Social Projects

Biogetica is involved in Various Social Projects across the globe. From Medication to Meditation, Biogetica pledges to be with the people of this planet, every step of the way.

Meditation Camps:

Our founder Apurve has conducted various meditation camps in Asia, USA and Europe. He considers meditation to be the only freedom and makes it a point to help one realise the difference between true meditation and mental illusion. A lot of the meditations taught at these camps are also available on the guided meditations page of our website. These meditations are secular and designed to help us transcend the mind and emotions that sway us around. Apurve also makes it a point to dedicate time each day for healing activities and you may email him on [email protected] at any time.

Free Clinics and Donation based Remedies:

Every year we hold free clinics in Asia, South America, Europe and USA. All services are provided against any donation and no one is ever turned away. You may avail of this same service online. You may also visit us at our clinic in Mumbai, India, Madrid Spain, Medellin Colombia or New York, New York when they are functioning. The Mumbai clinic is open all year.

Return to the Roots Project:

The west is returning to natural remedies, yoga and meditation. However India's holy men who come from various faiths including Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity are now being misled into chemical food and medicine. Biogetica has launched an initiative called return to the roots that once again returns these divine souls to their heritage of natural food and medicine. As a part of this initiative we hold free clinics in the himalayas and also teach the basics of Ayurvedic living to the Holy men and women of India. Meals are provided to all visitors on clinic days.

We thank you for your continued support of Biogetica as it is this support that allows us to never turn someone away from receiving the help they need.

Having an audience with His Holiness- the 14th Dalai Lama and seeking his blessings was an enriching experience for our founder- Apurve. Coincidently, Apurve first studied pulse diagnosis with Dalai lama's physician and today His Holiness wears our Resonam pendant and takes our formulated supplements. Thus, empowering our mission to get Nature's medicine the respect it deserves.

Full Spectrum Biogetica Approach to Natural Medicine

How and why did nature get eradicated from the realm of Medicine

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