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When it comes to your health, there can be no compromises.** Which is why, to inform you better on various conditions, we have put together a knowledge base of research white papers from the best of practitioners in the field of natural therapies. All of this research has been published in Peer reviewed medical journals after a stringent review process.

Please note: Biogetica presents the research as it is, without making any claims about the methods discussed. If you want more information on a particular condition, you might consider talking to your Doctor or one of ours.
Conditions Clinical Studies
Acne Inhibition of Propionibacterium acnes lipase by extracts of Indian medicinal plants**
ADD / ADHD Research shows that the ingredients in our kits may possess calming and cognition enhancing properties such as increased concentration**

Research 1

Research 2

Research suggests Nutraceuticals, Complementary and Alternative Therapies may help those with ADHD**
Alcoholism Research shows Ginkgo biloba may assist in alcoholism**
Arthritis The Ingredients of our product Tab Arthrella, showed efficacy in reducing pain and inflammation.** (PDF format)
Asthma Tab Haleezy, one of the products in our kit, helped 78% of the patients. The patients rated the efficacy as either excellent, very good or good.**

Inhibitory effect of Calotropis gigantea extract of Ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation and Arachidonic acid induced**
Bronchitis Studies suggest that OCIMUM SANCTUM (TULSI) may help in cough, flu, bronchitis**
Cataract The data generated by this study suggests that an ethanolic extract of C. maritima may prevent cataractogenesis in a rat model by minimizing free radical generation.**
Cirrhosis of the Liver A study ON PLANTS USED IN our kits shows their efficacy in LIVER DISEASES**

Effect of polyherbal preparation on thioacetamide induced and hepatic encephalopathy in rats**
Colitis Independent Clinical trials with herbs reported that herbs reduced the signs and symptoms of colitis by more than 80%.**
Constipation Research on our ingredient Croton Tiglium, clearly indicated that its extract possessed significant purgative effects.**
Dementia Results from the double blind placebo controlled clinical trials confirm the clinical efficacy of Ginkgo biloba in dementia of the Alzheimer type**

Clinical studies on Bacopa Monnieria extract showed significant improvement in mental control, logical memory and paired associated learning**.

Evaluate memory enhancing activity of extract of Acorus calamus is mice and rats**
Dental problems Phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of Gymnema sylvestre, Mentha arvensis, Solanum surratnse extracts in dental**
Depression Ingredients of our product Sumenta showed significant anti-depressive activity in depressed individuals** (PDF Format)
Dysmenorrhea Studies suggest the positive role of Caulophylum in Dysmenorrhea**
Eczema Clinical trials shows that ingredients of Tab takzema from our kit showed positive results in 88% of Eczema patients (PDF Format)**

Clinical evaluation of AV DERMAC CREAM in cases of eczema and dermatitis**
Emphysema The study suggests that one of the ingredients (in our product Tab Extrammune) Tinospora Cordifolia may have a bronchodialtor and an anti-respiratory effect in emphysema**

Endometriosis Sepia in Endometriosis**

Study shows that our product M-2 tone may be useful in many common gynecological disorders**
Erectile Dysfunction Research suggests the ingredients in our kit may be very effective as an Aphrodisiac.**
Fibromyalgia Study suggest Homeopathy May help Fibromyalgia.**

Study suggests that Rhus Tox may be beneficial in Fibromyalgia**
GOUT Studies suggest Colchicum may be helpful in GOUT**

Research suggest Curcuma Longa may be beneficial in Gout**
Hemorrhoids Studies suggest that Collinsonia canadensis may be useful in Hemorrhoids**
Hepatitis Study suggests that Chelidonium may be beneficial in Hepatitis**
Herpes The Canadian Government has had the following to say about monolaurin.**

Studies suggest that Nosodes (such as 2L Herp) benefited 82% of Herpes cases**

Independent studies conducted by the JSS college of pharmacy have shown that extracts of Hypericum Mysorense demonstrated anti-viral activity in vitro.**
HPV Viscum album in HPV**

The Canadian Government has had the following to say about monolaurin.**
Hypertension Research suggests that Rauwolfia Serpentina may be useful in Hypertension**
IBS Ingredients of our product Tab Ojus showed positive results in the treatment of IBS** (PDF Format)
Insomnia Valeriana Officinalis in Insomnia** (Link 2)
Infertility Ingredients of our product cap Addyzoa may help increase sperm count, motility and morphology** (PDF format)
Kidney Stone Ingredients of our product Tab Calcury showed very positive results in 67% of patients with renal calculi** (PDF format)
Leucorrhoea Ingredients of our product Tab Femiforte helped 72.5% cases of Leucorrhea and 20.5% of cases of non-specific leucorrhea** (PDF format)
Menopause Research suggest that Alternative treatments may be useful for improving menopausal symptoms**

Research suggests that Ingredients in our products Cap Evanova, may be effective in relieving menopausal symptoms** (PDF format)
Menorrhagia Independent Clinical studies on the Ingredients of our product Cap Posex forte reveal that these may help in Menorrhagia Research on Ashoka (Saraca Indica)**

Research on Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa)** 

Research on Lajjalu (Mimosa pudica)**
Migraine Ingredients showed complete relief in 65% and partial relief in 30% of patients with migraine** (PDF format)
Mouth Ulcer Development and Evaluation of Unit Moulded herbal semisolid Jelly useful in treatment of mouth Ulcer**
Obesity Ingredients in our product, Tab Obenyl, showed fair to excellent results in 84.33% patients in treating obesity** (PDF format)

Hypolipemic effect of AV UNILIPID on Human Volunteers**

Evaluation of Nigella sativa seeds anti parkinsons activity**

PCOD/PCOS Studies suggest that ingredients of our product Tab Hyponidd, may be effective in postponing the need for insulin in pre-diabetes (common in patients of PCOS)** (PDF format)

Research shows that ingredients of our product Tab M-2 Tone, may be a valuable replacement for hormone therapy in menstrual disorders like PCOD** (PDF format)
Peptic Ulcers Research suggests that Chamomilla may be helpful in Peptic Ulcer**

Clinical research suggests that ingredients of our product Tab Alsarex, benefited 87% cases of acid peptic disorders** (PDF format)

Ameliorative Effect of Achillia Mellifolium Extract in experimentally induced ulcers in rats**
Psoriasis Clinical study of our products Tab. Imupsora, suggests that the ingredients showed fair to good improvement in 88% of people with Psoriasis** (PDF format)
Sinusitis Study suggests that Hepar Sulph may be useful in Sinusitis**
Sciatica Research suggests that Hypericum Perforatum may be useful in Sciatica**
Stress Research suggest that Aconite may be beneficial in cases of Stress**
Trigeminal Neuralgia Studies suggests that Homeopathy may be beneficial in Trigeminal Neuralgia**
Upper Respiratory Tract
Infection (URTI)
Research suggests that Alternative remedies may be useful in Upper Respiratory Tract Infections**

Ingredients found to rapidly relieve all types of Cough** (PDF format)
Vitiligo Clinical Research on our product Tab. Pigmento showed positive response in 60%, and positive response without relapse in 48% of Vitiligo Patients**
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