Optimal kit with Weight Off RIG and C65 General Obesease Formula

Provides specific sarcode support for thyroid function and regeneration.

To assist in weight loss. 

LHD Pro Herb Diuretic

LHD Pro Herb Diuretic is a combination of various traditionally used herbs and other micronutrients, that are believed to aid in detoxification and prevent your body from retaining water. This process is also believed to help in flushing out excessive toxins, making you feel lighter, cleaner and more fit.

For temporary relief of hypothyroid and related endocrine disturbances. Contraindicated in hyperthyroid conditions.

Weight Off RIG Formula

Weight off Rig is a natural, non-stimulatory weight loss supplement that is believed to work by:**

• Increasing Metabolism
• Promoting fat burn
• Improving blood lipid levels
• Improving glucose tolerance

Weight-OFF / RIG is a patented proprietary blend of Irvingia gabonensis, Red Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Bean Extract and Cissus Quadrangularis. These ingredients have recently been proven clinically to show results in weight loss and lipid metabolism.

ou can refer to the research (links below) to learn more about the trial results of these super fruits. It is these results that have led many popular Doctors on American television such as Dr Oz to recommend the products.

Irvingia gabonensis
Clinical studies on Irvingia gabonensis
Green coffee extract

Spongia Tosta 3X. Calcarea Iodata 4X. Ferrum Iodatum 4X. Lapis Albus 15X. Thyroid 6X. Adrenal 6X. Pituitary 6X. Thymus 6X. Spleen 6X. Fucus Vesiculosus 6X. Kali Iodatum 6X. Calcarea Carbonica 8X. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum 8X.

Crudum 3X. Lecithin 3X. Brown Fat 3X, 6X, 12X, 30X. Thyroid 6X. Galium Aparine 6X. Rubus Idaeus 6X. Calcarea Carbonica 6X. Caulophyllum Thalictroides 6X. Lac Defloratum 6X. Manganum Aceticum 6X. Phosphorus 6X. Phytolacca Decandra 6X. Ammonium Carbonicum 6X. Calcarea Arsenicica 12X. Ammonium Bromatum 8X.

LHD Pro Herb Diuretic

Horsetail Grass 32 mg; Clivers 32 mg; Buchu 32 mg; Couch Grass 32 mg; UvaUrsi 32 mg; Gravel Root 32 mg; Cubeb Berries 32 mg; Argrimony 32 mg; Dandelion Room 32 mg; Goldenrod 32 mg; Asparagus 32 mg

Rutinic Acid 2X. Fucus Vesiculosus 4X. Spongia Tosta 4X. Iodium 4X. Thyroidinum 3X, 6X. Parathyroid 3X, 6X. Lapis Albus 15X.


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