Biogetica prefers to offer all products in multidisciplinary kits that contain nutraceuticals (dietary supplements), herbs and resonance homeopathic remedies in one package.  We do this as we recognise that life is not limited to molecular interactions and that nutrition alone is seldom as grave a problem as assimilation and absorption.  Kits are designed to aid the body in performing a specific function. The nutraceuticals in the kits supply nutrition necessary for a function, the herbs in the kits balance the terrain so that the given nutrition can be absorbed and the desired function most likely performed the resonance homeopathics in the kits are believed to remind the body and bring it back into resonance with an optimal state or function. Our Doctors believe that these kits will work to bring balance across the physical, energetic and informational components of Life and this is absolutely necessary for lasting freedom and results.

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