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Ultimate Weight Loss Kit

Biogetica is pleased to present the ultimate weight loss kit, just in time for summer. We have combined well known fat burning natural ingredients like raspberry ketones, Irvingia gabonensis extract and green coffee extract with Assist. Assist is our ground breaking resonance homeopathic remedy for weight loss which demonstrated an average weight loss of 22.67 lbs a month in US based clinical trials! This kit also contains a herbal Diueretic which helps you detox while loosing weight.

Ingredients in the kit are 100 percent natural, and we insure that they are crafted in a manner that maximizes potency and absorption.

Assist is our unique, precedent setting, resonance homeopathic remedy for rapid weight loss. In a study conducted at the Kessinger health and wellness center in MO, USA, participants who took ASSIST™ Appetite and weight control formula lost an average of 22.67 lbs. The lowest weight lost by a participant was 11 lbs and the highest was 38.5 lbs!!! No other natural product we have heard of has demonstrated such results ever!

Weight-OFF / RIG is a patented proprietary blend of Irvingia gabonensis, Red Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Cissus Quadrangularis. These ingredients were made very popular by Doctor Oz, on his TV show. We have combined them into one easy to consume pill, which contains them in their ideal proportions and most bio-available form. Each ingredient has significant research behind it.

LHD Pro Herb Diuretic Is a herbal formula that is traditionally believed to increase the urine output safely and reduces water retention in the body. This works synergistically with the other two formulas to maximize results.

This entire kit is natural. It has been designed by our team of Doctors for the ultimate weight loss. If you are ready to loose weight we are ready to Assist you!

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ASSIST is a state of the art resonance homeopathic remedy. It is designed to kick start your metabolism by bringing endocrine glands into resonance with their optimal function. This is believed to happen across the hormonal axis, which Ayurveda considers to be the physical representations of the chakras in the body. Assist also contains potentized impressions of Fat. This in accordance with the “like cures like” principle of homeopathy tells the body that there is too much fat and takes it into fat burn mode. Assist is possibly our greatest achievement to date. Our Doctors were expecting it to fair well in trials, however we were all amazed when trial results came back! No one imagined that a homeopathic remedy alone would bring an average weight loss of 22.67 lbs in ONE month! Whenever someone argues with us about Homeopathy, the chakras or the energy bodies we simply show them this study. Any scientist or disbeliever who wishes to discredit new resonance homeopathy is asked to show us a placebo, herb, supplement or pharmaceutical medicine that has faired equally well in US based clinical trials!

In a study conducted at the Kessinger health and wellness center in MO, USA, participants who took ASSIST™ Appetite and weight control formula lost an average of 22.67 lbs. The lowest weight lost by a participant was 11 lbs and the highest was 38.5 lbs!!!

These participants were on a diet and your results may vary based on diet. However our Doctors advise assist only for those people looking to loose 10 lbs or more. If you wish to loose less then weight off RIG alone is advised.

Price $69
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Weight Off RIG:

Weight off Rig is a natural, non-stimulatory weight loss supplement that believed to work by:
  • Increasing Metabolism
  • Promoting fat burn
  • Improving blood lipid levels
  • Improve glucose tolerance
Weight-OFF / RIG is a patented proprietary blend of Irvingia gabonensis, Red Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Cissus Quadrangularis. These ingredients have recently been proven clinically to show results in weight loss and lipid metabolism.

You can refer to the research (links below) to learn more about the trial results of these super fruits. It is these results that have led many popular Doctors on American television such as Dr Oz to recommend the products.

Price $39

Raspberry ketones

A Planta Medical study on raspberry ketones showed significant decrease in body fat and lipid metabolism. Laboratory studies have also shown an association between consuming raspberry ketones and increase in metabolic activity, that is believed to aid in weight loss, preventing additional fat accumulation.
Irvingia gabonensis

Clinical studies on Irvingia gabonensis

In a 10 week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 72 obese or overweight participants, participants given a combination of Irvingia gabonensis and Cissus quadrangularis showed a 11.9% decrease in body weight, 20% reduction in body fat, and 21% reduction in waist size, with a significant difference (p<0.05) from the placebo group. The study also showed considerable improvement in serum cholesterol and fasting blood sugar levels.
Green coffee extract

In a 22-week crossover study, 16 subjects considered overweight were given a commercial green coffee extract product, with no significant changes to diet over the course of the study. Significant reductions in body weight (−8.04 kg), body mass index (−2.92 kg/m2), and percent body fat (−4.44% %), were observed. There was also a small decrease in heart rate (−2.56 beats per minute). Body mass index for six of the subjects shifted from pre-obesity to the normal weight range (<25.00 kg/m2). The results were consistent in human as well as animal trials.
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LHD Pro Herb Diuretic:
is a combination of various traditionally used herbs and other micronutrients, that are believed to aid in detoxification and prevent your body from retaining water. This process is also believed to helps in flushing out excessive toxins, making you feel lighter, cleaner and more fit.


Horsetail Grass 32 mg; Clivers 32 mg; Buchu 32 mg; Couch Grass 32 mg; UvaUrsi 32 mg; Gravel Root 32 mg; Cubeb Berries 32 mg; Argrimony 32 mg; Dandelion Room 32 mg; Goldenrod 32 mg; Asparagus 32 mg

Price $39

Total value of these products purchased individually - $147
Price of Kit - $129 only!!
CONSULT ONE OF BIOGETICA'S DOCTORS FOR FREE. Please don't delay, begin your healing journey today!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our weight loss products and we will refund you 100% of the purchase price if you are not truly amazed with the results.*
You can also purchase each of these products individually:
ASSIST™ Appetite and weight control formula!

The average weight lost by participants in the study was 22.67 pounds. The Lowest amount of weight lost by a participant was 11 pounds, and the highest weight loss was 38.5 pounds.

Price $69
Weight OFF RIG Formula

Price $39
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