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Soham Formulas – Organo Mixtures


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
124 5 49 16 20 39723

CONTENT Blood, Eosin, Haemoglobin, Platelets, Red Bone Marrow, Spleen.

BLOOD is the medium by which the entire system is nourished and the blood is the most important part to be thought of in any illness. Blood in potency makes a powerful remedy.

EOSIN is found in white cells.

HAEMOGLOBIN is found in red cells.

PLATELETS form an important part in the bleeding and clotting of blood.

RED BONE MARROW manufactures both white and red blood cells.

THE SPLEEN does a great deal of work in regard to the blood system. It forms red blood cells for the foetus. It can do so in adult life too, if necessary. It removes worn out red blood cells and platelets from the circulation and manufactures lymphocytes which fight infection in the body, and it also manufactures antibodies.


May be used for any condition in which the blood is involved.
After a great deal of quinine and allopathic drugs, to reinstate a healthy condition in the blood. Helps to revive the tone of blood, working on the actual composition of the blood.


After a great deal of quinine and allopathic drugs, to reinstate a healthy condition in the blood. Helps to revive the tone of blood, working on the actual composition of the blood.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
2 5 7 10 8 20 29 41 9 17 19

CONTENT Adrenalin, Histamine, Lung, Thyroid

ADRENALIN lifts the body whilst under stress, and works on the asthma spasm affected by the sympathetic nervous system.

HISTAMINE is an enzyme that causes dilation of the walls of blood vessels.

LUNG is the lung tissue which, if damaged, will repair with this remedy.

THYROID stimulates oxidation and regulates consumption of oxygen and the output of carbon dioxide.

For all asthmatic conditions.
For any condition in which the lung has been weakened: use in conjunction with MEDULLA or CARDIO PLEXUS, both of which work on respiratory organs.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
12 6 8 2 7 27 35 6 3 7 6 4

CONTENT Bone, Parathyroid, Periosteum, Red Marrow, Yellow Marrow, White Marrow.

PARATHYROID balances the calcium and phosphorus.

PERIOSTEUM is the covering of bone and is a muscular, fibrous, vascular membrane, rich in blood vessels. From here the blood vessels permeate into the bone tissue and in this way bone is supplied with blood. It also plays a part in formation of new tissue.

USES Injuries and any disorder of bones anywhere in the body will respond to this.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
7 8 8 9 29 33 34 39 9 3 7 8 9

CONTENT Accessory nerves, Cervical discs, Cervical nerve plexus, Cervical Vertebra, Sternomastoid and Trapezius muscles.
THE ACCESSORY NERVE (cranial) furnishes both the trapezius and sternomastoid muscles and, in turn, these muscles are attached to the cervicals.

USES To be used in any condition involving the upper shoulder girdle and neck areas, be it muscular, vertebral or discs.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
2 3 66 711 24 26 63584

CONTENT Arteries, Arterial tissues, Arterioles, Capillaries, Veins, Vein tissues.

THESE ARE THE MAIN VESSELS THAT TRANSPORT THE BLOOD. If they are not in good condition then bad circulation will result.

Bad circulation, capillary breakdown and any cardio
vascular condition.
Any condition with a blue, mottled look to the skin.
Leg ulcers.
Varicose veins.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
3 45 6 11 16 22 27 9 89 76

CONTENT Colon whole, Atomic colon, Sigmoid colon.

Appendicitis: anyone who is prone.
Chronic diarrhoea or dysentery.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
2 5 6 6 6 19 25 26 8 4 5 3 2

CONTENT Coronary artery, cholesterol, Endocardium, Pericardium, Myocardium, Prothrombin.

CORONARY ARTERY which supplies the heart with blood is a great seat of trouble in heart problems. There is blocking either through arteriosclerosis or a thrombus, resulting in narrowing and damaging.

PROTHROMBIN balances the blood clotting mechanism.

THE ENDOCARDIUM and PERICARDIUM are the lining of the heart and must be maintained in condition otherwise, their brother, the middle lining, the myocardium will be affected. It becomes short of blood in a myocardial infarct, part of it dies and scar tissue ensues. This is what we normally call “a Heart Attack”.

All heart cases.
A Heart Tonic, to prevent Heart attack.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
2 6 6 7 6 23 25 28 14 4 11

CONTENT Glucagon, Insulin, Islets of Langerhans, Pancreatin.

GLUCAGON is found in the Islets.

INSULIN is the product of the Islets.


PANCREATIN balances the Pancreas.

Any case of Diabetes or Hypoglycemia.
Very emotional patients – as the Pancreas is affected by emotions.
Inflammation of the Pancreas.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
7 7 79 29 30 31 37 9 1877

CONTENT Duodenum, Pancreas, Pancreatin juice, Vagus Nerve.

THE PANCREAS sends digestive juice to
THE DUODENUM which is the first part of the small intestine.
THE VAGUS NERVE sends messages to the pancreas and duodenum, working in conjunction with emotions.

USES All digestive problems Diabetes Duodenitis Duodenal ulcer Gastritis Pancreatitis.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
5 6 7 8 22 27 29 32 9 7 14 3

CONTENT Auditory nerve, Cerebral cortex, Cochlea.

THE AUDITORY NERVE lies within the COCHLEA. which is the shell of the inner ear, and lesions in this nerve result in deafness.

IN THE CEREBRAL CORTEX which is the grey matter of the cerebrum and consists of many nerve cells, lies the auditory area where sound impressions are received and interpreted.


Deafness, or hardness of hearing.
Nerve damage.
Meniere’s Disease.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
1112 1357 38891

CONTENT Lens, Oculomotor nerve, Optic nerve, Retina.

THE LENS is the principal organ of focus and a cataract is the opacity of this area.

THE OCULOMOTOR NERVE supplies most of the eye muscles, and also gives nerve supply to the iris.

THE RETINA is the nervous mechanism of sight containing the endings of the optic nerves.THE OPTIC NERVE is the nerve of sight.

Accommodation problems – Blindness.
Immature cataract.
Increasing need of stronger glasses.
Loss of reflexes and Detached Retina.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
2 5 6 9 8 22 24 39 19 3 7 2

CONTENT Hair, Hair follicules, Sebaceous glands, Thyroid

Baldness, falling and thinning of hair.
Dullness with need for hair toning.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
7 7 7 7 28 28 28 29 7 9 3 7 8

CONTENT Peripheral Nerve Endings, Trigeminal nerve.

PERIPHERAL NERVE ENDINGS are all nerves at the surface of the skin.
THE TRIGEMINAL NERVE begins at the temple area and reaches up over the head and down into the jaw and teeth, encircles the eyes and the forehead.

USES All neuralgias of the face: i.e. tic doloreux. Herpes Zoster and Post Herpetic Neuralgia.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
1225 467 20 66969

Ileum, Jejunum. Peyer’s Patches, Small Intestine Tissue.
ILEUM and JEJUNUM are sections of the small intestine.
PEYER’S PATCHES are lymph tissue within the intestines.

USES Specifically for anyone who has or is suffering from Typhoid; for those in hot countries as tonic to prevent weakening of tissues and prone to disease. Any bowel problems.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
23 3 4 9 13 13 14 94 667

CONTENT Glomerulus, Kidney, Kidney Cortex, Kidney tissue, Posterior Pituitary. Ureter.

GLOMERULI are capillaries formed into a knot deep within the KIDNEY TISSUE. Air blood flows through these and is filtered. The fluid then passes through the tubes and the cells absorb what the body needs, and leaves behind what is not required.

THE KIDNEY CORTEX and KIDNEY TISSUE are both kidney tissues, the cortex being the outer tissue.

THE POST PITUITARY regulates the amount of water passed by the kidney through the ADH Hormone (anti-diuretic).

THE URETERS take the urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

USES Any kidney malfunction or tonic against such.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
44 5 5 15 17 18 19 67127

CONTENT Synovial fluid, Synovial membranes, Cartilage .

All joint problem in the knees; or anywhere in the body. All cartilage conditions.

The main cause of problems in the joints is often the loss of synovial fluid and damaged membrane.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
1111 2245 3 5 684

CONTENT Gallbladder, Liver cells, Liver tissue.


Cirrhosis of the liver.
During jaundice, as a background remedy, or after jaundice.
Nausea, biliousness and vomiting.
Tonic for Liver And Gallbladder.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
3 3 34 11 12 13 14 2 2 4 65

CONTENT Lumbar vertebrae , Lumbar Plexus, Sacrum Sacral Vertebrae , Sacral Plexus, Sciatic nerve.

THE SCIATIC NERVE part of the SACRAL PLEXUS, originates in the Spine, passes through the sciatic notch in the pelvis, and with its branches – the medial, lateral and popliteal nerves – ends in the feet. When there is pressure in the Sciatic nerve it can be completely crippling.

THE LUMBAR PLEXUS lies in the psoas muscle, and divides into two branches: the femoral nerve, supplying the front of the thigh, and the obdurator nerve supplying the inner thigh.

Any condition involving the Lumbar, Sacral region.
Painful hips, thighs, legs and feet.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
123 3 56 12 13 97659

CONTENT Cardiac plexus, Diaphragm, Lung, Lung Tissues, Vagus Nerve.

THE CARDIAC PLEXUS and THE VAGUS NERVE are members of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems respectively and they relate to the lungs.

THE DIAPHRAGM is a muscular structure forming the floor of the chest cavity (thorax). It has a tremendous effect on breathing. In inspiration, the diaphragm contracts and descends, thus enlarging the thoracic cavity. This descent causes air to be drawn into the lungs. In expiration, the diaphragm muscles relax, the dome rises, and the size of the thoracic cavity is decreased and air is forced out of the lungs: therefore the Diaphragm is the principle muscle of respiration.

USES All lung complaints. For it strengthens tissues and lung cells.

Emphysema Pthisis, and all T.B patients. All those manifesting the T.B Miasm, which is a general, chronic weakness in the chest and lung area. Asthma.

NOTE: Use in conjunction with the T.B MIASM.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
5 6 6 6 20 23 25 25 14 9 6 2

CONTENT Cerebellum, Hypothalamus, Thalamus, Motor Nerves, Cerebral Artery, Pituitary.

THE CEREBELLUM regulates posture and movement, muscular coordination and balance. An injury or lesion placed here causes disturbance in muscle tone and balance of movements.

THE THALAMUS AND HYPOTHALAMUS are part of the Basal Ganglia of the brain, working with sensation and movement.

Parkinson’s Disease.
Paralysis Agitans.

Paralysis in speech, slow, monotonous. Uncoordinated movements, swaying while walking, tendencY to fall toward the affected side. All voluntary movements are slow; muscle limp and flaccid. There is a lack of muscle tone. He wants to move, he makes it move, but the limb will not obey – movement is there. Very poor memory; mentally deficient. Stroke, ageing.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
6 6 7 7 24 27 29 30 18 5 4 9

CONTENT Upper Motor Neuron, Cerebral Cortex, Myelin Sheath, Medulla.

THE CEREBRAL CORTEX has motor and sensory nerves, and is the origin of all voluntary motor impulses; controls skeletal muscles.

THE UPPER MOTOR NEURONES have their cell bodies in the cerebral cortex and are cells of the central motor pathways.

THE MYELIN SHEATH is the covering of the nerves.

THE MEDULLA is the centre for the nerve pathways.

USES In all paralysed muscles where limbs become spastic; involuntary movements may occur with severe spasms; all reflexes are exaggerated. There is no muscle wasting or lack of tone.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
5 5 68 2122 27 33 45 92 2

CONTENT Anterior Pituitary, Testes, Sperm, LH Hormone.

THE ANTERIOR PITUITARY makes a hormone which manufactures spermatozoa.

In the TESTES, SPERM is formed; and Testosterone, the male hormone is produced due to the stimulation of the LH (Luteinizing Hormone) from the Pituitary, which is used for secondary growth.

Sterility, or low sperm count.
Overemphasised female traits in a male.
Non-growth of genitals, or non-deepening of voice.
No pubic or axillary hair growth.
General tonic at puberty and change of life (age 50-60) in a male.

CONDITIONS All paralysis cases of any kind. Tremors. Parkinsons. Weakness and pain in limbs.

6 x per day over a long period.
When improvement sjiows then 3 x per day.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
8 9 10 10 35 38 41 44 5 7 172

CONTENT Nasal Mucus Membranes, Nasal Sinus, Sphenoid Sinus, Maxillary Sinus.

All nasal and sinus problems.
Allergies and hay fever.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
2 3 44 9 12 15 16 93126

CONTENT Anterior Pituitary, Endometrium , FSH Hormone, Uterus.

ANTERIOR PITUITARY manufactures hormones.

THE UTERUS houses the foetus.

THE ENDOMETRIUM is the mucous membrane lining the uterus.

THE FSH HORMONE is made by the ANTERIOR PITUITARY, and is essential in the development of the graffian follicles. If this part of the Menses cycle does not function, a build up can take place in the uterus, causing fibroids.

Prone to fibroids and uterine growths; it will prevent more forming, and rectify those forming, or already formed.
All menses problems.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
145 5 1 15 20 20 5 8 3 1 8

CONTENT Cones, Cranial Nerve 2 (Optic), Rods, Retina, Retinene.

All Retina irregularities. Use frequently when problems are first felt.
Napthalinum, Gelsemium, Phos are 3 remedies which work on the Retina.
These and OM 30 may be used with this remedy.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
3 4 5 6 10 15 19 23 95 163

Cranial nerves 2, 3, 4, 5 amd muscles.
C.N. 2 – Sight
C.N. 3 – External muscles
C.N. 4 – External oblique muscle
C.N. 5 – Trigeminal nerve

USES In conjunction with EYE BALANCE. It is a long term remedy to be taken 3 x per day for all muscular problems such as accommodation astigmatism, squint, focusing etc.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
4 6 8 8 14 26 33 34 3 4 2 7 7

CONTENT Cartilage , Connective tissue, Ligaments, Muscles, Tendons.

USES Frequently if any of the above organ parts are damaged and need repairing, or strengthening.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
113 8 1 4 10 34 6 5 8 6 7

CONTENT Thymus, Red Bone Marrow, Interferon.

THYMUS manufactures the T-Cells which play a primary role in the Immune System.

RED BONE MARROW strengthens the tone of the blood, without which the Immune System would degenerate.

When the Immune System is attacked by a virus or infection, the body cells produce

INTERFERON. As antibiotics diminish the Interferon production in a body, so it is an important content.

USES In all cases where the resistance to an illness is insufficient.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
3 44 5 9 14 17 19 2 4 941

CONTENT Macula Lutea, Choroid, Capillaries.

USES All Macula Lutea problems: A very difficult condition to treat unless it is caught before physical problems occur. Anyone whose circulation is low and whose eyes and eyelids are very dark red should be tested for; when the body is low it affects the entire system.

NOTE: The second eye can follow. Use with OM 25 (because the Macula Lutea is in the retina) and CIRCULATION BALANCE or OM 5. Phos, Arnica, Croton Tig, are excellent back-ups in single remedies.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
1112 3 4 5 8 3 3 9 5 2

CONTENT Connective Tissue, Collagen.

USES Restores connective tissues and fibres, bringing back structural and functional integrity.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
3 3 3 3 10 11 12 13 3 4468

CONTENT Lumbar nerves, Sacral nerves, Lumbar discs.

USES Repairing and rebuilding nerves and discs in the Lumbar – Sacral region.

NOTE: Use with OM 18.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
3 444 12 14 17 18 3 5 796

CONTENT Sensory nerves, Dorsal discs, Dorsal vertebrae , Motor neurons.

USES To work on the nerves, neuron discs and vertebrae of the dorsal spine.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
167 7 3 25 28 31 18 898

CONTENT Cerebral cortex, Thalamus, Cerebellum spinal cord, 4th ventrical mid brain, Mesencephalon.

USES This is virtually the Brain Stem and should be used as a background remedy for all Spinal injuries, including lumbar punctures.


Rate Base 10 Base 44 Base 336
1266 38 26 27 59973

Mesencephalon, Rombencephalon, Cortex, Thalamus, Corpus Stratum, Substantia nig. Sub Thalamus.

This remedy is for Parkinson’s Disease.

NOTE: Use with MIX: TREMORS – it gives a great holding capacity for the condition, and many cases respond to a very satisfactory degree.


PARALYSIS BALANCE and INJURY BALANCE are two ground remedies for all injuries to the SPINE, and should be used in conjunction with whatever remedy is chosen.

It is, of course, necessary to use them 3 x per day, or 6

x per day over a long period.

If there is absolutely no improvement these remedies will not help; but if there is the least difference they should be continued.

It is good to keep taking these for 6 months.

If there is absolutely no improvement these remedies will not help; but if there is the least difference they should be continued.

Pressure pointing and reflexology should be shown to a family member and used daily as an additional therapy.


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