Center, Bagalkot, India.

    Dr.Kamat has several years of experience in Ayurvedic Medicine, Panchakarma, and Yoga and has worked extensively on documentation of traditional Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants, especially about their identification, availability, processing, and formulation. He is an authority when it comes to the use of these rare herbal formulations.

  • Dr.Gauri Mane

    Homeopathic Consultant

    Dr.Gauri has a B.H.M.S degree from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Mumbai. She topped her class and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She is a licensed Homoeopath, with over 4 years of clinical experience in Homeopathy, as well as Allopathy.

    She has also worked as a Research Coordinator for several clinical trials. Besides this, she posseses a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital and Healthcare management (PGDHHM) from Symbiosis institute, Pune. She is also a certified Nutritionist and Dietician.

    Dr Gauri can assist you on Home remedies, Diet, Alternative Medicine and Homeopathy. She is thoroughly versed with Biogetica's ground breaking line of full spectrum products. Being a reservoir of information on natural health, she can be of immense help to you in your journey towards health and freedom!

  • Dr. Ritu Sandhu

    Dr.Ritu Sandhu graduated From Chandigarh Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh, INDIA and received accolades for topping her class.

    Dr Ritu has practiced homeopathy for over ten years. She has worked with the Charitable Homeopathic trust at Anandpur Sahib.

    Dr Ritu published a book named 'Secrets of Homeopathy'. She also writes articles on complementary medicine.

  • Dr.Khyati Dave

    Dr.Khyati has a B.H.M.S degree from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Mumbai. She is a licensed Homoeopath, with over 4 years of clinical experience in Homeopathy, as well as Allopathy.

    She also holds a certified Degree in Nutrition & Health Education. She is associated with the field of Wellness & Nutrition for several years. She conducts seminars on Pre-Motherhood for pregnant women.

    Dr.Khyati can assist you on Home remedies, Diet, Nutrition, Alternative Medicine and Homeopathy. She is thoroughly versed with Biogetica's groundbreaking line of full spectrum products. Being a reservoir of information on natural health, she can be of immense help to you in your journey towards health and freedom!

  • Dr.Passang

    Consultant Tibetan and Chinese Medicine

    Dr. Passang Thopchen was born in Tibet he is third lineage of Namwed Kegal Tsang. Namwed Kegal who ruled Song choo area in east Tibet. Dr. Passang graduated in both Tibetan and Chinese medicines, in Tibet and China.

    Tibetan medicine takes the whole person into account considering all aspects: lifestyle, diet, morality, and most important, the emotions. If unbalanced, these weaken the immune system and so are perceived as being the root cause of all sickness. Prevention is better then cures. Doctor Passang cures through diet, moral behaviour, medicines and therapy (internal and external therapy) to treat the patient.

    Dr. Passang left Tibet in 1995 and has been practicing on the international community in Dharamsala and Pune, India. He has treated more then 100.000 patients in that time, and so has gained unprecedented insights into the national emotional characteristics he has encountered.

    Drs. to support you 24/7 via Chat & Phone