PHP offers this series of pure tissue concentrates for the allergic or hypersensitive patient, or otherwise when a pure tissue material is needed (no additives). Each contains only pure, lyophilized New Zealand tissue concentrates- free from colors, flavors, preservatives, fillers or excipients of any kind, in pull- apart gelatin capsules for easy administration of the pure contents, if desired.

Eco Adrenal 200 90 capsules
Adrenal tissue (lyophilized) 200.0, DHEA .060 (60mcg)

Eco Liver 60 capsules
Liver tissue (lyophilized) 650.0, Superoxide dismutase (SOD) 1.576, Catalase (1182 Sigma units)

Eco Spleen 90 capsules
Spleen tissue (lyophilized) 300.0

Eco Thyro 60 capsules
Thyroid tissue (lyophilized) 125.0

Eco Thymus 90 capsules
Thymus tissue (lyophilized) 250.0