Informed decisions are better decisions. Biogetica supports you in your right to know and choose. We are here to give natures medicines and whole person healing the respect it deserves and hope you will join us in this pertinent quest today.

When it comes to your health, there can be no compromises.** Which is why, to inform you better on various conditions, we have put together a knowledge base of research white papers from the best of practitioners in the field of natural therapies. These include ground breaking precedent setting research on our meticulously crafted products and research on the ingredients in them as well. Our entire product design and ingredient selection process is evidence based and we carefully study each possible ingredient before designing a kit that includes the best of what nature has to offer.

All of this research has been published in Peer reviewed medical journals after a stringent review process. Some of it is also hosted by on the US National Library of Medicine. It is beautiful to see that practitioners from all medical traditions are now beginning to realise the importance of nature in health and wellness. Pharmaceuticals may manage symptoms but they do precious little to rejuvenate our bodies and their organ systems. This is where natural health products come in and there is now ample evidence to show that nature plays a critical part in our wellbeing!

Please note: Biogetica presents the research as it is, without making any claims about the methods discussed. If you want more information on a particular condition, you might consider talking to your Doctor or one of ours.
Conditions Clinical Studies
Acne Several clinical studies have indicated that plant extracts heal acne with lasting results. Due to these properties, plant-based modalities are promising especially because antibiotics and hormones usually applied to treat acne are often accompanied by severe side effects and drug resistance over a period of time.

A clinical study showed that the extract of T.chebula (an ingredient in our kit) was more successful in inhibiting the activities of acne producing bacteria as compared to antibiotics like clindamycin and tetracycline.

Nearly all the participants enrolled in an observational study to test a homeopathic complex reported statistically significant improvement in the acne lesions. Thus, suggesting that the homeopathic ingredient was successful in the treatment of acne especially of the inflammatory kind.
ADD / ADHD 75% out of 115 ADHD patients responded to homeopathy, reaching a clinical improvement rating of 73% and only 22% of the patient group needed additional treatment of Methylphenidate, the conventional drug in the treatment of ADHD. Moreover, no side effects were reported, which is a major concern for patients on conventional medicine for ADHD.

A clinical trial to test the efficacy of Bacopa monnieri (an ingredient in AV Memvita) on ADHD children reported that the extract of B monnieri was found to be effective in alleviating the symptoms of ADHD and was well-tolerated by the children.
Alcoholism Heavy drinkers treated with a herb extract for 7 days showed significant reduction in alcohol consumption. The urge to drink also drastically reduced and no notable side effects were observed.

Lab subjects treated with a homeopathic mother tincture caused significant reduction in alcohol intake after an oral treatment for 15 days. The results indicated that the natural complex successfully induced increased aversion to alcohol on completion of the protocol.
Asthma Tab Haleezy, one of the products in our kit, helped 78% of the patients. The patients rated the efficacy as either excellent, very good or good.**

Inhibitory effect of Calotropis gigantea extract of Ovalbumin-induced airway inflammation and Arachidonic acid induced**
Allergies 82.6% from a total of 456 patients suffering from allergies responded to Natural Treatment as compared to 68% that responded to conventional medicines. Also, the adverse events for those treated with conventional medicine was 22.3%, versus 7.8% for those on natural remedies. The number of very satisfied patients was also higher in the natural treatment group.

A prospective multicenter observational study on allergic patients reported that the given homeopathic treatment substantially improved symptoms of all the enrolled patients. 62% were able to discontinue at least one conventional medication, while the remaining patients 38% reported a dose reduction in at least one medication. No side effects were reported either.

Patients reported significant positive changes in their allergic –specific symptoms and improved quality of life after taking a homeopathic preparation for 4 weeks in a double-blind clinical trial comparing the homeopathic preparation and a placebo. Moreover, subjects taking the test ingredient reported no adverse event during the trial period.
Alopecia Several clinical studies have indicated that plant extracts may help prevent hair fall and induce regrowth without producing any side effects. Conventional treatments on the other hand, are known to cause an array of side-effects like rapid weight-gain, fast or pounding heartbeats, and swelling in legs, ankles and feet in the patients. Regular intake of herbs has produced promising results and more people than ever before are switching to natural and herbal protocols to prevent hair fall.

86.9% of Alopecia areata patients reported hair re-growth after applying a juice of Allium cepa L (an ingredient in our kit) for 6 weeks and the result was significantly higher among males (93.7%) compared to females (71.4%). The study indicated that plant extracts can be a valuable alternative with regard to hair re-growth.
Alzheimer’s disease Clinical trials have shown that herbal extracts appear to have versatile properties that help improve cognitive functions and their use in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s looks promising. Furthermore, herbal extracts also appear to have fewer adverse effects.
Bronchitis Studies suggest that OCIMUM SANCTUM (TULSI) may help in cough, flu, bronchitis**
Cataract The data generated by this study suggests that an ethanolic extract of C. maritima may prevent cataractogenesis in lab subjects by minimizing free radical generation.**
Cirrhosis of the Liver A study ON PLANTS USED IN our kits shows their efficacy in improving functions of the liver **

Effect of polyherbal preparation on thioacetamide induced and hepatic encephalopathy in lab subjects**
Colitis Independent Clinical trials with herbs reported that herbs reduced the signs and symptoms of colitis by more than 80%.**
Constipation Research on our ingredient Croton Tiglium, clearly indicated that its extract possessed significant purgative effects.**
Dementia Results from the double blind placebo controlled clinical trials confirm the clinical efficacy of Ginkgo biloba in dementia of the Alzheimer type**

Clinical studies on Bacopa Monnieria extract showed significant improvement in mental control, logical memory and paired associated learning**.

Evaluate memory enhancing activity of extract of Acorus calamus in lab subjects**
Dental problems Phytochemical and antimicrobial screening of Gymnema sylvestre, Mentha arvensis, Solanum surratnse extracts in dental problems**
Depression Ingredients of our product Sumenta showed significant emotional balancing effect in depressed individuals** (PDF Format)
Dysmenorrhea Studies suggest the positive role of Caulophylum in Dysmenorrhea**
Eczema Clinical trials shows that ingredients of Tab takzema from our kit showed positive results in 88% of Eczema patients (PDF Format)**

Clinical evaluation of AV DERMAC CREAM in cases of eczema and dermatitis**
Emphysema The study suggests that one of the ingredients (in our product Tab Extrammune) Tinospora Cordifolia may have a bronchodilator effect in emphysema**

Endometriosis Sepia in Endometriosis**

Study shows that our product M-2 tone may be useful in many common gynecological disorders**
Erectile Dysfunction Research suggests the ingredients in our kit may be very effective as an Aphrodisiac.**
Fibromyalgia Study suggest Homeopathy May help in Fibromyalgia.**

Study suggests that Rhus Tox may be beneficial in Fibromyalgia**
GOUT Studies suggest Colchicum may be helpful in GOUT**

Research suggest Curcuma Longa may be beneficial in Gout**
Hemorrhoids Studies suggest that Collinsonia canadensis may be useful in Hemorrhoids**
Hepatitis Study suggests that Chelidonium may be beneficial in Hepatitis**
Herpes The Canadian Government has had the following to say about monolaurin.**

Studies suggest that Nosodes (such as 2L Herp) benefited 82% of Herpes cases**

Independent studies conducted by the JSS college of pharmacy have shown that extracts of Hypericum Mysorense demonstrated anti-viral activity in vitro.**
HPV Viscum album in HPV**

The Canadian Government has had the following to say about monolaurin.**
Hypertension Research suggests that Rauwolfia Serpentina may be useful in Hypertension**
IBS Ingredients of our product Tab Ojus helped improve functions of the Digestive System** (PDF Format)
Insomnia Valeriana Officinalis in Insomnia** (Link 2)
Leucorrhoea Ingredients of our product Tab Femiforte helped 72.5% cases of Leucorrhea and 20.5% of cases of non-specific leucorrhea** (PDF format)
Menopause Research suggest that Alternative treatments may be useful for improving menopausal symptoms**

Research suggests that Ingredients in our products Cap Evanova, may be effective in relieving menopausal symptoms** (PDF format)
Menorrhagia Independent Clinical studies on Ashoka (Saraca Indica) revealed that these may help in Menorrhagia **

Research on Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa)** 

Research on Lajjalu (Mimosa pudica)**
Migraine Ingredients showed complete relief in 65% and partial relief in 30% of patients with migraine** (PDF format)
Mouth Ulcer Development and Evaluation of Unit Moulded herbal semisolid Jelly useful in treatment of mouth Ulcer**
Obesity Ingredients in our product, Tab Obenyl, showed fair to excellent results in 84.33% of obese patients ** (PDF format)

Hypolipemic effect of AV UNILIPID on Human Volunteers**

Evaluation of Nigella sativa seeds anti parkinsons activity**

PCOD/PCOS Research shows that ingredients of our product Tab M-2 Tone, may be a valuable replacement for hormone therapy in menstrual disorders like PCOD** (PDF format)
Peptic Ulcers Research suggests that Chamomilla may be helpful in Peptic Ulcer**

Ameliorative Effect of Achillia Mellifolium Extract in experimentally induced ulcers in lab subjects**
Sinusitis Study suggests that Hepar Sulph may be useful in Sinusitis**
Sciatica Research suggests that Hypericum Perforatum may be useful in Sciatica**
Stress Research suggest that Aconite may be beneficial in cases of Stress**
Trigeminal Neuralgia Studies suggests that Homeopathy may be beneficial in Trigeminal Neuralgia**
Upper Respiratory Tract
Infection (URTI)
Research suggests that Alternative remedies may be useful in Upper Respiratory Tract Infections**

Ingredients found to rapidly relieve all types of Cough** (PDF format)
Vitiligo Independent clinical trials showed a 60% success rate using Pigmento **
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