T15 LVR Liquescence

T15 LVR Liquescence Formula

T15 -Liquescence has an energetic, informational and nutritive effect that is traditionally believed to stimulate the liver into optimal functioning. This Liquescence contains low potency Resonance Homeopathies and Sarcodes, which provide information on health tissues and are believed to remind the body of optimal functions and stimulate it to adapt accordingly.

This natural formulation provides homeopathic ingredients traditionally believed to support your liver by: **

  • Providing bio-energetic information on proper liver and gall bladder functioning
  • Helping liver cells in the regeneration process
  • Helping to drain toxins from the liver, and enhancing liver functions

T15 LVR Liquescence Formula

Lycopodium Clavatum 2X; Ptelea Trifoliata 2X; Hydrastis Canadensis 2X; Uva-Ursi 2X; Beta Vulgaris 2X; Carduus Marianus 2X; Taraxacum Officinale 2X; Chelidonium Majus 2X; Raphanus Sativus 3X; Phosphorus 6X. Potentized Bioenergetic Impressions of: Liver 3X, 6X; Gallbladder 3X, 6X


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